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SN Items to be checked Checked by Checked by Remarks
Contractor Consultant
HSE Requirements Final Inspection will be Carried out only after HSE Approval Y N N/A Y N N/A

1 Method statement is available.

2 Proper PPE usage is followed, Good housekeeping is maintained.
3 TBT is given and recorded.
4 Safe access ladders and Working flat form are Provided.
5 Material storage/handling/all wastage material/chemical container as per MSDS and TDS
6 Area to be barricaded with signage and ventilation
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Date: Date:
QA/QC Requirements Y N N/A Y N N/A
1 Ensure the availability of the documents such as Material approval, method
statements, shop drawings & other approvals.

2 Ensure the epoxy material is stored under shade below 35 deg C and not more than
the shelf life period of 12 months, when stored in original unopened packs.
3 Ensure that the surfaces to receive epoxy coating is free from all loose particles and
4 Ensure preparation of epoxy application has been carried out as per requirements
of Manufacturer's recommended application on the Technical Data Sheet(TDS).
4.1 Ensure the epoxy mixture is done as per the below mixing ratio/composition
following the Manufacturer's recommendations of mixing for atleast 3 minutes
using mechanical paddle mixer.
20.16 kg Base component + 3.44 kg Hardner component + 2.52 kg Color
component = 26.12 kg Expoxy paint (which is equivalent to 18 lit of epoxy)

4.2 Ensure the mixed material must be used within its specified pot life of 40mins @
20°C and 20 mins @ 30°C.
5 Ensure the required number of coats of painting have been applied with respect to
the requirements as below(5.1 & 5.2)
5.1 Epoxy Base coat - applied at a rate of 5.0m2/litre as per Manufacturer's
instructions.Base coat is allowed initial cure 12 hours @ 20°C or 5 hours @ 35°C.
5.2 Epoxy Top coat - applied at one coat of 5.0m2/litre as per Manufacturer's
instructions. Top coat is applied between 12-36 hours @ 20°C from the application
of the first coat.

6 Check that the finished surface is as per requirement.

Foot traffic is allowed only after 24 hours.
7 Check that proper workmanship has been carried out.
For Final Approval
Contractor Rep: Consultant Rep:
Signature: Date: Signature: Date: