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RIPv2 – Summary CheatSheet (ATech) – Part1

Key Attributes
Protocol Type/Class: Distance Vector/Classless
Standard: RFC2453 (1998)
Algorithm: Bellman-Ford
Type: IGP(Interior Gateway Protocol)
No. of message types: 2
Metric: Hop count
Max Hops: 15 RIPv2 Multicast Address
Admin Distance: 120 (both RIPv1 & RIPv2)
Load Balancing: YES IP Multicast
Advert. Address (IPv4): (Broadcast for RIPv1)
Multicast Address (IPv6): FF02::9
Protocols: IPv4, IPv6 RIPv2 Multicasts the entire routing table to all adjacent routers at the address
Transport: UDP(Port 520 for both RIPv1 & RIPv2)
Authentication: MD5, Plain text (None in RIPv1)
Support: CIDR, VLSM

RIPv2 Message Types

RIPv2 Packet Format
0 8 16 24 32
Command Version Unused (set to all zeros)
Address Family Identifier Route tag 1. Request 2. Response
IP Address A message sent by a router to A message sent by a router
another asking to send back whole containing all or part of its Routing
Subnet Mask or some parts of its Routing Table Table

Next Hop
Up to 24 more routes each 20 byte
RIPv2 Timers/Intervals
Update Invalid Flush Hold Down
Interval Interval Interval Interval

Loop Avoidance Techniques in RIPv2 30s 180s 240s 180s

Split Horizon
“A rule that states a Router may not advertise a route back to the neighbor
from which it was learned”

Split Horizon and Poison Reverse RIPv2 Metric Calculations

“A Router advertises a network as unreachable through the interface on which Hop Count is used as Metric in RIPv2. Before advertising to neighbor, one hop is
it was learned”
incremented by each router & routes with least hop count are installed in routing
table. Max Hop Count is 15 & 16 is considered infinite and it can’t be advertised
Triggered Updates
If a metric is changed, it is immediately advertised to neighbors without and installed in routing table.
waiting for the regular scheduled update timer. It is known as flash updates

Hop Count
RIP has a maximum hop count of 15 by default to avoid the Count to
Infinity Problems
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