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1)describe 3 decisional situation in w/c a census might be preferable to a sample.

explain why this would

be the case in each instance?

Q2)suppose u were asked to design a probability sample to obtain the names & addresses of 500
individuals in ur state for a taste test of a new softdrink.describe how you would proceed through the
first six steps in the sampling process?

Q3)a local sporting goods retailer has asked you to select a sample of 50 opinion leaders.these leaders
will be paid 20$each to evaluate the store's layout & merchandise selection.the store carries equipment
for a wide range of sports activities .how would you proceed?

Q4)would you expect tat a carefully designed & wellexecuted plan for asample of household would yied
a better ,or worse,sample of adults of the general population than on an equally well-designed &
executed mall- intercept sampling plan?why?