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Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade 8 – Afro-Asian Literature


I. Objective: At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. share thoughts and insights about Korea; (Knowledge)
2. identify the meaning of the difficult words; (Process)
3. read and analyze the story Tale of Ch’unhyang and answer the process questions;
3. fill the actitude analysis based on the story; (Understanding)
4. Compose a song, create a poem, present a role play, and make a poster about the theme
of the story “Love conquers everything.” (Product)

II. Subject Matter: Tale of Ch’unhyang

References: Retrieved from: http://instrok.org/instrok/home.html
Learners: Grade 8
Time: 1 hour
Materials: chalk, charts, strips/cut-outs

 Checking of attendance
 Short review

III. Procedure
A. Knowledge

Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

Good morning, class!

I am Ma’am Aivy and I will be your Good morning/Good afternoon, ma’am!

This morning, we will have another lesson.

This lesson will answer to our questions of
what does literature reveal about Korean
character and how do Koreans cope with
the challenges of modernity?

Activity #1: Beliefs Inventory

But before digging to our discussion, We

will have an activity first.
This activity is called “Beliefs Inventory”.
You will be divided into four groups. I
have here statements which you are going
to answer. If you agree in the statement,
you will do thumbs up sign. If you do not
agree, you will do thumbs down sign.
Am I clear, class?

Yes, ma’am.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Statement
1. It is important for me to think that Koreans are
also Asians.
2. I hate to think that Koreans are superior to
3. Koreans who have learned to overcome
challenges of modernity are admirable.
4. I usually consider Koreans as our brothers and
5. If Koreans can overcome the challenges of
modernity, so can the Filipinos.
6. I have biases against Koreans.

7. I usually admire modern Koreans more than the

traditional Koreans.
8. Every Korean has the capacity to embrace
9. A Korean is deeply rooted to her/his own past.

10. I prefer Koreans as Friends to other Asians.

11. I like the respect that we Filipinos have for the

12. I avoid things that Koreans do.
Yes, you are right. The statement that you
have read earlier in our activity are somehow
about Korea.

So class, do you have knowledge about Yes ma’am because we love Koreans and
Koreans that made you to believe this way? their fashion and style.

What personal traits or characteristics do

Koreans have that we Filipinos also have or
may not have? Koreans were good in dancing and
singing like Filipinos. Koreans love spicy
It seems like you have a wide knowledge foods not like the Filipinos.
about Korea and the Koreans. But what about
their literature, do you know one story from
Korean literature?

B. Process Yes/No, ma’am.

In this lesson, Korean Literature – Resilience
in Embracing Challenges, you will find out
how appreciation and understanding of
Korean literary pieces that can help you
recognize and reveal their temperament and
psyche in their response to the challenges of
When we say Temperament, it is the
prevailing or dominant quality of mind that
characterizes someone, while Psyche refers to
the human spirit, the immaterial part of a
person; the actuating cause of an individual

This morning you are going to read a story. As

you read the story, you are going to encounter
words that seems difficult for you. So, what
you are going to do now is to unlock these
difficult words in a form of activity.
I have here pictures with corresponding
words. I have also here sentences that
correspond to the meaning of the words. You
can use the pictures as your context clues.
Match the word to its correct meaning.

magistrate hasten
defiance kisaeng

cangue Yangban

Since we have unlocked some of the difficult

words. Now, you are going to read the story Yes/No, ma’am.
entitled “Tale of Ch’unhyang.”
But I have a question first. Have you ever fall
in love? Yes/No, ma’am.

Have you experienced to be left by someone

you love?

This story will tell you how a couple faced

their challenges in life and measure their love
for each other.

Since the story is too long so you will read the

story aloud by group, the group that you have
earlier. Group 1 will read paragraph 1 and 2.
Group 2 will read the next 2 paragraph and so
on with the other group until we finish the
Am I clear, class?

(Reading of the text…) It is about the faithful love of wife to her

husband. That no matter what happened,
her love for him will always be true.
Class, what was the story all about? Yi Mong-Yong and Ch’unhyang, ma’am.
Who are the main characters presented in the
story? The theme of the story is that love
conquers everything.
What do you think is the theme of the story?
True love waits, ma’am.
Yes, you are right. Who has another idea?
What attitudes of Yi Mong-Yong and I like that Ch’unhyang and Yi Mong-
Ch’unhyang do you really like? Are these Yong fulfilled their promise to each other.
reflective of the psyche and temperament of Ch’unhyang remain faithful and Yi
the Koreans? Mong-Yong came back for her.

Yes, you are right. Koreans are very

sentimental and keep their promises.

C. Understanding

To fully appreciate and understand the story,

try doing this Actitude Analysis.



D. Product
For your last activity, I will divide the class
into two groups. I will give you cards that
contains your task. Be guided to the
instructions given.

T HE s i n ger s ’ GROUP
Compose a song about the theme of the story “Love
conquers everything”. You may perform either through a
capella (voices only) or with the use of musical instruments
such as guitar. Make sure the words to be used is in English.
Also, provide a copy of your song to the teacher.


Write a two stanza poem about the theme of the story “Love
conquers everything”. Make sure the words used is in
English. Also, you may use either a measured or a free
verse style of poetic expression. Afterwards, present this
class orally and in chorus. Provide a copy of your poem to
the teacher. Observe appropriate use of hand gestures and
voice projection in your oral presentation.

T h e a c t or s ’ gr ou p
Perform a play based on the theme of the story “Love
conquers everything”. Make sure the words used is in
English. Using costumes, background music, and sound
effects is highly encouraged. Provide a copy of your script
to the teacher. Observe correct use of hand gestures and
voice projection in your presentation.
T h e a r t i s t s ’ gr ou p
Create a ¼ cardboard poster that illustrates the theme
“Love conquers everything”. Afterwards, present this in
class through an oral interpretation of your work.
Remember to emphasize the theme in your work.
Observe proper use of hand gestures and voice
projection as you present.

You will be graded according to

this criteria:
Content (30%)
Presentation (30%)
Creativity (20%)
Teamwork (20%)

I will give you 10 minutes to prepare.

Time starts now.

Okay. Time’s Up! We will start the


IV. Evaluation
List 5 to 7 words or phrases that describe or
explain the major concepts of the psyche and
temperaments of the Koreans as reflected in
the Korean literary pieces you have just read.


V. Assignment
Research about the traditional costume of
Koreans. You can draw or print it in a short
bond paper.
Based on our activity. What have you The statements are related to Korea, ma’am.
observed from the statement?