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Santos, Victoria (2016), “Success Indicator in Catering

Services in Cabanatuan City”


This study entitled ”Success Indicators among

Catering Services in Cabanatuan City” will cover the
different experiences of selected owners of catering
services in Cabanatuan City. Their experiences and
suggestion will be used and help a lot of future
entrepreneurs in putting same business.
Descriptive methods of research will be used in the
study and a total of ten (10) Catering Services owners
be involved as respondents to this study, and they areLa
Parilla Hotel and restaurant, Aracelli’s Restaurant,
Leticia, Rosenda’s Restaurant, N.E. Cakes and
Restaurant,Paulino’s Catering, Dina’s Catering, Rod Rose
catering Café Cristina Catering and P-enoys catering
will be chosen by the researchers thru convenience


The catering business is one of the most lucrative and

profitable home businesses with a high potential for
expansion and growth. It is both financially rewarding
fun. Each catered event - whether birthday parties for
children, breakfast in bed and intimate candlelight
for two, company dinner parties for 50 and wedding
receptions involving a hundred or more guests -- is a
experience and challenge with a new group of people.
Whether it is a catering event on a full-time or part-
basis, the opportunities are excellent.
However, catering is a demanding work, requiring
stamina, ability to work under pressure, and excellent
interpersonal skills. The success will greatly depend on
reputation. To build a good reputation in the business,
owner should be willing to work hard and the ability to
work under pressure. This kind of entrepreneurial
is definitely growing and becoming more popular with
of all income levels.
In the province, there are several catering services
that occur, extending services in the group of people on
which they are offering services for the hectic scheduled
families and those people who does not want to have to
in the kitchen preparing for a hundred of people who
attend parties, catering services will be the one who
assist and done all the works.
Many people are urging to put up a small business like
catering services and this study will tackle first their
success indicators and their preparation in putting up
business so that people who wish to establish a catering
service, this paper will help them a lot.

Theoretical Framework

According to Hetahers,(2008) Catering operations are

generally one of the more complex components of a venue’s
activities. It is estimated that only 15% to 30% of
restaurant, hotel and club catering operations are
profitable. A successful catering department requires
effective management of everything from price and
size to marketing and Human Resources. The benefit of a
successful catering operation is that it not only brings
profits from the catering department, it also serves to
enhance other areas of the business.

Method of Research Used

The study utilized the descriptive method of research.

Descriptive research according to Burns and Grove
is a method that provides an accurate portrayal or
of characteristics of a particular individual, event, or
group in real life situations. This type of research is
conducted to discover new meaning, describe what exists,
determine the frequency with which something occurs, and
categorize information.

Research Site

The City of Cabanatuan (Ilokano: Ciudad ti Cabanatuan;

Kapampangan: Lakanbalenning Cabanatuan/Siudadning
Cabanatuan; Pangasinan: Siyudadna Cabanatuan/Lunsodna
Cabanatuan; Filipino: Lungsodng Cabanatuan) is a first
class, urban city in the province of Nueva Ecija,
Philippines. It is considered the commerce, industrial
educational hub of the province. According to the latest
census, it has a population of 259,267 people in 45,424
households. It is a bustling city home to many jeepneys
tricycles. It bears the title as the "Tricycle Capital
the Philippines", because it has about over 38,202 (as
September 2009) registered tricycles.
Sources of Data

There were 5 owners of Catering services in

CabanatuanCity. Those respondents were given
by means of convenience sampling whereby limitation has
been set in the selection of respondents. A total of 5
questionnaires will be prepared and the survey ended
these questionnaires were filled up by the respondents;
then collected, tallied, analyzed and interpreted.


On the light of the findings of the study,

researchers concluded the following:
1. Market research plays an important role in the
business it is the kind of study that the perspective
businessmen should studied they should started the
population of the location, to see if there is a demand
and their capacity to seek catering service,because
present lifestyles have also given way to increased
demand for catered food service.
2. Menu management is an ongoing task; menus should be
reviewed and changed regularly when pricing a meal it is
necessary to determine the quantity of each ingredient,
the cost per unit of that ingredient and the cost per
3. The designs of the facilities that support the
operation are vital. A well design catering venue will
incorporate a work/service area that facilitates maximum
efficiency thus keeping wages, power, energy and wastage
to a minimum.

2- Sometimes
1- Never

Market Research 3 2 1
1. The population characteristics of the local area (ie; families, retirees, income levels, age,
structures, etc.) are well evaluated
2. Preferences of local area residents like place on portion size, food quality and price are
carefully analyze
3. Study the customers willingness to pay
4. Popular items are on competitor’s menu
5. Variety of menu are served all the times
Menu Composition
1. The menu management are well engage in the customer based on their food interest
2. When composing a menu it is essential that all meals are costed with strict adherence to
portion control.
3. Recipe cards are well presented
4. Inventory management are properly observed
5. Predicting and assessing when to change certain aspects of the menu
Lay –out Design
1. Menu consideration are observed
2. Table size and mix are well presented
3. Spacing between tables are based on standards
4. Entry and waiting area are properly built
5. Access to restrooms and layout efficiency
Customer Satisfaction
1. I am very satisfied with the service they offered
2. I will make sure to visit again the restaurant
3. I am amazed the way they treat us
4. I am very happy with the food for it is very delicious
5. The eating paraphernalia are very clean and well presented
Profit and Income
1. I have an average income every month
2. I have many customer during weekdays and weekend
3. I am planning to put up a new branch soon
4. I have additional manpower for my business
5. I need to add more menus and increase the volume of my products due to many
customer patronizing it.