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Schedule, Obligations, and Suggestions for Group Meetings

 Does not include assignments, discussions, activities

 All groups must hold AT LEAST 1 group consultation meeting with Lieve

Week 1: Face-to-Face:
Read, read, read the syllabus!
11-15 February
Fill out Personal Option Choice; make certain to provide your reason why
Week 2: 18-22 February
you prefer one option over the other and your possible role/skill set
 Start forming groups for group project/research paper
 Clarify the option
 In the Group space
o Click the three vertical dots to edit home page
Week 3: 25 Feb.-1 March
(Skype for all) o Rename the group
o On Announcements page of the Group, post everyone’s name
and specific roles: manager, etc.
o Add what Option your group will pursue. See Progress Report
1: Group Option Choice and Roles (due 8 March)

 Discuss the reading!

 Discuss how you will communicate (Slack? WhatsApp? Google
Week 4: 4-8 March Docs/Sheets with comments?
 Finalize Progress Report
 Manager posts Progress Report on behalf of the group to the Gradebook

 Read the template for the paper carefully, discuss its sections.
Week 5: 11-15 March  Read Group Research Responsibilities in order to build a plan of
Suggest scheduling a research and writing, as well as a calendar for deadlines, by looking at
group meeting with Lieve the template for the paper.
 Start work on Progress Report #2, due 1 April

 Continue the work on the Progress Report

Week 6: 18-22 March
Schedule a group meeting  Discuss the Research Review portion of the template, finalize the group
with Lieve (if not research responsibilities; prepare to discuss your research plan at the
already) face-to-face session 1 April in your group with Lieve and Fred

Week 7: 25-29 March

Schedule a group meeting Finalize your outline and focus for presentation (groups with Lieve and
with Lieve (if not Fred) for feedback at face-to-face session: 1 April
Week 8: Face-to-Face:
1-5 April Consultations in class with Lieve and Fred (by group)

Weeks 9 & 10: Spring Break!

 Writing sessions for the paper
Week 11: 22-26 April  Start preparing your PowerPoint and strategy/practice for all-class
(Skype for all)
presentation: 6 May.
Schedule a group meeting
with Lieve (if not  Hold an honest conversation about group dynamics and practice,
already) keeping in mind two assignments: (1) Your Contribution, Research
Role, and Responsibility, and the Peer Review Survey
Week 12: 29 April –3  Writing sessions for the paper!
May  Peer Review Survey
Schedule a group meeting
 Edit, polish, plagiarize-check your paper
with Lieve (if not
already)  Finalize your PowerPoint Presentation
Week 13: Face-to-Face:
Final Group Presentations (with PowerPoint)
6-10 May

Weeks 14-16: 13-31 May Finalize paper

Paper is due 3 June!

Paper and Exam
Exam will be oral or written (to be determined)