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JULY 10, 2018

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business (QCF)

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Assignment 1

Task 1.1
Amazon Promoting Procedures and Techniques

Amazon is a vast internet business mammoth offering assortment of items to its clients
everywhere throughout the world through its cutting edge online framework. It is
providing food substantial number of shoppers through its comfort acquiring model and
conveying a wide scope of items through its electronic stores. Amazon is a tremendous
company with new and utilized products to the customers worldwide without making its
physical nearness. The organization keeps up expansive distribution centers with the
physical nearness of stock and offers straightforwardly to the customers.

Mechanism of Showcasing

Amazon's prosperity depends on its expansive online retail facades which associates it to a
substantial number of dynamic buyers around the world.

Amazon's Model As far as Ansoff Lattice

Amazon a web based business monster is a notable substance. It has a substantial number
of clients worldwide and this is just occurring because of its statistic and psychographic
division of the clients. Amazon division has made it conceivable to target singular clients
based on their necessities, age and purchasing conduct, and so forth. Since its starting,
amazon infiltrated into the online commercial center through its online nearness, beginning
from simply created nations like USA, UK and Canada. With the staggering reaction from
the customers soon after its begin, Amazon grew new markets everywhere throughout the
world through its web based business based stage utilizing the cutting edge showcasing just
as deals methodologies which helped the organization to succeed achieve overall purchasers
and developing as a solitary biggest retailer on the web. To begin with, simply the essential
merchandise, new item improvement and expansion were presented by the organization in
the late century. At last, making it increasingly beneficial and greatest online business
based retailer everywhere throughout the world. Amazon's prosperity to reach
comprehensively by providing food the interests of overall buyers through its online system
expedited magnificent effect the deals and development of the organization. Amazon is a
finished web based business plan of action with countless items. Amazon has procured

numerous little new businesses for the development of their business and to separate itself
in the market. It gained numerous little IT and web based business organizations to exploit
their method and to serve their clients betterly. By broad item contributions, they
prevailing with regards to accomplishing economies of scale. Amazon enhancement and
blend of items assist it with achieving money bovines and afterward it slowly extended its

Survival Procedures

Amazon isn't simply moving items and administrations in solitude, however it has banded
together with people, organizations and company enabling them to move their items on the
stage on Amazon against only a minor charge of commission against the deals empower the
mammoth to keep its hang on the purchasers just as other market contenders by giving a
typical stage to their business.Amazon gained various little new companies in ease that
empowered him to broaden its portfolio, grow its client reach and snatch more offer in the

Brand Mindfulness

Amazon has an extensive base of believed brand and its huge online stage is utilized for
promoting and attention of its items prompting more brand mindfulness among the
purchasers. Amazon by offering items and administrations under its own name helped
clients to remember it as a brand and they began purchasing the items with its image
name. Amazon anticipated itself as a name of value and trust. Its image the board help to
expand mindfulness among the clients. Amazon presented mark positioning file based on
client audits and input to help its clients increasing more trust in their name and eventually
help to expand client's certainty..

Value-based Showcasing

Amazon Prime is the new thought presented by the Amazon for its buyers who felt that
conveyance charges are an additional weight on them. Amazon presented this thought of
membership value which offers one year free conveyance to the clients. This is a standout
amongst the best move by Amazon and a case of relationship advertising. It plays a
fundamental effect to keep your clients fulfilled and assist them with retaining their clients
for the long time. It improves association with the clients by simply offering them
administrations like this to hold them for longer time.
Alibaba's Advertising Systems and Methodologies

Alibaba since its beginning was just known to Chinese shoppers. Alibaba's has an alternate plan
of action and goes about as a mediator among dealers and purchasers. Alibaba is right now
utilizing more than one plan of action to encourage its clients around the world.

Alibaba's Plan of action As far as Ansoff Framework

On the off chance that we look at the Alibaba's plan of action as far as Ansoff network, we
come to realize that Alibaba has selected an exceptional technique for its market entrance
and takes after like on eBay. Alibaba has the biggest discount arrange on the planet. It has
encouraged producers, wholesalers and retailers to interface with a large number of buyers
around the world. Alibaba infiltrated into the distinctive markets with its backup
organizations offering a superior mechanism of offers to the organizations. Alibaba drove
its market advancement by securing surely understood retailers in various nations and
assuming control over their calculated and promoting stages to grow its client's range by
taking out the hindrances of traditions and strategic to achieve purchasers in whatever
remains of the world. Their market infiltration technique helped them to offer more items
and administrations over the world. Since Alibaba was begun from China yet with the
progression of time, they extended their system in the entire Asia, Europe and even in the
America. Alibaba is building up its market by offering more items and administrations and
securing new companies in various nations to procure an expansive number of client base
around the world.

