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1. A study on motivation factors at work for employees in XXXXX

2. A study on effectiveness of HRD process in XXXXX
3. A study on impact of rewards and recognition of employee in XXXXX
4. Role of HR during recession among employee management in XXXXX
5. Relation between technology and work stress in XXXXX
6. A study on job satisfaction level to the employees in XXXXX
7. A study on the role of leadership in work force in XXXXX
8. A study on factors influencing employee retention in XXXXX
9. A comprehensive study on employee motivation in XXXXX
10. Strategic planning in XXXXX
11. Stress of an employee in XXXXX
12. Impact of rewards and recognition in XXXXX
13. Impact of new technology to an employee in an XXXXX
14. A study on employees attitude towards fringe benefits
15. A study on the employees attitude towards stress management
16. A study on employees attitude towards stress and absenteeism
17. A study on employee’s attitudes towards motivational practices
18. A study on coaching and education
19. A study on total quality management and human resource department
20. A study on evaluation of employee remuneration
21. The safety measures provided to the employees of XXXX
22. A study on employee absenteeism in XXX
23. A study on the perception of employees about corporate social responsibility
24. To study and evaluate the quality of work life at amco batteries limited
25. A study on the effectiveness of human resource retention policy at XXXX
26. A study on effectiveness of group dynamics at XXXX
27. A study on organizational culture and its impact on employees behavior in XXXX
28. A study on employees empowerment and its impact on job performance at wheels india ltd
29. A study on total quality management in unicon investment solutions
30. A study on quality of work life of employees at integral coach factory
31. A study on effectiveness of downward communication at XXXX
32. A study on attrition in XXXX
33. A study on HRM practices in logistics industries
34. A study to measure the effectiveness of time management at XXXX
35. Evaluation of organizational culture at XXXX
36. A study on causes of absenteeism in XXXX
37. A comprehensive study on employee retention” in XXXX
38. A study and analysis of grievance handling system in XXXX
39. A study on workers participation in management at XXXX
40. A study on quality of work life in XXXX
41. Training and development in l& t
42. Quality of work life in maintaining work life balances in XXXX
43. A study on employee’s awareness towards knowledge management in XXXX
44. A study on talent management and measures to implement it with the employees in XXXX
45. A study on talent acquisition in “XXXX
46. A study to know the level of self-learning activities among supervisors in XXXX
47. A study on organizational environment at XXXX
48. A study on organizational culture and it’s impact on employees behavior of XXXX
49. A study on awareness of corporate social responsibilities in XXXX
50. A study on employee empowerment in rane engine valve limited
51. A study on team effectiveness in XXXX human resource services XXXX
52. A study on organizational factors influencing employee retention in XXXX \
53. A study on customer satisfaction towards “castrol crb plus+engine oil” with special reference to XXXX

1. A study on attrition & retention measures for the outsourced sales force in XXXXXX
2. Analysis of the role of outdoor advertising and establishing strategies for managing space media in XXXXXX
3. Consumer perception of m-commerce
4. A study on the effective of advertisement programmes of XXXXXX
5. A study on customer perception of XXXXXX as a brand in india
6. A study on the effectiveness of services provided to private banking customers of XXXXX bank
7. A study on brand recall of XXXXXX general insurance with special reference to home insurance
8. A study on effectiveness of salesmanship in XXXXXX life insurance
9. Analysis of distribution point satisfaction for XXXXXX
10. Customer perception on credit cards: a comparitive study
11. A study on dealers attitude in marketing in XXXXXX
12. A study on dealers satisfaction XXXXXX with reference to A.P or any state
13. A comparative study on marketing attributes of home appliances for XXXXXX
14. A study on market analysis of XXXXXX beverages in XXXXXX region
15. Analysis of distribution point satisfaction for XXXXXX
16. Customer relationship management through after sales services with reference to XXXXXX
17. A study on customer satisfaction towards piaggio three –wheeler at XXXXXX
18. A study on customer service quality in XXXXXX
19. Brand awareness & customer satisfaction from XXXXXX
20. Marketing strategies of XXXXXX
21. Distribution network XXXXXX
22. An analysis to create brand awareness of XXXXXX towards college students
23. Product strategies of private life insurance companies
24. Effectiveness of advertising on XXXXX
25. Study on consumer expectations and perceptions towards consumer loans
26. Strategies used to build successful Internet based customer services
27. Changing trends in FMCG industry in India
28. Promotion strategies followed in Insurance sector
29. Study on changing consumer preference towards organized retailing from un-organized retailing
30. study on "impact of advertising in B2B marketing"
31. Distribution network & general insurance industry of XXXXX
32. A study on distribution channels in XXXXX industry
33. Study on strategies for promoting retailers' brands
34. Merchandising key account management in apparel exports
35. Effect of marketing in mobilization in BPO segment
36. Marketing in FMCG sector
37. E-marketing of financial services: Relationship approach
38. The study of operations & marketing of Indian Pharmaceutical industry
39. Impact of promotional activities at mall on consumers behaviour at shopping malls
40. Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World – LG Electronics
41. A study on factors influencing the disconnection of land lines of BSNL
42. A study on customer’s expectations and satisfaction level towards after sales service provided at XXXX Motors
43. Effectiveness of Online Classifieds Website
44. Global Marketing
45. E-Marketing strategies of XXXXX
46. Customer Relationship Management strategies of XXXXX
47. A detailed study on Impact of public relations in corporate organisations
48. A Detailed Study of Challenges from Upcoming Malls in XXXXX
49. Brand Ambassador - Act as Brand Affiliate Marketer for a Company
50. Brand and Product Awareness : Engagement with International Clients
51. Brand Awareness & Marketing Campaign for a Company
52. Customer delight in banking
53. To identify service quality gaps in banking sector: A comparative study of local and foreign banks
54. Effects of occupational status on women food buying and cooking behavior
55. Effects of gender on family buying decision
56. Factors effecting positive and negative word of mouth in restaurant industry
57. Effects of consumer response to in store promotion on brand image and purchase intention
58. Attitude of people in different roles towards direct marketing
59. Factors behind brand switching in the telecom industry
60. Factor influencing customer retention in hotels
61. Impact of advertising and price sensitivity and consumer buying behavior