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US SPEC Product Comparison Chart - Restoration & Repair Products and Grouts

US SPEC Dayton Superior Euclid/Tamms Five Star L&M Mapei BASF WR Meadows Sika Lyons Vexcon


3-2-1 Tammscrete Planitop 21 Certi-Vex Patch FP

MasterSeal 582 Foundation

Aquacoat Seal Coat 1000 Tamoseal Five Star Waterproofing Planiseal 88
Sika Top Seal 107

Tammspatch II
H2 Special Patch
Duraltop Flowable Mortar
Planitop 25 Meadow-Patch T2 Sikatop 122 Plus Patchcrete

Waterstop MasterSeal 590

Hydraulic Cement Hydraulic Cement
Speed Plug Underwater HP Duraplug Planiseal Plug
MasterSeal 595
Meadow-Plug Sikaset Plug Plug-crete Certi-Vex Water Plug

Eucoshot SikaCem 133

MS Gunnite Eucoshot F
Structural Concrete Gunite Planitop Shotcrete MasterEmaco S 211 SP
SikaCem 103

Polypatch FR HD-50 Highway Patch FR Planitop 15 MasterEmaco T 1060 Certi-Vex Rapid Patch

Quickset Re-Crete 20 Speed Crete Red Line Fastrak Meadow-Patch 20

R3 Planitop X Cast-Patch

Perma Patch F/P MasterEmaco S 440MC SikaTop 111

STR Mortar Civil / Structural FPX
Eurocrete Structural Concrete S300
MasterEmaco T 240 SikaQuick 1000

TP Mortar Thin Resurfacer Tamms Thin Patch Duracrete Spectrum RE-KOTE TF SikaRepair 222 Pavecrete

Express Repair Highway Patch MasterEmaco T 415

Transpatch Pave Patch 3000
Versa Speed Structural Concrete
Durapatch Hiway Planitop 18
MasterEmaco T 1060
SikaQuick 2500 Powercrete Certi-Vex Patch

Transpatch Concrete MasterEmaco S 440 SikaCrete 211 Pavequick HR

Transpatch EXT Versa Speed LS Structural Concrete LS Durapatch Industrial MasterEmaco T1061EX

Perma Patch VO MasterEmaco N 423RS

Verticoat Supreme Planitop 23 Sika Repair 223
V/O Patch Polyfast FS
Speedcrete PM
Structural Concrete V/O Durapatch VOH
Planitop 12
MasterEmaco N 425
SikaQuick VOH
Certi-Vex Patch V/O
HD 25 VO MasterEmaco N 426

VTU Resurfacer Architectural Finish Tilt Finish SikaQuick Smooth Finish


Anchor All
Anchoring Cement Anchoring Cement
Euco Rock Flow-Rock

NS Grout MasterFlow 100

GP Grout NC Grout
Five Star Grout Duragrout Planigrout 755
MasterFlow 713
SikaGrout 212 Construction Grout

1107 Advantage Grout

MasterFlow 928
Sure-Grip Precision Grout
MP Grout Sure-Grip High Performance
Hi Flow Grout Fluid Grout 100 Crystex Planigrout 712 MasterFlow 555 SikaGrout 328 Lyons Premium Non-Shrink Grout
MasterFlow 100

FS Grout Instant Grout

MasterFlow 816
NA Grout MasterFlow 1205
SikaGrout 528FS

NA-100 Euco Cable Grout PTX Five Star Special Grout 400 MasterFlow 1206

Turbo Grout Dry Pack Grout

HE Grout Dri Pak Precast Grout Euco Pre-Cast Grout
Sikagrout 428 FS

RA Grout

6/2017 Not all products are equal to the performance of US SPEC. Testing by a qualified independent laboratory is required for an accurate comparison.
US SPEC Product Comparison Chart - Concrete Sealers, Cures and Form Releases

