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Teacher: IVANESCU SIMONA Discipline: English Language

Duration: 45 minutes
Grade: 4th
Number of students: 31
Unit: What is he doing?
Type of lesson: consolidation lesson
Skills: Listening, reading, speaking, writing

 Lesson aims:
1. to raise expectations and create involvement in different tasks;
2. to revise and use description related vocabulary;
3. to use English in a fun and relaxing way –drama
4. to describe using adjectives ;
5. to write short sentences following a given model
6. to match some description with the correct cartoon character
7. to interact using the English language

 Teaching techniques: Conversation, individual work, team work, explanation, pronouncing after a model, exercise
 Aid materials: Textbook, pupils’ notebooks, worksheets, chalk, blackboard, costumes, dolls
 The organization of activity: Frontal and individual activity, pair work, group work and team work.
Warming up • The teacher enters the classroom and then checks the attendance: Who is absent
C1 today? Conversation 1’
• The teacher asks the students about the previous homework which is verified and Teacher - Ss
pupils correct mistakes if necessary. 4’
Lead in Activity 1:
C1 • The teacher explains the Students the aim of the activity Explanation 10’
C2 To act and use the lines in English Exercise
• Ss act in front of the class and the best team is the winner receives diplomas and a Ss - Ss
good grade Teacher – Ss
Activity 2: PW
 The T asks Ss to describe the characters from the play : Rapunzel and the prince
Big / long / short / small
C3 Black / blue / brown / green / grey / orange / pink / purple / red / white / yellow
 Ss work in pairs and fill in the words on the worksheet: The interactive method Exercise 5’
Share –pair circles is used- the class is divided in 2 big groups and then every Ss - Ss
group is divided in pairs. The student work with their pair for 2 minutes and then Teacher – Ss
change the pair until they find out all the missing information. PW
Rapunzel has blonde hair, her dress is pink....
The prince has a yellow robe, a yellow crown...
 The T checks the answers with the class
Comprehension Activity 3: Explanation 5’
C4  T. gives Ss pictures with cartoons characters and short description of each one Teacher – Ss
 Ss have to match the description with the character in a short table

 Ss write the answers on the whiteboard Exercise

Ss – Ss

Practice C5 Activity 4: 5’
• Ss. are divided in teams. They receive a worksheet with some adjectives and their Conversation
opposites ; Ss have to match correctly ; Exercise
The team that finishes first has to read the opposites out loud to the class. Ss – Ss
 T guides the teams and offers to help. Teacher – Ss
Activity 5:
C6  The T divides the class pairs and asks them to answer correctly to the questions 5’
after observing the images
 Ss have tick the correct answer .
 T checks the answers with the class by asking the pairs to read the sentences out

Activity 6: Explanation
Feed-back C7 • The teacher asks the students, also in pairs to arrange the letters in order to find Exercise 5’
some adjectives T – Ss
 Ss receive the jumbled letters, they are explained that the first letter is underlined. Ss – Ss
C1 Activity 7: Explanation
Assign • T assigns Ss as homework to write at home 10 sentences using adjectives Teacher – Ss 5’
homework mentioned .

1. Way Ahead 2 , Macmillan

2. http://www.englishexercises.org/

Activity 3: Annex 1
Activity 4: Annex 2
Activity 5: Annex 3
Activity 6: Annex 4