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CordaCon Tokyo 2018

Information Ledgers on R3 Corda

– Commodities Trade & Logistics PoC
1 7th March 2018
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Distributed Ledger Technology Research @ TCS BFS
Joint PoCs / Pilots
 Demonstrable Use Cases and POCs in
Payments Securities
Banking and Financial services
- Global Payments - Security Issuance
- Domestic Payments - DVP Settlement
 Experiments / Partnerships with multiple - Intra-group Payments - Corporate Action
technology platforms - Securities Trading

 Participating in various standards

initiatives across the globe Trade Finance Digital Time Stamp
- Documentary Collections - Intra-group / Inter-bank KYC
 250+ demos/discussions with more than - Smart Contracts (L/C, etc.) - Centralized KYC

100 financial institutions - Invoice Registry - Reference Data

 25+ demonstrable PoCs/Pilots

Key focus area of research is to enable our customers to realize

the business benefits by moving the technology to production

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Use Cases for Capital Markets

Smart Financial Asset Investment

Security Financing
Financial Assets Servicing Management

• Issued, serviced & • Trusted and • Trading and • Illiquid Securities

transacted on verifiable C/A processing of Trading
distributed ledger announcements products like Repo, • Improved funds
• Private Markets, • Voluntary action Security Lending distribution and
Syndicated Loans, processing • Collateral transfer agency
Receivables • Proxy Voting management and • Optimize fund
• Commodity • SSIs, Reference margin workflow accounting
Contracts Data information flows
• Fixed income, • Tax Handling
equity, derivatives

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R3 Corda - Experience

 Global SI Partnership with R3

 Strong alignment with Corda principle and relevance to banking


 Mapping several use cases to R3 Corda platform

 Developed multiple PoCs for customers using R3 platform

 In-house training program developed

 Trained over 100 associates in Corda platform


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Information Ledgers on R3 Corda

Key requirements Corda Platform Support

Permissioned Ledgers; Controlled Onboarding of Doorman Service.

Information shared with parties only on need-to- Key principle of R3 Corda

know basis

Business data and attachments (not just hashes) Supports peer-to-peer exchange of
need to be exchanged without compromising information

Non-repudiation and consistency of information Digital signatures, Notary and Smart

across nodes Contracts

Flat Information Flows Design of State Objects

Scalability; No performance degradation when more Only parties involved in the transaction flow
parties are added to the network are processing the transaction; Processing
time is independent of the number of nodes
in the network

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Commodities Trade & Logistics – PoC - Scope
Oil Trading Co.
 Members Management
 Trades
 Client On-boarding  DLT based information sharing
 Propose
 Network Management
 Negotiate
 Notary services platform for Banks, Trading houses,
 Affirm
 Movement
Shipping companies and third party
Information Ledgers Platform

 Finance  Sponsor will govern the members
and define the policies of the DLT

Shipping co.
 Quantity
Inspection Agent  Data visibility based on role of the
 Inspection Details
parties involved in the trade
Key Features
• Smart Contracts  Broadly represent all the key
• Non repudiation, audit trail
• Enhanced data privacy – No features required in information
• Near real-time information
transaction info stored in any
exchange ledger use cases
node of unrelated parties
• Replace system to system
• Immutability of information

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Commodities Trade & Logistics – Information Ledger Use Case
ABC Corp

7 ( update details) 5 (update details)


4 (create
Movement Agreement (Loading) movement)
Agent-loading (Inspection)

6 (confirm quantity)
1a Trade
2 (logistics) 8 (update delivery info) Agreement -1
3 (update Shipping info)
Logistics USPLogistics
1b Trade
Agreement -2


Movement Agreement (Discharge)


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