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Assessment Nursing Goal Planning Implementation Rationale Evaluation

Subjective Risk of patients 1.Assess the level of 1.Assesssed the level of 1.Provides knowlwedge and Goal was
data cross mother understanding of a understanding by asking understanding about fully met as
mother said “ infection will disease condition questions. disease. patients
I dont know related to verbalize mother
about modes knowledge undestand 2. Demonstrate and 2.Handwashing verbalizes
of deficit ing about instruct mother to technique was 2.Handwashing is a key understandi
transmission evidenced disease perform proper dwmonstrated to her factor to prevent ng and
and by condition handwashing using transmission of shows
preventive unhygienic and take steps. microorganisms. hygienic
measures of practices preventive practices
diseases shown by measures 3.Teach parents that 3. Taught mother about during child
mother during toys and other contamination and care.
Objective data during child care. instuments ,ay be modes of transmission. 3. To prevent the cross
mother was child care contaminated so contamination among other
handling child these shouldnot be admitted child in the ward.
without any shared
hygiene was 4.Instruct to use 4. Instructed to use
not disposable gloves precaution like using
maintained during handling of disposable gloves while 4. to prevet transmission
aswell. feces and dirty handling feces of child. because HEV is transmitted
things. through feco-oral route.

5.Teach them about 5.provided every detail

transmission, regarding the disease
preventive measures condition and its 5. To aware the patient
and treatment preventive and treatment parties regarding disease
regimens of the measures. condition and prevent future
disease condition occurance.

6.Teach them to 6.The effects of OTC

avoid over the drugd was told to mother
counter drugs 6.To prevent toxicity if
incase liver is unable to
function properly.