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Knowledge Area : Integration Management

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1. 273 Linear Programming is an example of what type of project selection criteria?

a) Constrained optimization
b) Comparative Approach
c) Benefit Measurement
d) Impact Analysis

2. 1289 A project manager is putting her project control system in place. After a few meetings
with others, she realizes that there are few effective measures of progress that can be used
on the project. If you were to advice her, what would be the BEST thing the project manager
can plan to do to control the project?
a) Emphasize the creation of milestones
b) Add more people to the project team to help control it
c) Have meetings every week versus every month
d) Break the project into phases

3. 188 Which of the following processes involves creating a coherent , consistent document
that can be used to guide all the work in both project executing and project monitoring and
a) Risk Management
b) Develop Project Management Plan
c) Develop Project Scope Statement
d) Plan Quality

4. 955 What is the LAST thing to do in a project closure?

a) Complete the lessons learned
b) Provide the client with all the pertinent documentation
c) Update the archives
d) Release the team
5. 83 You are managing a two year project involving staff from several departments. The
project is on schedule and within budget. A key team member leaves for a 4 week vacation
without completing a highly technical and specialized activity assigned to him (Activity A).
The project team cannot begin activity B or activity E (A critical path activity) until activity A
is completed. Activity A has 3 days float and is not on the critical path. A team member, a
vendor, and a non team member work overtime to complete activity A within its float time.
You need to reimburse the non team member’s department and pay the member at the
overtime rate. What action should you take?
a) Send the complaint letter to the key team members boss , and ask him to fund the extra
cost expended.
b) Reevaluate your communications management plan
c) Thank the other for filling in, but tell them not to waste time on non critical activities.
d) Pay the cost out of your project reserves.

6. 269 All of the following are purposes of project charter except?

a) It establishes the project
b) It identifies the product acceptance criteria
c) It gives the project manager authority
d) It includes stakeholder’s requirements

7. 110 Your project sponsor is extremely happy with the project performance to date. To
celebrate, he wants to hold a party with dancing and liquor for the entire team. You are
concerned because the company policy states “no alcohol can be served at company
events”. What should you do?
a) The project sponsor is responsible. Hold the event as a good team building experience
b) Inform human resources that the sponsor is serving alcohol at a company function
c) Tell the project sponsor that the party is a great idea, but no alcohol can be served.
d) Suggest the event be held outside of working hours.

8. 220 A software development project has been suffering through many project changes.
Because of this, the project manager has not been able to do much of the change request
forms. Which statement BEST describes the other activities the project manager should be
a) Determine that changes have been made and whether the changes are beneficial. List
all of them in the scope management plan
b) Determine if a change is needed. Determine whether that change is beneficial and
notify stakeholders affected by the change.
c) List all changes in the project charter, notify stakeholders affected by changes, and
ensures the team signs off on all the changes.
d) Determine that a change has occurred. Notify all the stakeholders affected by the
change and list all the changes in the scope management plan.

9. 243 During the creation of lessons learned for a project, the team determines that the
project would have been better if they had a change control board. Which of the following is
the BEST description of what the change control board helps the team to do?
a) Create change requests
b) Approve or rejects changes
c) Create Procedures
d) Formulate the change

10. 1449 Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate thing to do during the
executing process group?
a) Forecast when the next milestone will be completed
b) Recommend updates to the Project Management Plan
c) Recalculate how long the project will take
d) Determine if project controls needs to be updates

11. 1443 In addition to the project management plan, the project team must create plans for
each component of the project. These plans are called?
a) Sub plans
b) Process plans
c) Component plans
d) Management Plans

12. 189 All of the following are NOT parts of a Project Management Plan except?
a) Baselines
b) Milestone List
c) Risk Register
d) Lessons learned

13. 608 You are managing a multi million dollar project that is a joint venture between your
company and another organization. You have repeatedly tried to get the contract and the
project charter finalized between the two organizations, but there has been a great deal of
arguing over language and details. The project’s scope has been expanding, costs have been
increasing and the schedule has been regularly lengthening. You learn very suddenly that
the project has been cancelled, because the other organization withdraw its share of
funding for the project. What is the MOST likely reason that this occurred?
a) Failure to understand the budgetary process
b) Inadequate scope management
c) Lack of sponsor commitment
d) Poorly done initial cost benefit analysis

