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b : to fry or toast (something,

such as a sandwich) on a hot surface Ë a
grilled cheese sandwich
2 Brit : to cook (food) directly over or
under high heat : BROIL
3 informal : to ask (someone) a series of
difficult and unpleasant questions : to
question (someone) intensely Ë The police
grilled [=interrogated] the suspect for
hours. Ë Her parents grilled her when she
came home late.
– grilling /1gr1l1ŋ/ noun, pl -ings [non-
count] These steaks are perfect for grill-
ing. [count] The police gave him a grill- grill
ing about his possible involvement in
the robbery.
grille also grill /1gr1l/ noun, pl grilles also grills [count] : a
metal frame with bars running across it that is used to cover
or protect something Ë The vent was covered with a grille. Ë
one's death Ë He has been unable to recover from his grief at/ The truck has a large metal grille at the front. - see picture
over his son's death. Ë She was overcome with/by grief. b at CAR
[count] : a cause of deep sadness Ë the joys and griefs of our grim /1gr1m/ adj grimemer; -mest
lives 1 : unpleasant or shocking to see or think about Ë Hikers
2 [noncount] informal a : trouble or annoyance Ë I've had made a grim discovery when they came across a dead body
enough grief for one day. Ë Trying to fix the computer isn't in the woods. Ë The accident serves as a grim reminder of the
worth the grief. b : annoying or playful criticism Ë He's tak- dangers of drinking and driving.
2 : causing feelings of sadness or worry : gloomy or depress-
en/gotten/had a lot of grief from his friends. Ë His friends ing Ë a grim winter Ë The prognosis is grim-doctors do not
have been giving him a lot of grief.
come to grief : to experience failure, disaster, etc. Ë The expect her to live longer than six months. Ë He paints a grim
picture of the prospects for peace.
boat came to grief on the rocks. Ë Their plans for opening a
restaurant came to grief when they failed to get a loan. 3 : having a very serious appearance or manner Ë His face
good grief informal - used to express surprise or annoy- looked grim, and we knew his news wouldn't be good. Ë a
ance Ë "He's burned the toast." "Good grief! Can't he do grim smile Ë a grim taskmaster
anything right?" 4 : strongly felt and serious Ë grim determination
grief–strickeen /1griIf1str1kən/ adj [more �; most �] : very – grimely adv Ë She spoke grimly of the scarcity of jobs.
– grimeness noun [noncount]
sad : deeply affected by grief Ë The death of his son has left
him grief-stricken. grimeace /1gr1məs/ noun, pl -acees [count] : a facial expres-
grieveance /1griIvəns/ noun, pl -ancees sion in which your mouth and face are twisted in a way that
shows disgust, disapproval, or pain Ë The patient made/gave
1 : a feeling of having been treated unfairly [noncount] He
has a deep sense of grievance against his former employer. a painful grimace as the doctor examined his wound.
[count] She has been nursing a grievance all week. – grimace verb -aces; -aced; -aceing [no obj] Ë The pa-
2 [count] : a reason for complaining or being unhappy with a tient grimaced in pain when his wound was touched.
situation Ë In the petition, the students listed their many grime /1gra1m/ noun [noncount] : dirt that covers a surface Ë
grievances against the university administration. The windows were coated with grime.
3 [count] : a statement in which you say you are unhappy or – grimy /1gra1mi/ adj grimeieer; -est Ë grimy [=dirty] win-
not satisfied with something Ë The union has filed a formal dows
grievance [=complaint], accusing the company of unfair la- Grim Reaper noun
bor practices. Ë Several customers came to the front desk to the Grim Reaper : death thought of as a man or skeleton
air their grievances. holding a scythe and wearing a dark cloak with a hood Ë a
grieve /1griIv/ verb grieves; grieved; grieveing visit from the Grim Reaper
1 [+ obj] : to cause (someone) to feel sad or unhappy Ë It grin /1gr1n/ verb grins; grinned; grinening [no obj] : to
grieves me to see my brother struggling like this. Ë Her deci- smile widely Ë She continued to tease her brother, grinning
sion to live overseas grieved her mother. wickedly. Ë He was grinning from ear to ear. [=he was grin-
2 : to feel or show grief or sadness [no obj] People need time ning very broadly]
to grieve after the death of a family member. Ë The children grin and bear it : to accept something that you do not like
are still grieving for their mother. = The children are grieving because you have no choice Ë I don't agree with their deci-
over their mother's death. Ë a grieving widow [+ obj] The sion, but all I can do is grin and bear it.
children are still grieving the death of their mother. – grin noun, pl grins [count] Ë He had/wore a foolish/sheep-
grieveous /1griIvəs/ adj [more �; most �] formal : causing ish/big grin on his face.
great sadness, suffering, or pain : very serious or severe Ë the grinch /1gr1nA/ noun, pl grinchees [count] US, informal : an
grievous cost of war Ë He took a foolish financial risk and suf- unpleasant person who spoils other people's fun or enjoy-
fered a grievous loss. Ë grievous bodily harm Ë a grievous error/ ment Ë Only a grinch would complain about the movie's silly
mistake plot.
– grieveousely adv Ë Several passengers were grievously in- 1
grind /1gra1nd/ verb grinds; ground /1graCnd/; grindeing
jured in the bus accident. 1 [+ obj] a : to crush or break (something) into very small
grifen also grifefon or grypheon /1gr1fən/ noun, pl grif- pieces by rubbing it against a rough surface or using a spe-
ns also grifefons or grypheons [count] in stories : an an- cial machine Ë Grind (up) the coffee beans into a fine pow-
imal that is half eagle and half lion der. Ë The corn is ground into meal. b : to cut (meat) into
grill /1gr1l/ noun, pl grills [count] small pieces by putting it through
1 a : a metal frame that is used to cook food over hot coals
or an open fire Ë She put the hamburgers on the grill. b : a
cooking device with a grill Ë a portable gas grill c : an elec-
tric device in which food is cooked between two hot surfaces
2 : a restaurant that serves grilled or broiled foods Ë a Mexi-
can grill - often used in the names of restaurants Ë Jackie's
Bar and Grill
3 : a dish of grilled or broiled food Ë a seafood grill Ë a mixed
grill [=a dish of various grilled meats]
4 Brit : BROILER 1
grill verb grills; grilled; grilleing [+ obj]
1 chiefly US a : to cook (food) on a metal frame over fire Ë
We're planning to grill some chicken and burgers at the