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Scale of Rates of wharfage on goods imported, exported or transhipped or
passing through the Port.
Item Number Nomenclature Unit Rate
(1) (2) (3) (4)
1 Acids of all kinds....
(A) In bags...... 1 tonne Rs.63.60
(B) In other containers........ 1 Cubic Metre Rs.45.50
(C) In Bulk..... 1000 Litres Rs.48.10
2. Adhesives, glue, lacs, lacquer, resins and other materials 1 tonne Rs.31.20
3 Animals, birds and reptiles alive (per animal)... Each Rs.26.00
4 Arms and ammunitions including explosives of all kinds 1 tonne Rs.77.90
5 Asbestos (Cement, Clinker lime and limestone and product) 1 tonne Rs.26.00
6 Ash-in bulk or in bags...... 1 tonne Rs.5.20
7 Asphalt, bitumen, creosote, pitch and tar.... 1 tonne Rs.32.50
Baggage and personal effects not accompanying bonafide passengers and
8 Per package Rs.64.90
Per lift van Rs.324.50
9 Ballast... 1 tonne Rs.7.80
10 Bark, wattle, etc Advalorem 0.39%
11 Beverages:-
(a) Ale and Beer...... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.31.20
(b) Alcoholic other than Ale and Beer 1 Cubic Metre Rs.59.80
(c) Non-alcoholic.... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.16.90
12 Boards of all sorts other than of timber.... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.22.10
13 Bran, fodder or cattle feed including oil cakes 1 tonne Rs.19.50
14 Bricks and tiles - ordinary..... 100 or part thereof Rs.5.20
15 Cereals and pulses of all kinds...... 1 tonne Rs.26.00
Chemicals of all sorts including Carbon black and gas of all kinds except
16 medicines, colours, dyes, acids, chemical, manures, common salt and Advalorem 0.59%
17 Clay.... Advalorem 0.59%
Clay materials including Chinaware, porcelain ware, earthenware, fire clay
18 Advalorem 0.59%
or stoneware pipes
19 Coal, coke, charcoal........... 1 tonne Rs.13.00
20 Coffee-seeds, powder and essence.... 1 tonne Rs.36.40
21 Colours including Zinc white powder and Titanium Oxide 1 tonne Rs.28.60
22 Common salt..... 1 tonne Rs.15.60
23 Condiments and Spices including garlic 1 tonne Rs.31.20
24 Conveyance-various types, parts and accessories
(1) Motor cycles/Scooters, Mopeds, cycles fitted with Motors and other
Each Rs.259.60
powered two wheeled vehicles.....
(2) Auto Rickshaws and other three wheeled vehicles including their
Each Rs.649.00
chassis on wheels...
(3) Motor cars and Tourist Caravan.... Each Rs.2596.00
(4) Motor vehicles like buses, dumpers, lorries & trawlers.... Each Rs.5192.00

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(5) Chassis of vehicles in No.(4) above on wheels Each Rs.2596.00

(6) Railway coaches and wagons.... Each Rs.12980.00
(7) Locomotives Each Rs.19470.00
(8) Vehicles not specified above and parts and accessories of
Advalorem 0.39%
conveyances excluding rubber tyres and tubes......
25-A Cork 1 Cubic Metre Rs.5.20
25-B Cork Manufactures..... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.22.10
26 Cotton, Raw... 1 tonne Rs.77.90
27 D.D.T. Powder 1 Cubic Metre Rs.22.10
28 Drugs, medicines and medical stores and appliances.... Advalorem 0.13%
29 Dyes and dyeing materials 1 tonne Rs.36.40
30 Electrical goods and accessories excluding wires and cables Advalorem 0.26%
31 Emery of all kinds 1 Cubic Metre Rs.28.60
32 Films and photographic goods other than chemicals..... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.36.40
Fish, fresh-dried-salted-others, Fish maws, Shrimps and prawn-fresh-
33 dired-salted-others, Frog legs and other similar items Fresh and 1 tonne Rs.24.70
34 Flour of all kinds..... 1 tonne Rs.39.00
35 Food, not otherwise specified-in bags... 1 tonne Rs.40.30
36 Food, not otherwise specified-other than in bags 1 Cubic Metre Rs.28.60
37 Footwear.... Advalorem 0.13%
38 Fruits and vegetables, including coconuts and onions 1 tonne Rs.26.00
39 Glass and glass products... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.19.50
40 Greases and brake fluid 1 tonne Rs.32.50
41 Hair of all description-unmanufactured... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.16.90
42 Hair of all description-manufactured including wigs.... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.45.50
43 Hides and skins-tanned 1 tonne Rs.26.00
44 Hides and skins-clippings and cuttings-untanned 1 tonne Rs.26.00
Instruments and appliances including typewriters, parts and accessories
45 1 cubic metre Rs.31.20
(not otherwise specified)
46-A Iron and Steel scrap.... 1 tonne Rs.26.00
46-B Iron and steel materials including pig iron and ingots...... 1 tonne Rs.39.00
46-C Alloy steel including stainless steel 1 tonne Rs.64.90
46-D Tin plates of all types including tin plate waste 1 tonne Rs.39.00
46-E Mill Scale 1 tonne Rs.13.40
47 Jute, hemp and their manufactures..... 1 tonne Rs.77.90
Lead-Ingots, ore, pig, piping, sheet, tubes, rolls, wool, seals, ware,
48 1 tonne Rs.36.40
whistles, yarn........
49-A Leather..... Advalorem 0.13%
49-B Leather goods except footwear.... Advalorem

