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QUOTE ID: OF-PE14304-2018


TRAVELEX Banknotes Limited

Frimley, UK
Peterborough, England
York Way, London
Compañía de Seguridad Prosegur, S.A.
Calle La Chira 103, Urbanización Santa Teresa de las Gardenias
Santiago de Surco, Lima, Peru
Lima, January 22th 2019

Customer Name: TRAVELEX Date of Quotation: 22/01/2019

Prepared For: Julian Batson Quotation Valid: 30 days

Dear Julian,

Thank you for this opportunity and your trust in Prosegur.

Please, review the following proposal and I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns
you may have

 Door to Airport Service:

Shipment Origin: Prosegur Lima, Perú

Shipment Destination: Airport Heathrow - London ( LHR)
Commodity: Bank notes
Door: Prosegur Lima to Airport: Heathrow
- London (LHR)
Frequency 2 shipments per Month
Average value / shipment 5 - 15 MUSD

Average weight / shipment 90 - 200 kg

CIT Rate: USD per Value rank (See table below)
Liability: 0.0055% of value transported
Export Bag: Price per unit 7.50 USD
Export Customs Clearance
Import Customs Clearance
0,010% of value per night (After the first
Overnight Custody
 CIT rates:

Prosegur Lima => LIM Airport

CIT Rates per Value Rank Transported

=> 0 to 3 MUSD USD 2.026.88

=> 3 to 30 MUSD USD 2,471.27
=> 30 to 45 MUSD USD 3,242.04

2 2

 Freight rates

Rates per Kilo Rank Transported

> 45 to 100 kg 20.26
> 100 to 500 kg 8.71
> 500 to 1,000 kg 6.85

Operational Remarks:
 Before confirming the starting of the operation, we need:
o Approval from our compliance department (information regarding origin and destination
of the valuables), according to local regulation and internal requirements.
o Approval from operations and security department to proceed
o Service order as agreed per Corporate Contract to execute the service
 Note for all collections we are required to make booking at least 3 working days prior to
collection date and it is subject to airline weight availability
 Customs documents have to be provided by the client.
 Each shipment has to be sealed (with a seal number) and well packed for airfreight.

Quotation Remarks:
 Insurance in case of loss or damage to the values is included. Liability starts when the valuables leave
the bank vault within Prosegur Lima and ends when the airplane lands at Airport- LHR.
 Minimum weight for the airfreight is 45kg.
 Maximum weight per piece is 25kg.
 Unless otherwise stated, CIT services will be done during working days and hours (Monday – Friday
excluding bank holidays). Services required out of these days or hours will have an extra cost of 50%
 Prices are in USD. In case there are relevant fluctuation between USD and local currencies, prices are
subject to change
 This quote does not include VAT or any taxes in the destiny.
 Any costs after landing in LHR are excluded (airport vault, customs clearance fee, taxes, …)
 Overnight custody in Prosegur Vault or in Airport vault are excluded
 Some freight costs (fuel, war, CAF, BAF surcharges) are subject to change at any time.
 Any cash processing and packing are excluded.
 If the Customer needs, they can send us their export bags and our security area can evaluate the
packing and if it approve the material and security that the bag offers, this area can homologate it to
transport the bank notes in their bags.
 This offer is valid for 30 days
 Payment: 07 natural days after issuing the invoice. Delays in payment are subject to penalties
 IGV does not apply to the service: DOOR TO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (when it is activated from the



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