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Roe tanyevegcram (10-75 socom) ‘Smear me manna on the let forearm Putappronmatly Sei (3 doses) of Upto he elbow Ensure hat the whole ‘leone based nandru inthe pal ef ‘hin aon x covered by ung cular Your let Rand, using the elbow of your ‘movers arours te forest a the ther amo operat te dtrbutor Rub fRandrus hae iy evaporated 10-15, Bot hands at to sama me up ote Cover the whole surface of the hands Rub the back of he lef hand, inducing Ru palm against palm back and forth ‘pio me wrist wih alcohol basedTan- the wit, moving the gh paim back” with ingers interred hating pam sarstpamma Snir ona weevoe 4O 2 fl 1s 6 7 Rub the back ofthe fingers by haling RU he thumb of the let hand by rote: Whan the hands are ry, ser surgical {em n te palm ftw ober hand wih ting it the clasped palm of ie ight” cong and gloves canbe donned ‘ sdowaye beck and torn moveront” hand and vice ware ‘Repsol the above tusoled sequence (average duration, 60 son) eccorsing o he number af ines caveapondina fo the total duran recommended by the manufacturer for Supa! hand preparation wih an aicoorbased hand