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NOVEMBER 18, 2018

PO BOX 1401 FREELAND, WA 98249

See: sunlightshores.weebly.com

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 pm by President, Gary Uhlig. Other Board
Members present were Treasurer, Frank Worster, Vice President, Lance Porter,
Secretary, Martha Fleming, Glen McConnachie, Brad Smith, John Githens, Eric
Rembold, Wil Surface. John held Nancy McCallum’s proxy. Mike Downey arrived at

Present in the gallery was Wayne Morrison. Wayne reported that he had found the front
door to the clubhouse open earlier in the day. He also reported that he had called the
police to let them know that he had found people doing drugs in the SSCC parking lot.
He requested a copy of the Fisheries Hydrologist Report and the DNR Best Practices to
be available on the shoreline project site.

Brad moved and John seconded to approve the October 17, 2018 minutes. The motion

Frank presented the Treasurer’s Report and October Financial Statement. He noted that
one person has paid up past dues owed to SSCC and that there are two people still
delinquent. Water Usage Fees are coming in. Will moved and Martha seconded to accept
the October Financial Statement with the date corrected from November to October.

Frank led a discussion of the 2019 Payment Plan Form. Frank will make the suggested
corrections to the form. If someone requests a payment plan then that is the form that
will be used.

Lance presented the CPG (Clubhouse, Pool, Grounds) Report. Lance will call regarding
a bid for an exhaust vent for the pool heating system. Regarding the Shoreline Project,
everything is going according to plan per Lisa Kaufmann of Northwest Straits. There will
be two pathways to access the beach. Liz Post has been working on plantings around the
barbeque area. Liz and John Post painted the hallway and floor in the pool area.

Under New Business Wayne brought up that he wants a list of community members
mailing addresses. The meeting was adjourned at 3:05pm. The next Board Meeting will
be Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Fleming