US SPEC BASF Dayton Superior Euclid L&M Mapei Vexcon WR Meadows Others


Aggregloss J25
BRS-25 Cure & Seal LV 25% J20UV Everclear Lumiseal Plus Certi-Vex Gloss Sealer FT Expo-Gloss
Bright Rock Sealer

Cure & Seal 25% J22 UV Diamond Clear TIAH

CS-25-1315 MasterKure CC 250SB
Solvent Seal 1315 Super Rez-Seal
Dress & Seal Mapecure AP Certi-Vex AC 1315

CS-30-1315 MasterKure CC 300SB Cure & Seal 30% J23 UV Super Diamond Clear Dress & Seal 30 Mapecure UV Certi-Vex AC 1315 HG CS-309-30

Cure & Seal 309 J18 Diamond Clear VOX

Hydrasheen 15% MasterKure CC 160WB
Hydro Seal 18 Eucocure VOX
Lumiseal WB StarSeal 309 Vocomp 20

Super Diamond VOX

Vocomp 30
Hydrasheen 30% MasterKure CC 200WB Cure & Seal 309 EF Everclear VOX Lumiseal WB 30 StarSeal 30%
Vocomp 25
Aqua-Cure VOX

Permasil MasterKure HD 200WB Densifer J13 Eucosil Mapecrete Hard SI Powerseal 20% Med-Cure

Permalith Mapecrete Hard LI

Roca Seal Cure & Seal 1315 EF Lumiseal WB Starseal 1315


AMS 3754 White Enviocure 1315
2200 White

Clear Resin Cure J11W,

Kurez DR VOX Certi-Vex 1100 Clear
Maxcure Resin Clear Resin Cure with Dye J11W,
Kurez DR-100
L&M Cure R Maprecure DR
Envio Cure 500 Clear CC-309-1WS
Clear Cure VOC J7WB

Cert-Vex 1200 White

Maxcure Resin White White Resin Cure J10W L&M Cure R-2
Envio Cure 500 White CC-309-2WS

Maxcure Wax White White Wax Cure J9A Kurez VOX White Pigmented L&M Cure W-2 1600 White

PAMS 701 White 2200 White


Monofilm ER MasterKure ER 50 Aquafilm Concentrate J74RTU Eucobar E-Con Maprecrete Film Evapre Sika: Sikafilm


Clean Strip J1A

COkote Q-2 VOC
Debond Certi-Vex FRL Duoguard Nox-crete: Bio-Nox

Certi-Vex FRN
Ezkote Green Clean Strip J2 FormShield Pure E Z Strip
Certi-Vex FR Zero VOC

Slickote Clear Strip Ultra J3 Debond Gold

6/2017 Not all products are equal to the performance of US SPEC. Testing by a qualified independent laboratory is required for an accurate comparison.
US SPEC Product Comparison Chart - Bonding Agents & Admixtures and Cementitious Floor Products

US SPEC Dayton Superior Euclid L&M Mapei BASF/Sonneborn Others


AKKRO-7T Vexcon StarSeal Envio Bond

Acrylcoat Acrylic Bonding Agent J40
Everbond Planicrete AC Master Emaco A660
Lyons Arcylic-Bond

Dura SBR Latex

Multi-55 Level Primer J42 Tammsweld Lyons Bondall


Dense Top Quartz Tuff Quartzplate FF Mastertop 100

Dense Top LR Quartz Plate FFLight Reflective Mastertop 100

Fibered Bedding Mix

Flow-Top HD Ultraplan M20 Plus

Multi-Purpose Thinset Mortar

Nu-Top Thintop Supreme Concrete Renew

Ardex K-15 Lyons

LeveLayer Super Flo-Top Flo-Top
SLU EconoLevel EucoFloor SL160
Levelex Self-Leveler Mastertop 110 SL Flowcrete SLU+ Sika Level

6/2017 Not all products are equal to the performance of US SPEC. Testing by a qualified independent laboratory is required for an accurate comparison.