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  Sarah Reichart 
Andale High School Junior 

Hard working, self sacrificing junior at Andale High School working towards my goals 
(316) 789-5788  and graduating with a GPA higher than a 4.0 and improving my ACT score. 
24630 W 37 St. N   Maid 
Andale, KS  Andale District Library / 2017 - Present 
At  the  Andale  District  Library,  I  perform  a  number  of  services  such  as  cleaning  and 
EDUCATION  organizing. Weekly responsibilities include: 

Andale High School  ● Taking out trash 

Anticipated Graduation  ● Vacuuming/Sweeping 
Date: May 2019  ● Dusting 
GPA: 4.0  ● Cleaning bathrooms 
Principal’s Honor Roll    
2016 - 2018  Scholar’s Bowl Judge and Official Scorekeeper 
  Andale Middle School / February 2018 
HARD SKILLS  At the Andale Middle School Scholar’s Bowl meet, I helped monitor the Scholar’s 
Bowl participants as well as keep the official score of the matches. Meet 
Microsoft Word 
responsibilities included: 
Microsoft Excel  ● Kept official score 
● Judged correct/incorrect answers 
Microsoft Powerpoint 
● Helped monitor meet participants 
Identify notes on treble   
and bass staff 
Active Shooter Training / February 2018 
Taken Spanish 3  During the active shooter training, I played the role of an injured student in a school 
shooting to try to distract the responding officers. Tasks performed: 
SOFT SKILLS  ● Played role of injured student 
Hard Worker  ● Ran towards officers begging for help 
● Screamed to distract responding officers 
Team Player   

Persistent  Volunteer  
Volunteer Day / 2015 - 2017 
During the volunteer days offered at Andale High School, I performed a number of 
Flexible  tasks to improve the community. Years and tasks include: 
● Provided positive role models to grade school students (2017) 
Motivated  ● Spent time socializing with seniors at old folks home (2016) 
● Painted St. Mark’s parking lines (2015) 

Sarah Reichart 
Sonya Horsch 
Supervisor  Member 
Andale District Library  National Honor Society / 2017 - Present 
(316) 347-3721  As  a  member  of  NHS,  I  help  organize  and  plan  events  such  as  the  Easter  egg  draw 
  and the teacher appreciation breakfast. Tasks I am responsible for: 
James Gregg  ● Asking teachers what items they will contribute to the Easter egg draw 
Coach/Teacher  ● Sorting and assembling Easter eggs 
Andale High School  ● Helping organize teacher breakfast during teacher appreciation week 
(316) 706-5821   
Varsity Member 
  Cross Country / 2017 - Present 
As  a  member of the Andale High School cross country team, I am tasked with setting 
  a good example for the fellow members of the team. My achievements: 
● Varsity letter 
● Competed at Regionals 
● Awarded most improved varsity female 
Andale High School Choir / 2015 - 2018 
As a member of the Andale High School choir, I set a high standard of determination 
and willingness to learn. Achievements of myself and entire choir: 
● Received gold at Orlando Music Festival 2018 (choir) 
● Awarded most improved female singer 2017 
● Acquired II at State 2016 (choir) 
Track and Field Team / 2016-2017 
As a member of the track and field track team, I participated in a variety of events; as 
well as attended Sunday and summer practice for pole vault. Events participated in: 
● Pole Vault 
● Long Jump 
● Triple Jump 
● 4x100 Meter Relay 
Career Fair 
Junior Career Explore Class / 2018 - present 
As a member of Mrs. Bergkamp’s career exploration class, I helped plan a career 
fair. Responsibilities include: 
● Communicated with middle school principals 
● Secured two career individuals 
● Helped plan schedule 
● Monitored students