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Our Mission and Vision
Together, we will build the largest community of stargazers, each of whom can observe the deep sky
from everywhere 24/7.

Unistellar will do this with our eVscope, a revolutionary, light-amplified, user-friendly telescope that’s 100
times more powerful than regular telescopes. The eVscope allows everyone to observe the universe,
from downtown or the countryside, with unprecedented ease, and to become part of a global network of
observers who participate in a new kind of citizen astronomy.

eVScope Key Functionalities
100 times more powerful than a standard telescope: Thanks to its unique enhanced-vision technology,
the eVscope is 100x more powerful than a standard telescope. Our system uses a low-light sensor to
accumulate light through a series of short exposures. Watch the universe from downtown and the
countryside and prepare to be amazed by the crisp, detailed views of the universe you see in the
eyepiece of the eVscope.

Easy to Use: Set your eVscope up on its tripod, turn it on, choose an object on your app and observe. No
constellations knowledge required or training required, no polar-star alignment needed, the eVscope
does it all by itself in a few minutes. Your system instantly recognizes objects in its field of view by
comparing what it sees with an internal map of coordinates for tens of millions of stars.

Citizen Science: Scientists will be able to launch observing campaigns and invite eVscope users to join
their research by activating their device’s Observation Campaign Mode. In partnership with the SETI
Institute, eVscope users will contribute to worldwide observing campaigns while using their eVscopes to
witness striking events such as supernovae and comets, and search and watch threatening asteroids.

Lightweight: The eVscope is so small that it can be carried in a backpack.

Key Product Data
Max magnitude: <16 in medium quality night sky

Adjustable magnification: 50/100/150x

Field of view: 30 arcmin

Dr Arnaud Malvache, Chief Technological Officer: Inventor of the Enhanced Vision. CNRS researcher in
image processing, he also designed a special LASER microscope. Degree from Ecole Polytechnique and
Imperial College.

Laurent Marfisi, Chief Executive Office: Incorporated all of this technology into the eVscope. Former CEA
research engineer, he led technical projects related to ITER. MS degree from ENSAM.

Dr Antonin Borot, Vice-President Engineering: Experienced entrepreneur, he designed the optical
architecture of the eVscope. CEA researcher. Degree from Ecole Polytechnique.

Dr Franck Marchis, Chief Scientific Officer: He extends the range of the eVscope to scientific
applications. Senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, first discoverer of a triple asteroid.


Our History
January 2015: The eVscope idea emerges, from the development of the image processing algorithm to
the design of the first proof of concept.

June 2015: Creation of the company.

November 2016: It works! And what we see is amazing.

January 2017: The eVscope is presented for the first time at CES Las Vegas.

July 2017: Partnership with the SETI Institute.

November 2017: Successful Kickstarter campaign ($2.2M, biggest tech crowdfunding in France and one
of the biggest in Europe).

January 2018: CES 2018 Innovation Award: Tech for a Better World.

May 2018: Beginning of design-to-manufacture process.

May 2019: Product shipping.

Key Corporate Information
Number of employees: 13

They support us: SETI Institute, BPI France, Pôle Optitec

France headquarters : Unistellar SAS, 10 rue Vacon, 13001 Marseille, France

US office: Unistellar Corp, 543 Mangels Avenue, San Francisco CA 94127, USA

Press Coverage

Web site: https://unistellaroptics.com/

Press relations: press@unistellaroptics.com

General requests: contact@unistellaroptics.com

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