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roe 2017-2018 Scope and Sequence

English as a Foreign Language – Grade 1

Backpack 1 Scope and sequence

Unit Them Communicat Language Learning Learni

e on Objectves Objectves strategie ng pace
1. Ready Classroo  greetngs  numbers to use prior 3weeks
for m  colours one to ten knowledge to
schoo objects  to count how  simple associate, to
l many present clarify, to
 to identfy tense compare and
classroom  queston contrast, to
objects with what sequence, to
 pronoun: it use charts, to
use music
and rhymes,
to listen for
gist and
2. People family  to identfy and  questons to use prior 3 weeks
we members talk about with who, knowledge, to
love family how many use context
members  pronouns he, clues, to rank,
 to count how she, I , you to sequence,
many  this is/ that is to compare
 simple and contrast,
present tense to use charts,
to use rhyme
and music, to
listen for gist
and details.
3.Head to parts of  to identfy and  adjectves : to use prior 3 weeks
Toes the body talk about small, big, knowledge, to
parts of the short, long make
body  yes/no connecton to
 to use questons the real life, to
descriptve with does make
adjectves  have/has associatons,
 to count how  pronouns : to clarify, to
many he/she / it identfy
 simple details, to us
present tense charts, to use
rhyme and
music, to listen
for gist and
4. Things I clothes  t identfy and  questons to use prior 3 weeks
Wear talk about with what knowledge, to
clothes  present use visual
 to talk about continuous clues, to follow
likes and tense directons, , to
dislikes  simple use music and
 to use present tense rhyme , to
adjectves listen for gist
and details.
5. At rooms  to identfy  questons to use prior 3 weeks
Home and and talk about with where, knowledge, to
actons in rooms in a what, how classify,
the house many to compare
house  talk about  shapes : and contrast,
actons that circle, to make
take place in a rectangle, connectons to
house square, real life, to use
 to identfy triangle charts, to use
shapes  rooms in a music and
house rhyme, to
 household listen for gist
actons and details.

6.On the farm  to identfy  present to use prior 3 weeks

Farm animals farm animals contnuous knowledge, to
and what they tense classify,
do  acton words to compare
 to describe  queston with and contrast,
animals what to sequence,
to infer, to use
charts, to use
music and
rhyme, to
listen for the
gist and
7. birthdays  to talk about  questons to use prior 3 weeks
Celebrato birthdays and with when knowledge, to
ns when they  How old are associate, to
take place you? compare and
 to talk about  days of the contrast, to
celebratons week classify, to
and food  foods reason
 to talk about  does/do deductvely, to
likes and  have got/ has use a Venn
dislikes got diagram, to
music and
rhyme, to
listen for gist
and details

8.Play toys  to identfy and  number zero to use prior 3 weeks

tme talk about to ten knowledge, to
toys  questons classify, to
 to talk about with where compare and
what people  want contrast, to
want  prepositons use visual
 to describe of place: in, clues, to use
locaton on, under charts, to use
 yes/no music and
questons rhyme, to
listen to gist
and details.
9. In the leisure  to talk about  present to use prior 3 weeks
park actvites fun actvites contnuous knowledge,
 to describe tense to compare
locaton  acton words and contrast,
 these/those, to use music
this/that and rhyme, to
 yes/no listen for gist
questons and details

Reading Work Sente Gram Listen Phon Class Learn

and ing nce mar ing ics writi ing
Understa with buildi ng pace
nding words ng
reading text: family sentence Hi/Hello. Who is CVC My
Un 3
My family and members s– What is speaking words friends
it me text type: capital your ? with a and I weeks
letters name? I (identfyi short a (simple
1 autobiograph
and full am Tilly. ng family sentenc
y vocabulary:
stops How old members es)
are you? I )
am six.
reading text: A furniture common This is my Draw the CVC My
Un new room for toys nouns bed. toys words room
it Amy text type: These are (listening with a (simple weeks
descriptve text my for short e descrip
2 and poem books. Is detail) ton)
vocabulary: this your
toys and radio?
furniture Yes, it is. /
No, it

reading text: the night a and an I can see What can CVC What
Un Can the moon sky and a plane. I you words can we
it see me? text creatures can’t hear? with a see? weeks
type: poem hear an (identfyi short i (simple
3 (x2) owl. Can ng sentenc
vocabulary: you see sounds) es)
night sky the
Yes, I can.
/ No, I
reading text: animals sentence What is What are CVC Animals
Un My secret and s– this? It is the words (questo
it garden text colours queston a nest. animals? with a ns and weeks
type: s What are (identfyi short u answers
4 informaton these? ng )
text They are sounds)
vocabulary: small
animals and blue
colours eggs.