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5th Grade Vocabulary List

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1. abolish cancel; put an end to 37. convert to change from one form to another
2. absurd ridiculous 38. course a line or route along which something travels
or moves
3. abuse cruel or inhumane treatment
39. courteous polite and gracious; considerate toward
4. access a way of entering or leaving
others; well-mannered
5. accomplish to do something by making an effort; to
40. crave to have an extremely strong desire for
complete successfully
6. achievement something done that takes skill or effort
41. debate discuss the pros and cons of an issue
7. aggressive ready to attack or start fights; acting in a
42. decline a gradual decrease
hostile way
43. dedicate To set aside for a certain purpose.
8. alternate go back and forth
44. deprive to take or keep something away from
9. altitude height above sea level
10. antagonist An opponent; one who opposes or competes
45. detect to discover something not easily noticed
11. antonym a word that means the opposite of another
46. dictate to give orders
47. document a written or printed record that gives
12. anxious worried; concerned
information or proof
13. apparent obvious
48. duplicate identically copied from an original
14. approximate be close or similar
49. edible any substance that can be used as food
15. aroma a pleasant smell
50. endanger to expose to danger
16. assume to take for granted; to suppose
51. escalate to elevate, to increase in intensity
17. astound to surprise; to amaze
52. evade To avoid, dodge
18. available ready for use, at hand
53. exasperate to irritate, annoy, or anger
19. avalanche a slide of large masses of snow and ice and
54. excavate find by digging in the ground
mud down a mountain
55. exert make a great effort at a mental or physical
20. banquet a ceremonial dinner party for many people
21. beverage A liquid used as a drink
56. exhibit something shown to the public
22. bland mild; tasteless; dull
57. exult feel extreme happiness or elation
23. blizzard a storm with widespread snowfall
58. frigid extremely cold
accompanied by strong winds
59. gigantic huge, giant, immense
24. budge to move or shift.
60. gorge a deep ravine (usually with a river running
25. bungle make a mess of, destroy or ruin
through it)
26. cautiously carefully
61. guardian one who protects
27. challenge Something difficult to accomplish
62. hazy unclear, misty; not readily seen or
28. character a person or animal in a story understandable
29. combine add together from different sources 63. hearty healthy; strong
30. companion person who goes along with another 64. homonym a word spelled exactly like another word, but
31. compassion Sympathy for another's suffering; pity having a different meaning

32. compensate do or give something to somebody in return 65. identical exactly alike

33. comply to do as one is asked or ordered 66. illuminate to light up; make clear

34. compose to make up 67. immense very large or great

35. concept an idea or principle 68. impressive exceptionally good

36. confident sure of yourself 69. independent someone who does things on his or her own
70. industrious hardworking; not lazy 106. require make someone do something
71. intense showing great concentration or determination 107. resemble To be like or similar to.
72. intercept to stop something from reaching its intended 108. retain keep in one's mind
109. retire To stop working because one has reached a
73. jubilation a feeling or expression of great joy certain age
74. kin one's relatives 110. revert go back to a previous state
75. luxurious providing ease and comfort far beyond what is 111. route The path that must be followed to get to a
ordinary or necessary place
76. major more important, bigger or more serious than 112. saunter to stroll; walk in an easy, leisurely way
others of the same type
113. seldom not often
77. miniature small; tiny
114. senseless foolish; pointless; ridiculous
78. minor of lesser importance or stature or rank
115. sever to separate, divide into parts
79. mischief behavior that causes problems for others
116. slither to move with a sliding, side-to-side motion of
80. monarch a person who rules over a kingdom or empire the body
81. moral relating to principles of right and wrong 117. sluggish slow and lazy
82. myth a traditional story accepted as history 118. soar the act of rising upward into the air
83. narrator someone who tells a story 119. solitary being alone; lacking the company of others
84. navigate direct carefully and safely 120. solo any activity that is performed alone without
85. negative bad or harmful
121. sparse thinly scattered
86. nonchalant calm, casual, unconcerned
122. spurt to shoot out quickly in a stream
87. numerous A large number; very many
123. strategy an overall plan of action
88. oasis an area in the desert with a water source
124. suffix a letter or syllable added to the end of a word
89. obsolete out-of-date, no longer in use
125. suffocate deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing
90. occasion a special event
126. summit the top point of a mountain or hill
91. overthrow to end the rule of; to defeat, often by using
force 127. suspend to stop; to put on hold
92. pardon legal forgiveness of a crime 128. synonym A word that means the same as another word
93. pasture a field of growing grass where animals can eat; 129. talon a sharp hooked claw especially on a bird of
a meadow prey
94. pedestrian a person who travels by foot 130. taunt to make fun of in an insulting way
95. perish to die 131. thrifty careful about money; economical
96. petrify turn to stone; cause to become stonelike; stun 132. translate restate (words) from one language into another
or paralyze language
97. portable capable of being easily carried 133. tropical very hot and humid climate
98. prefix a syllable added to the beginning of a word 134. visible able to be seen
99. preserve keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, 135. visual having to do with sight or seeing
loss, or destruction
136. vivid bright, distinct, and clear
100. protagonist main character
137. wilderness An area where there are few people living; an
101. provide To give what is needed; to supply area still in its natural state
102. purchase to buy 138. withdraw take back; remove
103. reassure to make less worried or fearful; to comfort
104. reign to rule as a queen or king
105. reliable Able to be depended on; trustworthy

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