Survival Procedures

Alibaba's has kept up its aggressive through its web based business based stage that
motivates venders to open their items to a huge number of dynamic purchasers at Alibaba.
It has encouraged the purchasers and dealers with a trust installment framework
encouraging purchasers to make exchanges worldwide safely. It's the biggest discount
commercial center on the planet.

Value-based Advertising

Alibaba through its auxiliaries has offered a solitary purpose of exchange where the
makers are straightforwardly managing the private ventures in an expansive volume and
deals who at that point further resale similar merchandise in their nearby market.
Alibaba's aggressiveness in its exchange advertise has made it a major firearm in the
market. Their relationship showcasing has empowered clients utilize a solitary stage for
working together and even they can utilize the Alipay framework to make worldwide
installments or to get cash from venders on this system. A large portion of the clients
confront issues of for making installments on the web, so with this methodology, Alibaba
has possessed the capacity to hold their clients for a very long time.

Brand Mindfulness

Presently Alibaba is another brand in whatever is left of the world. In China, it is as yet the most
well known and incredible showcasing stage, however its essential objective is marking
comprehensively. Sponsorship gives us a major chance to exhibit our innovation and

Task 1.2
Compare and contrast two Businesses and their use of marketing techniques in marketing products or
services in two organizations.

As we compare Amazon with Alibaba, we come to know that both are leaders in their respective
markets and their business models are almost same. However, Amazon has a huge inventory at
its warehouses with a number of products to help customers buying online. However, Alibaba
has no store presence, but their profit margins are high because they don’t have to incur any cost
on the maintaining of inventory. Amazon is the best retailer in the market, while Alibaba has a
good platform of the wholesale market. Amazon has diversified portfolio of products, whereas
Alibaba has connected customers with the manufacturers directly. Alibaba is using search engine
marketing, while Amazon is using affiliate marketing.

Amazon Alibaba

Largest Online Retailer Largest Online Wholesaler

Large network of warehouse No Store Presence

Competitive prices than other retailers Lowest prices on large volumes

Diversified portfolio Large number of suppliers

Have a huge market share in Western Have a huge presence in Asian markets
Diversity Marketing Mass Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Search Engine Marketing

Task 1.3
Amazon Growth Strategies

Amazon partnership and associate programs helped individuals, small firms and big corporations
to sell their products on Amazon’s platform and earning huge profits from the largest network of
consumers worldwide. Amazon Global Selling has been helping customers grow their business

Survival Strategies of Amazon

Many of us believe that lowering prices and transferring the benefits to consumers will lead to
lowering profits, but Amazon is using this strategy for its continued success and providing huge
discounts on its millions of products in a day. Especially on Chrismatas and other festivals.

Relationship Marketing

Amazon is providing services to their customers in order to retain their customers and to satisfy
them with their services. Amazon prime is dedicatedly offering its customers free delivery all
over the world at just a nominal cost.

Task 1.4
The Sales of Goods Act require all traders to sell products and services as they are described and
at a satisfactory quality for consumers. Amazon has to make sure that all items that they sell to
their customers are up to the standards that they portray in order to keep their positive reputation
and their market share. Commented [ma1]: HANDOUT?? THIS IS THE CODE , THIS
Task 2.1
A market-orientated business carries out research to find the needs and wants of consumers. It
then uses the findings to design products and marketing strategies to satisfy these needs. This
compares to product orientation, which focuses first on developing a product and then seeks
ways to persuade the consumer to buy it.

Consumers Survey

This is a simple but highly effective survey that is carried out with customers in the market
research. By collecting the customer’s home postcode, gender and age and matching this data to
the products purchased, JD can build up detailed consumer profiles and develop its marketing
plans to enhance their sales and profits.

Founded in 1981 in Mossley, in Manchester, with a single shop, JD today is a well-recognised

brand. With 335 stores JD is the UK’s leading retailer of fashionable sports and casual wear. For
20 years JD expanded through organic growth. It opened up stores in new locations to grow its
customer base and increase revenues. It traded on the rising trend, particularly amongst young
people, of wearing sportswear in everyday life.