50 Machinery of all kinds and parts thereof... Advalorem

51 Manure of all kinds-fertilisers-fertiliser raw materials and sulphur 1 tonne Rs.26.00

52-A Metals-Precious-Silver, Gold and Platinum..... Advalorem 2.93%
52-B Metals-Not otherwise specified-Ingots and products.... 1 tonne Rs.64.90
53-A Mica and its manufactures in other containers Advalorem 0.52%
53-B Mica and its manufactures in bags.... Advalorem 0.52%

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54 Molasses in bulk..... 1000 Litres Rs.31.20

55 Nuts, edible of all sorts, not otherwise specified 1 tonne Rs.45.50
56 Oil-Animal or Vegetables.... Advalorem 0.59%
57 Oil-POL products in liquid other than Crude.... 1000 litres Rs.33.00
58 Oil-Dangerous-Mineral-Crude-in bulk...... 1 tonne Rs.33.00
59 Oil-POL products in liquid including Kerosene other than Crude..... 1000 litres Rs.33.00
Oil-Heavy petroleum, ie. petroleum products having flash point above 65*
60-A 1000 litres Rs.29.70
C (149*F)- in bulk....
Oil-Heavy Petroleum, ie. petroleum products having flash point above 65*C
60-B 1 Cubic Metre Rs.48.40
(149*F) - Not in bulk
60-C Oil-Lubricating including Lube-base-stock-in bulk 1000 Litres Rs.33.00
60-D Oil-Lubricating including Lube-base-stock-Not in bulk 1 cubic Metre Rs.50.60
61 Oil-Essences including base...Oil for perfumery, etc... 1 Cubic Metre Rs. 48.10
62 Oil-Seeds and copra... 1 Tonne Rs.26.00
63 Optical goods 1 Cubic Metre Rs.28.60
64-A Ores and minerals of all kinds not in bulk-for exports 1 Tonne Rs.16.90
64-B Ores and minerals of all kinds in bulk for exports... 1 Tonne Rs.13.40
64-C Ores and minerals of all kinds not in bulk for imports 1 Tonne Rs.28.60
64-D Ores and mineral of all kinds in bulk for imports... 1 Tonne Rs.26.00
65 Paints , Polishes and Varnishes including additives and Solvents... Advalorem 0.26%
66 Papers of all kinds 1 Tonne Rs.39.00
Plastics-Products thereof and allied materials including bakelite and
67 1 Cubic Metre Rs.24.70
68 Plywood.. 1 Cubic Metre Rs.22.10
69 Printed matter... 1 Cubic Metre Rs.22.10
Provisions, groceries, oilman stores including sugar other than cereals and
70 1 Tonne Rs.32.50
pulses of all kinds
71 Pulp of wood 1 Tonne Rs.39.00
72 Quick Silver 1 Tonne Rs.63.60
73 Ropes of vegetable fibres... 1 Tonne Rs.24.70
74 Ropes of synthetic matter 1 Tonne Rs.36.40
75 Rubber- Raw.... Advalorem 0.39%
75-B Rubber-Manufactured Advalorem 0.13%
76 Splints (matchwood) 1 Tonne Rs.39.00
77 Stones- Sculptural, engraved slabs, dressed... 1 Tonne Rs.45.50
Stores, Naval and Military other than arms, ammunitions and explosives of
78 1 Tonne Rs.77.90
all kinds
79 Tallow-in bulk 1 Tonne Rs.24.70
80 Tallow-Not in bulk 1 Tonne Rs.31.20
81 Tanning materials, not otherwise specified, in bags Advalorem 0.39%
82 Tanning materials, not otherwise specified, in other containers Advalorem 0.39%
83 Tea 1 Standard chest Rs.2.60
Textiles and yarn-Silks, synthetic, woolen, cotton and all manufactures
84 Advalorem 0.13%
85 Timber (in logs) other than Match Wood logs Each Log Rs.45.50
86 Timber, Match Wood (in logs) Each Log Rs.32.50
Timber, Boards, Planks, Poles, Battens, Scantlings, Rafters, Sleepers,
87 1 Tonne Rs.39.00
Planed, Rods, Posts, Sawn, Squares and manifested Dunnage.
88 Timber, other materials not otherwise specified in items 85,86 and 87 1 Cubic Metre Rs.36.40
89 Tobacco, raw and leaf Advalorem 0.13%
90 Tabacco, manufactured Advalorem 0.13%

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91 Toilet goods of all kinds 1 Cubic Metre Rs.36.40

Trawlers- Fishing or others, parts and accessories (For trawlers-complete
92 1 Tonne Rs.31.20
please refer item 24 (4))
93 Wax and wax products Advalorem 0.13%
94 Wires and cables of all sorts including wire rope 1 Tonne Rs.42.90
95-A Goods not otherwise specified 1 Tonne Rs.42.90
95-B Goods not otherwise specified Advalorem 0.52%
96 Caustic soda Lye 1 Tonne Rs.42.90
Item No. Description Unit
Rs. Ps.
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Iron Ore shipped through mechanical
1 1 tonne 50. 40
ore handling system at Bharathi Dock
0.90 paise per tonne or part
Charges for clearing the ore handling
thereof on the quantity of
2 system for receiving and shipment of
Iron Ore/fines calibrated ore
Iron Ore fines calibrated Iron Ore



Unit Rate
Rs. P.
Special quay dues on vessels
1.00/4.76 US Dollars per 100
loading iron ore at Bharathi Per Tonne
Tonne or part thereof.

Note: The above dues will be levied on the quantity of iron ore shipped.

http://www.chennaicustoms.gov.in/Custodian/wharfage%20charges.htm 7/3/2010

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