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JKA 421E/2

Academic Session 2018/2019


Video Dates Time

Conference/ Webex

Students need to fill in the date and time of video conference sessions. Please refer
to the video conference timetable for Academic Session 2017/2018 provided.


A. Introduction

Undertaking sociological or anthropological field research, analysing of data and writing a

complete report have always been a required exercise for students majoring in the field of
sociology and anthropology. All field researches require systematic planning in the form of
proposal that lays down in detail the issue, the research objectives, the research questions,
the current knowledge about the issue, the conceptual or theoretical framework (when
applicable), the research method and the time frame to guide the research process.

This course provides the hands-on practice for students to prepare a research proposal for
their final year research project under JKA 515E/4 Project: Selected Social Issues.

B. Course Aims

This course aims to equip students with knowledge and skills in writing research proposal
and planning for research reporting. It includes skills to identify social issue to be
investigated, to develop the appropriate research strategy for the investigation, to review
previous literature, to adopt appropriate research method and to plan the research and
reporting activities.

The research proposal will contribute to the students’ final year research project under JKA

C. Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

 Identify sociological and anthropological issues for systematic enquiry.
 Identify research problem(s), research objective(s), research questions/hypotheses and
research method.
 Apply relevant theory and/or concept applicable for the subject matter.
 To present the above in a systematically written proposal and make adjustment according
to feedback.
 To present research proposal using oral and visual communications.

D. Course Delivery and Supervision

Teaching and supervising activities will take place mainly through these platforms:
1. eLearn@pppjj, where these teaching/supervising activities will take place:
a. e-kuliah.
b. Discussion and supervision through various forums on eLearn@pppjj.
c. Reading materials and references provided in eLearn@pppjj.
2. 4 Webex
3. Proposal presentation and supervision meetings during Intensive Course.

E. Assessment and Course Work Requirements

There is no test or final exam for this course. Students will be assessed individually based on
their achievements in the following course works:

TG0: Research topic selection (0%)

TG1: Draft research proposal (30%)
TG2: Final research proposal (70%)

TG0: Research topic selection

Students are COMPULSORY to select their research topics in consultation with the course
manager before they can proceed to prepare their draft research proposal (TG1). This will be
done in a designated forum in eLearn@pppjj.

TG1: Draft research proposal (30%)*

The draft research proposal should NOT exceed 15 pages and MUST contains the following:
1) Title of the proposal.
2) Introduction to the selected research topic.
3) Elaboration on the research problems.
4) Research objectives and research questions or hypotheses.
5) A review of at least 4 academic journal articles (year 2005 onwards) (in point form).
6) Theoretical framework or conceptual framework (in point form).
7) Research method.
8) Project and reporting time line (Gantt Chart).
9) Reference list.
10) Draft interview guideline or questionnaire.

*Note: Additional points will be awarded to students who volunteer to present their
proposal during Intensive Course. See announcement in eLearn@pppjj.

The format:
 Paper size: A4 paper; paper orientation: portrait.
 Margins – Top: 2cm; Bottom: 2cm; Left: 2.5cm; Right: 2cm.
 Font: Arial; font size: 11pt; line spacing: 1.5pt.
 Paragraph: leave one line between paragraphs.
 Reference style: APA 6th edition.
 Language: English or Bahasa Malaysia.
 File format: Microsoft Word. Save filename as: (Student’s full name)_TG1
 Submit TG1 online in eLearn@pppjj by 20 Feb 2019.

TG2: Final research proposal (70%)
The final research proposal should NOT exceed 25 pages and MUST contains the following:

 Title of the proposal.

 Abstract (not more than 300 words)
 Introduction to the selected research topic.
 Elaboration on the research problems.
 Research objectives and research questions or hypotheses.
 Literature review.
 Theoretical framework or conceptual framework.
 Research method.
 Project and reporting time line (Gantt Chart).
 Reference list.
 Interview guideline or questionnaire.
 Proposed final report outline.

The format:

 Similar to TG1, except submit TG2 in hardcopy and softcopy.

 Cover and binding: Use paper covers (with official cover), put at least 3 staples on the left
margin and cover with tape. DO NOT use plastic sheets, comb binding or plastic folder.
 Post TG2 to PPPJJ main office by 20 April 2019 and submit an additional soft copy

F. Learning Approach

Students are expected to visit eLearn@pppjj on a regular basis for e-Kuliah, consult the
course manager on TG0, TG1 and TG2, and discuss with other students. Students are also
required to do their own reading and libray research (online and offline) on their selected
research topics. Students are advised to spend at least 2 hours a week to do library research
and prepare TG0, TG1 and TG2.

G. References

1. Neumann, L.W. (2006). Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative

Approaches (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Allyn & Bacon.
2. Pelto, P. J. & Pelto, G. H. (1978). Anthropological research: The structure of inquiry. UK:
Cambridge University Press.
[ebook: http://ebooks.cambridge.org/ebook.jsf?bid=CBO9780511607776]
3. Giddens, A. (2007). Sociology (5th ed.). UK: Polity.

H. Course Work Preparation Timeline

As students, you are expected to balance your work, family and study. Therefore you need to
plan and manage your time properly so that you do not lag in any aspect of your life.

Activities / Course Work Deadlines

October 2018 Identifying research topic and doing library

research (TG0).
November 2018 Identifying research topic and doing library
research (TG0).
November 2018 Preparing TG1.
December 2018 Preparing TG1.
January 2019 Preparing oral presentation for TG1 during
intensive course.
February 2019 Intensive Course: Jan/ Feb 2019.
March 2019 Preparing TG2
April 2019 Preparing TG2. Post TG2 by 20 Apr 2019.

IMPORTANT: You need to contact the course manager if you have any difficulty following
the course or completing your assignments. Do not wait until the last minute or after the
deadline. Be responsible to your learning.

Students are advised to plan your course work according to this time line. Students are
encouraged to contact me via eLearn@pppjj.

Course Manager

Dr. Zurina bt Mohd Radzi

PM. Dr. Fatan Hamamah bt Yahaya
Dr. Chua Hang Kuen
Dr. Siti Nor bt Awang
Dr. Suresh Kumar
Dr. Bok Guan Im
Pn Soijah bt Likin
Dr. Khauthar Ismail

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