In addition to organic growth, The JD Sports Fashion Group has also expanded in recent years
by acquisition and now has a number of businesses in its portfolio. It has increased its JD store
base through the acquisition of First Sport and All:sports as well as acquiring Scotts (premium
branded menswear) and Bank (young male and female branded fashion) in the UK.

The Group also made international acquisitions including the French sports fashion retailer
Chausport and Champion Sports in Ireland. The JD Sports Fashion Group has also acquired
brands such as The Duffer of St George, Nicholas Deakins, Canterbury of New Zealand, Kooga,
Kukri and also the fashion brands Chilli Pepper, Nanny State and Sonneti. Brands such as
Mckenzie, Brookhaven, Carbrini and Pure are exclusive brands that are only available at JD

With over 500 stores in the UK, Ireland and France, the JD Sports Fashion Group has a
reputation for stocking the most exclusive and stylish lifestyle products.

As a B2C organisation, the performance of the JD fascia depends on how desirable its brands are
to consumers. By providing exactly what the consumers want JD can outperform its competitors.
It also helps it to remain buoyant in a challenging business environment.

JD has continued to grow despite the fact that levels of unemployment are increasing and many
consumers now have reduced disposable income. The demand for non-essential goods, such as
branded clothing, would normally decrease as incomes fall.

The ‘product’ is concerned with the function and features offered by a good or service. The
product also encompasses factors such as quality, design, after-sales service and branding. Commented [ma2]: ???????????????? NOT RELATED
JD sells lifestyle products. These are sportswear ranges worn in everyday life. JD targets GROUPS, QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATVE DATA, PRIMARY
different groups of consumers who desire trainers and sports fashion as casual day wear. Many FINALLY HOW WE USE THEM IN MARKETING.
of the products that it sells are from the global ‘power brands’. These are long established,
popular brands such as JD Sports and Adidas.

These brands appeal to large groups of consumers and are easily recognized by JD customers.
They are backed by large marketing budgets, which help to boost sales and sustain demand by

Task 2.2
JD conducts primary and secondary research. Primary research is known as field research,
quantitative and qualitative are the two-type format. JD’s quantitative research which are
numerical based are conducted by using exit surveys which are face-to-face with customers as
they leave the store, shopping bag survey, which is monitored by looking at the customers'
carrier bags that the customers as they enter the store and on-site field work what are research
into new locations.

Qualitative research focuses on interviewing consumers on their products or services. They use
methods such as focus groups, which is speaking to small groups of people for a length of time.
This typically run in schools and colleges, this would let JD know how customers view the
business. They also use depth interviews which is when a researcher accompanies a customer on
a shopping trip to the store. They would be able to find out more about the shopper behavior and
their reactions to store layout and products. Because of the large amount of data that primary
research creates, one way of managing it will be to use sampling methods. The sampling method
involves in taking the responses of a representative group of customers that are likely to reflect
the opinions of the whole group.

Secondary research is known as ‘desk research’. This research uses collected data by another
organization to provide market information. They use government census data which is
conducted every 10 years across the whole UK. This consists of data on factors such as the
number of people, their ages and occupations in a certain location. The business also takes

geo-demographic data which are collected by specialist agencies. The information collected is
based on life stage and lifestyle of people that live in areas of the UK. Commercial market
research reports are prepared by research experts. These provide estimates of the volume of sales
of each product or market category. At JD this information is invaluable when assessing new
product markets or international opportunities. Commented [ma3]: THIS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR 2.2 BUT IT
Task 2.3
JD Sports ‘score is depended on marketing research on a continuous basis to benefit in keeping
up the company's position as the leader in athletic footwear and apparel industry. The result of
such analysis enables JD Sports to make decisions regarding its different divisions. Its decision is
benefitted to recondition the apparel division, an area where the company offers a number of
possibilities. JD Sports will be arranging the internal business by gender instead of the sport
category they are using now. They also plan to carry out more experiment concerning the buying
habits of men, who are frequently item-driven and women who are more collection-driven.

Limitations of Marketing Research

Focusing on applied research can be a weakness as well. Many new, innovative ideas come into
existence as a result of basic, unspecific research. Though more risky and expensive, JD Sports
would benefit from increasing the amount of basic research we conduct with hopes of
uncovering potential opportunities of which JD Sports could take advantage.

