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Bill of Expenses

Issuer Andarias Pagalla

Activity FFS GAP and CoC Monitoring-Donggala District, Coordination Meeting with Donggala Team
Date Text Receipt NO Amount in IDR Account/Project Number
26-Aug-17 Perdiem 1 250,000

Total Expense 250,000

Cash Advance (Voucher Number: )
Balance Paid/Received by Swisscontact (250,000)
Cash Transfer Bank Others:

Date Issued Signature Issuer Verified by Checked By Approved By Signature Recipient


Line Manager District/Regional Cash Accountant Senior Program Manager/SPM

Andarias Pagalla Suharman Nur Fitriah Suharman Andarias Pagalla
Field visit to monitoring FFS GAP and CoC in Donggala District and Coordination meeting
with Donggala Team
Attachments Daily Allowance
Date Activity Report
Remarks 50,000 100,000 150,000
Travel (Palu-Donggala); Field visit to Labuan
Toposo village (Kolompeata Farmer Group)
25-Aug-17 150,000
and Tovia Tambu Village (Jaya Bersama
Farmer Group)

Lunch Provided by
26-Aug-17 Coordination meeting with Donggala team 100,000

Total Daily Allowance 0 100,000 150,000

Prepared by Verified by Line Manager

Andarias Pagalla Suharman Sumpala