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Huella Online Travel (HOT) is a Malaysian base targeting Asian countries for online airline and vacation

package. After the launch at Hong Kong, the market share has been hovering about 5%, which lower
than the other markets. Online tickets purchased at Hong Kong was the lowest in the world despite its
highest internet usage. A qualitative market research study revealed that:

 Low brand awareness-bad market entry

 Undesired brand image-risky and unreliable
 Trust in brick-and-mortar agents-better offline alternatives
 Low market share

The objectives of the company are to devise a viable marketing strategy in order to increase market
share, as well as to get depth insight of customer’s perception about Huella’s services and brand. To
achieve the goals, Heulla decides to conduct a quantitative method and would outsource it to
MarketSense. I, MarketSense research manager, and my team have prepared a research proposal to
solve some of the problems Huella faces in gaining the Hong Kong market. I and my team will illustrate
different types of quantitative method that requires for a company to its specific marketing objectives
and examines how those marketing research can help Huella attain the goal.


We’re going to a quantitative descriptive method where we’re going to see why HOT failed to have the
market share and how to come out of it. The instrument we’re going to use in the research through
surveys and questionnaires, which where we are going to integrate numerous questions to respondents
concerning their perceptions, lifestyles, characteristics of Hong Kong consumers. In this research, we
would recommend:

 To restructure a new business model

 Measurable increase Huella brand awareness and credibility
 To identify demographic, lifestyle, and traveling desire,
 To assess the market’s purchase intent and purchase habits
 To determine promotional efforts that appeal to the target market
 To identify ideals channels to market the brand in Hong Kong
 To identify the main attributes of online travel agents that appeal to the target market

We can help Huella obtain the quantitative data research data from

 Structure Interviews-Existing Customers

 Surveys-Existing Customers
 Questionnaire-Potential Customers

We will select a sample size of 6000 people because we want to have good enough amount of data. We

 60% of the survey will be done through online surveys

 20% will be done through mail surveys
 10% personal contact
 10% through telephone contact.
Among these data,

 50% should be from business people who travel on a regular basis

 20% from the travelers
 20% from youth
 10% from others

Structure Interview and Survey for Existing Customer

 Like and Dislike

 Feedback and Scope of Improvement

Questionnaire for Potential Customer

 Travel Preferences
 Advantages Offer by Competitors

Sample Structure Interview and Survey for existing customers

 Do you typically fly for business, personal reasons, or some other reason?
 If you were particularly dissatisfied with any of Huella procedures, please indicate which area(s):
(Fill in all that apply)
 Have you ever faced any technical glitches while using Huella?
 How safe do you feel while making online payment through Huella?
 How likely is it that you would recommend Huella to a friend or colleague? (scale 1-10)
 Rate Huella on the scale of 10 where 0 being the least satisfactory and 10 being the most

Sample Questionnaire for potential customers

 What is your name and occupation?

 Which mode do you prefer to book travel tickets?
 Why do you choose that particular mode?
 Have you heard the name of Huella Online Travel? If yes, by which mean?
 Have you ever booked travel tickets through Huella?
 What do you think are the shortcomings of Huella?
 What factors do you consider while booking tickets?
 If Huella provides all required needs; would you buy travel tickets from Huella?