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TERM/WEEKS: T3/ W3, 4 & 5 YEAR LEVEL: 4 LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: HASS/Civics and Citizenship


General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability
Notes about device access in the classroom: There is an iPad shared between two for the first two lessons. This encourages collaborative thinking between the partners and
expresses the thoughts by both students. The addition of sharing the iPad is students are able to discuss their thoughts together to further their critical and creative thinking. In
the third lesson there is two iPads between two to allow further exploration of technology.
LESSON Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES and other
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

1 Focus Area: Objective 1: Formative Introduction: Intro:

HASS Create a movie using Assessment:  Introduce students to topic of rules and laws - Weebly
iMovie to distinguish Refresh students  Using Weebly, allow students to access Google Docs to express thoughts and - Google
Topic: Civics and the difference between memories of last ideas on their general knowledge on rules and laws Docs
Citizenship rules and laws, in lesson/year by
 Read and expand on some of their thoughts, making sure to briefly explain - Youtube
The importance partners. using Google
and purpose of Docs to gather the difference of rules and laws
laws (e.g. to Objective 2: their knowledge  Play a YouTube clip, further exploring the concept watch?v=MTEiLorfAYE
maintain social Display the difference of of rules and laws  Introduce activity to students and check for understanding
cohesion, to rules and laws in a
reflect society's creative way through Summative Body:
values) either legal to reuse Assessment:  Give partners an iPad to complete their iMovie Body:
images, photos, videos Rubric for movie - Weebly
 Reiterate that students must create a movie that clearly shows differences
Code: or own creations, in – key points are - iMovie
ACHASSK092 partners. the depth of between laws and rules
- Google
information and  If students decide to use images, they must be legal to reuse images
Objective 3: differences on  Students are also given the opportunity to take their own pictures/videos to
- Camera
Publish and share their laws and rules. explain the differences
movies in front of peers,  Teacher must walk around to assist students with any questions
explaining or expanding
on key points, in Conclusion: Conclusion:
partners.  Teacher begins to get students to finalise their movies by getting students to - Weebly
export their movies - Seesaw
 Allow students to follow the Weebly where there is a QR code that allows - Google
students to upload their iMovie to Seesaw Docs
 Give students time to upload and assist if needed
 Once movies are uploaded, encourage students to share theirs
 Once students have had the opportunity to share their iMovies, open the
same Google Docs to allow students to put what they have learnt today next
to their previous answer at the beginning of the lesson