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To Maurice Deluge THREE JAPANESE LYRICS IGOR STRAVINSKY Akahito Moderato, M.. dess SOPRANO SOLO I have flow - ers of white, Moderato, v.. Jess ees oe ae 7 * — — PIANO una corda e p da capo al fine See rr a re er ar ee je vow fais fe —mon-trer tes flewrs blan- ches. come and see where they grow in my gar- den. wollt” ich dir im Gar- ten drun-ten Zeit - gem. ee lls feipp ete 25 age Copyright by Edition Russe de Musique (Russischer Musikveriag) Copyright assigned 1947 to Boosey & Hawkes, Ine., New York, U.S.A. > Copyright arrangement 1966 by Boosey & Hawkes, Ino., New York, U.S.A. b bb fom - Bes. by But falls the snow, Doch der Schnee am. me, * He pa = a pars, ome ctre + ok ust rw Tout est - i fleurs i of, ou neige. blanche? I know not my flow-ers from flakes of snow. Weiss sind sie mun at - fe, Blu ~ men, Flok= hen! + ustitoug 1012 Fa * B&B, 18108 To Florent Schmitt n Il Mazatsumi Vivo, mn. vil PIANO Ff (non arpeg) wha corda So All rights reserved \Copyright arrangement 1958 by Boosey & Hawkes, Iac., New York, U.S.A. B&H, 18108,