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Write a position paper for the assigned topic given.

ABM – A. Scarcity of Resources in the Philippines

B. Philippine Inflation rate of 2018
C. Unemployment rate in the Philippines as of 2016
HUMSS – A. Extrajudicial killing in the Philippines
B. Use of social media in political campaign
STEM – Philippines as the 3rd largest contributor to ocean plastic

TVL- Environmental rehabilitation of Boracay

ICT – Technology integration to Philippine educational curriculum

Please use the following standards as a guide in writing your position paper. Deduction will be
given if these guidelines are not observed in the paper.
 Length of the paper must not exceed two (2) pages.
 Font – Arial
 Font size – 12
 Line spacing – double spacing
 Margin – 1 inch all sides
 Text must be justified.
 Papers must be submitted as a WORD document.
Above Standards Meets Standards Standards
Below Standards SCORE
(10pts) (8pts) (6pts) (4pts)
The introductory paragraph The introductory The author has an The introductory
has a strong hook or attention paragraph has a hook or interesting introductory paragraph is not
grabber that is appropriate for attention grabber, but it is paragraph but the interesting and is not
the audience. This could be a weak, rambling or connection to the topic relevant to the topic.
Introduction strong statement, a relevant inappropriate for the is not clear
quotation, statistic, or question audience.
addressed to the reader.

The thesis statement clearly The thesis statement The thesis statement The thesis statement
names the topic of the essay names the topic of the outlines some or all the does not name the topic
Thesis and outlines the main points to essay. The author's main points to be AND does not preview
Statement be discussed. The author's position is stated discussed but does not what will be discussed.
position is strongly and clearly name the topic.

Includes 3 or more pieces of Includes 3 or more pieces Includes 2 pieces of Includes 1 or fewer
evidence (facts, statistics, of evidence (facts, evidence (facts, pieces of evidence (facts,
examples, real-life statistics, examples, real- statistics, examples, statistics, examples, real-
experiences) that support the life experiences) that real-life experiences) life experiences).
Support for position statement. The writer support the position that support the
Position anticipates the reader's statement. position statement.
concerns, biases or
arguments and has provided
at least 1 counterargument.
All the evidence and examples Most of the evidence and At least one of the Evidence and examples
are specific, relevant and examples are specific, pieces of evidence and are NOT relevant
explanations are given that relevant and explanations examples is relevant AND/OR are not
show how each piece of are given that show how and has an explanation explained.
Evidence and evidence supports the author's each piece of evidence that shows how that
Examples position. supports the author's piece of evidence
position. supports the author's

Arguments and support are Arguments and support A few of the support Many of the support
provided in a logical order that are provided in a logical details or arguments details or arguments are
makes it easy and interesting order that makes it are not in an expected not in an expected or
to follow the author's train of reasonably easy to follow or logical order, logical order, distracting
thought. the author's train of distracting the reader the reader and making
thought. and making the essay the essay seem very
Sequencing seem a little confusing. confusing.

Piece is clearly written with no Author paid attention to Errors may be present Errors make it difficult to
grammar, spelling, writing conventions; Minor and may slightly take read and/or understand
Writing punctuation, or capitalization errors do not distract from away from the clarity; the paper.
Mechanics errors. meaning. yet, the writers’
meaning can be

The conclusion is strong and The conclusion is The author's position is There is no conclusion -
leaves the reader solidly recognizable. The restated within the the paper just ends
understanding the writer's author's position is closing paragraph, but
position. Effective restatement restated within the first not near the beginning.
of the position statement two sentences of the The essay body is not
begins the closing paragraph closing paragraph and is summarized
Conclusion and is followed by an effective followed by a summary of
summary of the essay body. the essay body.

Adapted from https://www.scholastic.com/content/dam/teachers/lesson-plans/migrated-featured-files/persuasiveessay.pdf