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This report is submitted as part of our degree Bachelor s of Telecommunication Engineering,

University of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology. The work initiated in March
2014 and concluded in December 2014.

Today is the time of technology and advancement. The telecommunications sector is expanding
rapidly with the introduction of the latest services and equipment. . In addition, the telecommunications
sector as an industry in its own right has gone through rapid growth too, and contributed much to the
nation's economic development.

Distributed Antenna system usually refers to multiple antennas attached to a single tower.
A distributed antenna system, or DAS, can be said as a network of separated antennas (spatially
separated). The antennas are connected to a common source. The medium of transport is
wireless. DAS normally acts over an assigned geographic area. The antenna node installations
are compact while antenna elevations are below clutter level (protecting them from unwanted
echoes). The system can be either indoors (referred as iDAS) or outdoors (referred as oDAS).

Here we intend to create a mechanism which will enable the telecommunication industry to
quickly and swiftly identify the problem occurring on the antenna level and then rapidly solve it.
The normal process conjures up hours added with physical labor to do it. What the project
intends to do is fully automize the system by Automatic Detection of the problem followed by
Automatic Correction.