Accurate, up-to-date information obtained by marketing research can be of enormous value to JD

Sports as an organization in gaining and/or maintaining its competitive edge. However, there are
a number of reasons why, in reality, these potential benefits may not be realized:

Budgetary constraints - gathering and processing data can be very expensive. JD Sports may lack
the expertise to conduct extensive surveys to gather primary data, whatever the potential
benefits, and also lack the funds to pay specialist market research agencies to gather such data
for them. In these cases, JD Sports may be forced to rely on data that is less than 'perfect' but
that can be accessed more cheaply, e.g., from secondary sources.

Time constraints - JD Sports are often forced to balance the need to build up as detailed a picture
as possible regarding customer needs etc. against the desire to make decisions as quickly as
possible, in order to maintain or improve their position in the market.

Reliability of the data - the value of any research findings depends critically on the accuracy of
the data collected. Data quality can be compromised via a number of potential routes, e.g.,
leading questions, unrepresentative samples, biased interviewers etc. Efforts to ensure that data
is accurate, samples are representative and interviewers are objective will all add to the costs of
the research but such costs are necessary if poor decisions and expensive mistakes are to be

Legal & Ethical Constraints

The Data Protection Act (1998) is a good example of a law that has a number of implications for
market researchers collecting and holding personal data. For instance, researchers must ensure
that the data they obtain is kept secure, is only used for lawful purposes and is only kept for as
long as it is necessary. It must be made clear as to why data are being collected and the consent
of participants must be obtained. In addition to this, there are a number of guidelines, laid down
by JD Sports as the Market Research Society, that, although not legally binding, encourage JD
Sports to behave ethically when dealing with members of the public. Commented [ma4]: IT IS GOOD but too short … BUT
Recommendation to Improve Market Research:

 JD Sports should make a make a proper budget before implementing a market research.
 JD Sports should give appropriate time to each market research.
 JD Sports should follow all the legal rules laid down to improve the market research.
 JD Sports should stay away from un - ethical marketing research.
 JD Sports should identify it target market before each research.

Task 2.4
SWOT Analysis of JD Sports


JD Sports is a very competitive organization. Its CEO is often quoted as saying that 'Business is
war without bullets. JD Sports has a healthy competition. JD Sports only focus on branded
collection. However, JD Sports sponsored the top athletes and gained valuable coverage.

JD Sports has no factories. It does not tie up cash in buildings and manufacturing workers. This
makes a very lean organization. JD Sport is strong in research and development, as is evidenced
by its evolving and innovative product range. If prices rise, and products can be made more
cheaply elsewhere (to the same or better specification), JD Sports has the best delivery system
for its sports related products. JD Sports, is a leading brand. It is the number one supplier in the
sports brand.


It has a wide range of clothing, footwear and sports brands. However, the income of the business
is still heavily dependent upon its share of the sports market. This may leave it vulnerable, if for
any reason its market share erodes.

No doubt, the retail sector is very price sensitive. JD Sports is a big retailer in the town.
However, most of its income is dependent on selling directly to consumers. JD Sports doesn’t
have any policy, for wholesalers and resellers. So margins tend to get squeezed as retailers try to
pass some of the low price competition pressure onto JD Sports. Commented [ma5]: INCLUDE SOM EBALANCE SHEET
Product development/variation provides JD Sports lots of opportunities. The brand is severely
defended by its owners who truly consider that JD Sports is not a fashion brand. However, like it
or not, consumers that wear JD Sports product do not always buy it to participate in sport. Some
would argue that in youth culture especially, JD Sports is a fashion brand. This creates its own
opportunities, since product could become unfashionable before it wears out i.e. consumers need
to replace shoes.


JD Sport is exposed to the international nature of trade. It buys and sells in the single currency
and so costs and margins are not stable over long periods of time. Such an exposure could mean
that JD Sports may be selling at a loss. This is an issue that faces all global brands.


In weaknesses, the retail sector is becoming pricier competitive. This ultimately means that
consumers are shopping around for a better deal. So if one store charges a price for a pair of
sports shoes, the consumer could go to the store along the street to compare prices for the exactly
the same item, and buy the cheaper of the two. Such consumer price sensitivity is a potential
external threat to JD Sports.

