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Day/Time Spent Activities Reflection

Directions: ​In this column, Directions: ​In this column, Directions: ​In this column,
write the date and the you must describe what report your successes,
amount of hours/minutes you do in specific detail. surprises,
you spent working on your You should include disappointments,
project. contacts made with difficulties, and changes.
mentors and other people Include details about new
who assist you along the information you have
way, and the location of learned. Provide a
activities. narrative of your personal
growth throughout the
project process. Answer
the following questions in
your reflection in this
column. It should reflect
how many hours you put
in. You ​MUST​ have ​two
sentences minimum per
each hour of your
fieldwork ​while making
sure to still address all
1. What went well
today? Explain.
2. What was
challenging? How
3. What was your
main takeaway
from today? What
did you learn?
4. How do you feel
about the whole
experience of this
day? How, if at all,
did you grow
through these

October 1, 2018 for 2 hours I was a panel member on a The thing that went best was
peer panel of 8 that was the questioning process of
hearing a Curfew case. My the respondent. They were
mentor Elise was there as very forthcoming with
well. It was held at the Lone pertinent information to the
Tree Civic Center. case and how their actions
were influenced. The hardest
part was deliberation
because we had a weaker
foreperson that was having
difficulty leading the panel to
a concise decision. My main
takeaway was how laws such
as curfew are easier to break
than others in criminals eyes.
The experience was good for
the most part. This allowed
me to see how the
respondent viewed the crime
they commited and how they
think it affects the community.

October 15, 2018 for 2 hours I was foreperson for a peer The thing that went best
panel of 8 that was hearing a today was the deliberation
Shoplifting case. My mentor section of the case. I was
Elise was there as well. It able to successfully lead the
was held at the Lone Tree panel to a sentence that we
Civic Center. unanimously agree upon. The
most challenging thing about
today was getting information
from the respondent. They
were quiet and gave short,
vague answers. The thing I
learned most from this case
is what motivates someone to
steal. For this case it involved
peer pressure and the
unfinished development of
the brain. I feel good about
this experience it contributed
to adding a variety of different
cases and age ranges. I will
use this information to find a
way to help all age ranges
and find a common theme
among many types of cases.

November 26, 2018 for 2 I was foreperson for a peer The thing that went best
hours panel of 8 that was hearing a today was the questioning
Minor in Possession case. My process of the respondent’s
mentor Elise was there as parents. Our questions were
well. It was held at the Lone thoughtful and got the precise
Tree Civic Center. information we were looking
for about the respondent. The
challenging part was
questioning the respondent.
He was not forthcoming with
information and his
responses to questions did
not paint the whole picture of
what occured. The main
takeaway from today is how
every case is different and it
is important to hear it from all
perspectives to gain a full
understanding of issues in
today's society. This
experience gave me a
glimpse into how substance
abuse plays a role into cases.
It also showed how a person
can have a combination of
charges based on what
occurred during the offense