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Sunday Nights
NO service tonight.
Enjoy the game with family and friends!

Wednesday Evening
Join us for Family Dinner at 5:30P.M. in the gym!
At 6:30 learn how to Master Your Bible!
OR attend the first Financial Peace University session!

Sermons Pastor Alan Shelby 03 February 2019


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Four Things ___ ___
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Thesis Point Two
Outline Acts 1:4-8 There will be no evangelism in hell,
and no outreach in heaven, so if you
All Christians have the Holy Spirit,
I. PROMISE, 4-5 but until they have ______________
are going to rescue the lost, it has to
Enlightenment Energy Encouragement the Holy Spirit they do not have his
A. Command, 4 be done ____ ________ ________.
B. Commitment, 5
A. Question of Timing, 6 An Experiential Exegesis of Point Three
B. Confusion on Truth, 7
Community Country Continent
LOSING the LOST The main thing Jesus is doing is
making the ______________ ____
1. The lost will stay lost if we tell them
______ _____________ known to
there is no ______

The Jesus-Plan 2. The lost will stay lost if we tell them

there is no ________

• The Old Testament was the

dispensation of God the Father
3. The lost will stay lost if we tell them
there is no __________
Point Four
• The Gospels were the dispensation of If we see Jesus in his
4. The lost will stay lost if we tell them
God the Son ________________, he will give us
• The New Testament dispensation is the there is no __________
confidence in our weakness.
dispensation of the Spirit of God

Point One
Ephesians 3:10-11,21 Prayer is so important, because it is
To the intent that now unto the an internal exercise of our soul that
principalities and powers in heavenly brings us into ______________ with
places might be known by the church the God to get his Spirit’s power for our
manifold wisdom of God, according to the daily needs.
eternal purpose which he purposed in
Christ Jesus our Lord: unto him be glory in 2019: BUILDING FOR ETERNITY
the church by Christ Jesus throughout all Feb 10 Rescuing the Church, Acts 5:1-6
ages, world without end. Amen. Feb 17 Rescuing Your Workplace, 2 Kings 5:1-4
Feb 24 The Hidden Joy of a Hard Opportunity, Neh 1:1-11
Mar 3 The Flavor of Favor, Neh 2:1-10