PESTLE Analysis of JD Sports

Political Analysis

The government must make financial arrangements that will help development of business.
JD Sports, luckily, have been helped by the UK arrangements which empower it to propel its
items. The help agreed to JD Sports by the UK government, especially in the general
macroeconomic dependability, low loan fees, stable cash conditions and the universal
aggressiveness of the duty framework, shape the establishment basic to JD Sports' development.

Economic Analysis

In economy, the biggest threat to JD Sports would be economic recession. During a recession, JD
Sports's growth will be adversely affected. A UK economy is experiencing a downturn right
now. Consumer purchases are slowing down. Currently, JD Sports's feeling the pinch of the
economic recession. The Asian economic crisis also affects JD Sports since its goods are
manufactured in Asia. The labor costs socially responsible and material prices are going up.

Society Analysis

Individuals are more conscious about their health these days. Eating and dieting are getting more
attention. Thus, an ever increasing number of individuals have joined wellness clubs. There is a
going with an interest in wellness items, especially clothing, shoes and sports items. JD Sport is
at the front line of this surge sought after as individuals are searching for sports shoes, attire and

Technology Analysis

JD Sports uses IT in its marketing information systems very effectively. JD Sports applies
advertising data frameworks to the financial aspects of development, division and separation of a
large portion of its organizations. JD Sports' initiative status owes in huge part to the utilization
of greatly significant Information Technology, and applying it to each part of the item from
improvement for convenience. Using of SPSS and online application software by JD Sports that
help to gather, analyze and manage data for the purpose of developing information which is later
on used for decision making.

Smart Marketing Objectives

Smart marketing objective uses an approach and action which are specific, measurable, realistic,
relevant and time bound. JD Sports must define its objective for any of the market research so
that they can timely work on it and achieve their marketing or research goals in the specific
period of time. First of all, the company should have focused on collecting primary data for the
research, whether it's about their products or about the customers. Once data are collection, then
you need to analyze the data and doing your research on the basis of data collected. They should
specific the need of data collection so that the data can later be used for their purpose of market
research. Suppose if a company is collecting data about consumer’s buying needs about specific
products, then they should only collect the data related to their own products so that they can
improve the results on this data. You should be realistic about your goals of market research
because the definition of clear goals gives you realistic results and finally the time constraints
factor which will help you to achieve desired goals in the possible time frame.


Task 3.1
There is an abundance of approaches to put-on the market with a specific end goal to achieve the
best purchasers for specific items or administrations. A portion of these incorporates geographic
division, statistic division, psychographic division, and conduct division.

Client Division: Geographic

Geographic division is the demonstration of administering a fight's planned intrigue assemble in

perspective of where they are found. Parts can be as far reaching as a country or a district, or as
tight as one street of homes in a town. Geographic division is important for both enormous and
autonomous ventures alike. Far reaching associations with all inclusive markets may offer things
or organizations, especially for social occasions of individuals particularly regions. For example,
Home Stop may target US northeastern states while advancing an arrangement on snow scoops.
Acquainting this advancement with Floridians, for instance, would be unessential, unnecessary,
and could even desensitize the gathering of spectators to future takes note. Geographic division
is one kind of customer division that is to an incredible degree easy to execute, a similar number
of associations every now and again have their customers' areas for purposes of entry, or their
Client Division: Statistic B2C

Measurement division is segmenting the market in perspective of particular characteristics of the

gathering of spectators. Characteristics routinely consolidate, in any case, they are verifiably not
compelled to: race, ethnicity, age, sexual introduction, religious preparing, pay, matrimonial
status, and occupation. Furthermore, truly easy to execute, measurement division can be
important in a variety of ways. Excess brands may market to a measurement containing people
with family pay > $200,000. Schools may use illuminating in their elevating that interests to 17-
multi year olds. Measurement division is substantially more successful while concentrating on
various segments immediately. Platform ran an email promoting exertion where we concentrated
on adjacent (geographic) females (measurement: sexual introduction) developed 25-50 years old
(measurement: age) with a family wage of under $100,000 (measurement: wage) and an energy
for furniture (lead). Concentrating on a couple of divisions in conjunction with each other incited
in excess of 440 arrangements for the adjacent furniture retailer, driving more than $180,000 in

Consolidating different client division criteria can possibly achieve an extremely focused on
specialty market and drive deals while expanding the estimation of each promoting dollar spent.

