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Datum Bit ‘Anmelde-Nr: Date 23.01.2019 ‘Sheet 1 ApplicationNo- 16 157 698.8 bate Feuille Demande |= INTRODUCTION 1 The Opponent 1 (Apple Distribution International ULC) and the Opponent 2 (Intel Corporation) request revocation of the patent in its entirety on the following grounds: - Under Article 100(a) EPC on the grounds that the subject-matter of the claims does not meet the requirements for patentability set out in Article 52 to 57 EPC, specifically, that the invention as defined in the claims is not new (Article 54 EPC) and not inventive (Article 56 EPC). - Under Article 100(c) EPC on the grounds that the subject-matter of the claims extends beyond the content of the application as filed. 2 In respect of the grounds under Article 100(a) EPC, the Opponents have cited documents K5-K17 and K19-K20 in sections D.II and D.VI respectively of the notice of opposition; all these documents are prior art as to Article 54(2) EPC, except K9 and K12, which are prior art as to Article 54(3) EPC K5 _ US6950988 KR200401 10227 + K7a (English translation of K7) + K7b (Certificate of accurate translation) K8 | US2005171933 | K9 | WO2007019481 + K9a (extract from the Register of European Patents) | K10 | US2002132635 /K6 | US2004235520 KR20050014126 + K11a (English translation of K11) + K11b (Certificate of accurate translation) |K12 | EP1603312 K13_| EP1394666 Datum Bit ‘Anmelde-Nr: bate 23.01.2019 Sheet 2 Appicaion No. 16 157 698.8 Date Feuille Demande n° /K14 | JP2005244468 | K15 | EP0860972 K16 | EP1104151 | K17 | EP0946028 | 19. | XP055471007 - User's Guide for Nokia 3200 XP055471026 - BlackBerry® Wireless Handheld User Guide 3 The Opponent 1 further requests accelerated procedure due to parallel infringement proceedings. 4 The opposition appears to be admissible (see Article 99 and Rules 76 and 77 EPC). 5 The Proprietor (Qualcomm Incorporated) requests the opposition to be rejected and the patent to be maintained in granted form Should this request not be granted, the Proprietor requests the patent to be maintained in amended form on the basis of auxiliary request 1, filed with the letter dated 21.11.2018. 6 On 14.12.2018, the Opponents filed further arguments regarding Articles 100(a) and (c) EPC, together with annexes K14a (English translation of K14, filed with the notice of opposition), K20a ("Getting Started" guide corresponding to the device of K20, filed with the notice of opposition) and K21 (a modified figure based on figures 1 and 2 of the original earlier application). 7 The aforementioned grounds for opposition will be discussed during the Oral Proceedings. The preliminary and non-binding opinion of the Opposition Division is given below. Datum Bit ‘Anmelde-Nr: Date ‘Sheet 3 ApplicationNo- 16 157 698.8 bate Feuille Demande 8 If the Patentee or the Opponents intend to file any written submissions or amendments to the application documents on file, they should do this within the time limit for final submissions set in the summons. The Opposition Division may exercise its discretion according to Rule 114(2) EPC to disregard new submissions presented after that date. ll, FEATURE ANALYSIS OF THE INDEPENDENT CLAIMS - MAIN REQUEST 1 Claim 1 1.0 A method for initiating a communication link from a first communication terminal (10) to a second communication terminal, comprising the steps of: 1.1 _ sensing input of letters that are input by a user in the first communication terminal (10), representing a title for the second communication terminal; 1.2. retrieving information associated with the title of the second communication terminal; 1.3 _ presenting the retrieved information on a display of the first communication terminal (10); 1.4 _ retrieving information related to selectable communication channels usable for communication with second communication terminal; and 1.5 presenting, on the display of the first communication terminal (10), a plurality of selectable items (152-157) only representing the usable communication channels, responsive to sensing input of a title; 1.5.1 wherein, once the input of letters by the user is sensed, the different usable communications channels are presented for selection. 2 Claim 8 8.0 Acommunication terminal (10) comprising: 8.1 _acommunication controller (63) including a transceiver device for transmitting signals over a communication link; 8.2 auserinterface including a display and an input interface; 8.3 an input detection device (61) configured to sense input of letters that are input by auser representing a title for a second communication terminal; 8.4 atitle memor EPO Form 280801817)