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Man on the moon

Once upon a time there was a little man who was

very sad because he had spaceship, a small
rocket, but he didn't know what to do with it and
he looked toward the sky every night.

- Can you help him?

- What could he do with his spaceship?

Then, he decided to go to the moon and flew,

and flew until to get there and see the stars
and be near the sun.
- So, where is he now?
As he had never been on the moon neither
other planets, he wasn't sure about what he
cold do there, so he thought and thought
inside his spaceship.
- What do you think he decided to do?

Of course, the little man thought that he had

done such a long trip because he wanted to
visit the moon, so he decided to go outside
for a walk. And he was walking and
walking, and walking until he meet a …
- What do you think he met?
Oh! Yes! He met a dinosaur and as they
made very good friends, the little man
decided to stay in the moon to live with his
new friend in a beautiful tent he had in the
spaceship. And since then this little man is
know as …
"The man on the moon".