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The Finnish Experience seen from Romanian team

EUSID- 28.10-4.11.2018

Day 1: On arriving at school, the atmosphere gets relaxed and work- inviting from start.
Teachers and students all together are proposed, mixed groups intentionally in order to play a game
to get acquainted with Finnish culture and way of living. We discovered that “ Angry Birds” was
invented by a Finn, that Turku was a former capital and that they have got a rich history. Students and
teachers work enthusiastically.

In the afternoon we go to “ Global Hope” to learn more about business of recycling.

Day 2: The second day starts early on a cold day; it’s the trip to Helsinki, where students are
going to interview people on the street about their knowledge on GMOs in Europe, we visit Europe
Direct Centre to learn more about European institutions.

Day 3: We start presenting on teaching scenarios, every country tackling the issue in an
original way; students shone creativity once again in becoming “trainers” in the complicated and
controversial field of GMO approach in Europe. The afternoon debuts with Despina Papadaki starting
the simulation. Students are eager de debate and to understand how the Council of Europe(i.e. the
topic of the Simulation banc ) works.

Day 4: The day of simulation game. It have been previously assigned roles of the countries
they are going to represent, Despina explains the rules of the procedure and hands in the necessary
materials and they begin in a moderated debate. There are the introductory moments where every
“country” ( minister of agriculture) presents their statement. From time to time, we are taught how
to introduce a motion and how to vote. The day ends with voting the motion and with a trip to a bio

Day 5: Early morning through the forest are on way to school. Students are grouped for the
last time this week , they are going to make the video of the week, the poster, the farewell speech
and the blog. Happily, eagerly and full of creative they start work. The day ends with these
presentations and a Finnish sauna( respecting the very tradition with a dip in the lake). We say our
good-byes and look forward to meeting in Portugal.

It was a fruitful, interesting, get challenging Finnish week in a welcoming, student- friendly
school with all technology at hand but with really kind and helpful teachers.

Romanian team: teachers:Luminita Mocanu and Cristian Toncea and students:Botea

Anamaria,Dumitru Arina , Ciurea Bogdan.