Client Division: Statistic B2B

Statistic division can likewise be utilized as a part of B2B markets. For this situation, regular
socioeconomics include: organization estimate, industry, part, time working for the organization,
and then some.

Organizations may put-on the market by industry while scanning for eminent customers. A
publicizing organization that represents considerable authority in auto promoting may fragment
the market by industry. They can additionally fragment the market by part when picking to
contact promoting administrators and inventive chiefs.

Client Division: Psychographic

Psychographic division is far less concrete than both geographic and statistic client divisions, as
the attributes used to portion are less "substantial" than the last two. Psychographic division
partitions the market on standards, for example, way of life, values, social class, and identity.

This kind of client division is altogether more hard to actualize than geographic or statistic
division. To legitimately section the market in light of psychographics, advertisers should truly
set aside the opportunity to become more acquainted with their present and past clients. This
incorporates plainly characterizing the perfect purchaser persona for the item or administration
and creating associations with the client base.

Client Division: Conduct

Conduct division is like psychographic division on the premise that it is less concrete than a
statistic or geographic division. Conduct division is the act of isolating shoppers into bunches as
indicated by any of the accompanying qualities: utilization, loyalties, mindfulness, events,
learning, preferring, and buy designs. Commented [ma6]: IT IS VERY SIMPLE TASK ,
Task 3.2 (2 SHOULD BE B2B) for example ;
With regards to your marking technique, it's frequently a smart thought to return to your FOR EXAMPLE DIEPENDING ON YOUR SEGMENTATION
arrangement consistently. The universe of showcasing and correspondences is continually CRITERIA ; INCOME, ATTITUDE etc you can DESCRIBE 4
DIFFERENT B2C segment to be targeted. Then 2 B2B
evolving. Investigating every component of your own promoting blend top to bottom can assist
you with staying in front of the opposition. Obviously, to lead a legitimate evaluation, you will
require an advertising blend definition for every component, and how these elements connect to
your marking system. We should begin by taking a gander at the four conventional "P's" of the
advertising correspondences blend.


The main component of the promoting blend is your item. In the present condition, an item can
be a thing or administration that is worked to fulfill the requirements of a shopper gathering. For
example, you may make running shoes for kids, or eCommerce programming for different
organizations. The way to a powerful item is ensuring that you have the correct item for the
requests of your market. To begin with, survey the way that you assess your image contributions.
As such, begin taking a gander at your items or administrations from the point of view of an
untouchable, deciding if your image is putting forth the correct arrangements at the perfect time.


The second "P" to consider in the advertising interchanges blend recipe is "cost". It's critical to
frequently evaluate the cost of your administrations and items to ensure that you're in accordance
with the substances of your commercial center. One thing that organizations much of the time
disregard marking, is that estimating will dependably affect your client's view of you. In a few
enterprises, a low cost will be urgent. In others, a value that is too low will demonstrate a
mediocre item or administration. Then again, a value that is too high will distance a few clients,
which means a watchful contender examination is essential. Also, in any business, it's vital to be
adaptable with respect to evaluating. In case you're seeing obstruction in your business,
promoting, or notwithstanding marking technique, it may be a great opportunity to reexamine
your evaluating arrangements. All organizations should have the capacity to modify their costs,
when essential, to remain focused in a soaked commercial center.


The position is regularly a disregarded part of marking and advertising. Be that as it may, with
regards to the showcasing blend, the situation is basic. You have to ensure that you're prepared to
position and convey your item in a configuration that is available to potential purchasers. This
requires an inside and out comprehension of your objective market.

At last, a standout amongst the most fundamental components in the customary showcasing
interchanges blend is advancement. The advancement incorporates all the distinctive sorts of
correspondence you use to inform clients regarding your administrations or items. Indeed, even
insignificant changes to your advancement and deals techniques can acquaint emotional changes
with your commitment and benefits. Composing additionally advertising articles, changing the
headline on your messages, or changing out a shading in your marking materials would all be
able to prompt in a flash higher deal. Indeed, in each industry, organizations both huge and little
or as often as possible, trying different things with publicizing and advancement. Commented [ma7]: DON’T EXPLAIN GENERIC 4 PS , you
need to explain 4 ps for FAST AND FURIOUS MOVIE….PLACE
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