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1.Big Walter Horton (E) ou Easy (E) 25.

Negro Gato (Dm)

2. Key to the Highway (A) 26.Time (Em)
3. Don't start me to talking (G) 27. My baby (F Capo1)
4. Hoochie Coochie Man (A) 28. Hey Bartender (A) (Intervalo)
(Apresentação) 29. St. James infirmary (Em)
5. Juke (E) 30. House of the rising sun (Bm)
6. Baby Please Don’t Go (G) 31. Stand by Me (F)
7. It's too late brother (F Capo1) 32. Hit road the jack (Am)
8. The Thrill is Gone (Bm) 33. Shake Your Moneymaker (C)
9. I Got my mojo working (E)
34. Watermelon Man (F)
10. She's making whoopee in hell 35. Just your Fool Versão 2 (G)
tonight (E)
36. A Little Less Conversation (A)
11. Good Morning Little School (C)
37. Mambo Blues (G)
12. The Hooker (G)
38. Blue Moon of Kentucky (A)
13. Just your fool (A)
39. Suspicious Minds (G)
14. St. louis Blues (G)
40. Stuck on you (G)
15. Love in Vain (Ab Capo4)
41. Blueberry Hill (D)
16. Bad Boy (A)
42. Don’t be cruel (D)
17. Pride and Joy (E)
43. That's all right (A)
18. Texas Flood (E)
44. Blue Suede Shoes (A)
19. Worried Life Blues (C)
45. Hound Dog (C)
20. Help me (Fm Capo1)
46. Santa Claus is back in town (A)
21. Cool Time (A)
22. Shake that boogie (G) 47. Heartbreak Hotel (D)
23. Crazy and Mixed up World (D) 48. Mystery Train (D)
24. Chitlins con Carne (Dm) 49. Funky Blues (B)