14. 1284 Which of the following BEST describes the difference between Control Scope process
and Perform Integrated Change Control Process?
a) Control scope focuses on making the changes to the product scope and Perform
Integrated Change Control focuses on making changes to integration
b) Control scope focuses on controlling the scope of the project and Perform Integrated
Change Control focuses on determining the impact of the change of scope on cost, time,
quality, risk.
c) Control scope focuses on controlling the scope of the project and Perform Integrated
Change Control focuses on making changes to integration
d) Control scope focuses on making the changes to the product scope and Perform
Integrated Change Control focuses on determining the impact of the change of scope on
cost, time, quality, risk.

15. 116 In the process of reviewing the status of your team work assignments, you learn that
the project has fallen behind the schedule by one week. The project has high visibility within
the organization and is completely date driven. The project finish date is still two months
out and you think you can recover the time over the next month or so, what is the BEST
course of action for reporting the project status?
a) Report the project on schedule. This is not s significant slippage and there is still time to
b) Report the project on schedule. Most project management plans are not accurate to
less than one or two weeks anyways
c) Report the project one week behind schedule and include recommended corrective
d) Report the project one week behind schedule and then issue a new report next week
showing the problem fixed.
16. 136 Another project manager in your company is having difficulty managing his project. You
have found that he has not used a project charter and that is probably the cause of the
problem. How can you help?
a) Provide him with a copy of an article about project charters
b) Work with his boss to get him a mentor
c) Develop a draft project charter for his use
d) Talk to him about his project and offer help in creating a project charter

17. 1331 The project is chartered to determine new ways to extend the product life of one of
the company’s medium producing products. The project manager comes from the
engineering department and the team comes from the product management and marketing
departments. The project scope statement and project planning are completed when a
stakeholder notifies the team that there is better way to complete one of the work
packages. They even supply a technical review letter from their department proving that the
new way to complete the project will be faster than the older way.
The Project Manager has had similar experiences with this department on other projects
and was expecting this to happen on this project. What is the first thing a Project Manager
should do?
a) Contact the department and complain again about their missing the deadline for the
submission of scope.
b) Look for how this schedule change will impact the cost to complete the work package
and the quality of the product of the work package
c) See if there is a way to change from matrix environment to a functional organization so
as to eliminate all the interference from other departments
d) Ask the department of they have any other changes

18. 132 A family member has a copy of software program. He offers it to you at no cost because
it will solve a business problem you have discussed with him. What should you do?
a) Do not accept the software, and advice the family member that such activity is in
violation of copyright law.
b) Refuse the software and notify the owner of the software
c) Accept the software and use it until you are able to buy software yourself.
d) Accept the software with thanks since the software creator will not find out.

19. 253 A work authorization system can be used to?

a) Manage who does each activity
b) Manage when and in what sequence the work is done
c) Manage when each activity is done
d) Manage who does each activity and when it is done

20. 100 You are about to begin negotiations with people from other country. Which of the
following should provide guidance on what business practices are allowed and not allowed?
a) The company code of conduct
b) The project charter
c) The scope management plan
d) The negotiation plan

21. 1248 The engineering department has uncovered a problem with the cost accounting
systems and has asked the systems department to analyze what is wrong and fix the
problem. You are a project manager working with the cost accounting programs on another
project. Management has issued a change request to the change control board to add new
work to your project. Your existing project has a Cost Performance Index (CPI) of 1.2 and
Schedule Performance Index (SPI) of 1.3 so you have some room to add work without
delaying your existing project or going over budget. However, you cannot see how the new
work fits within the project charter for your existing project. After some analysis, you
determine that the new work and the existing work do not overlap and can be done
concurrently. They also require different skill sets. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Develop Project Charter
b) Re-estimate the project schedule with inputs from the engineering department.
c) Verify the scope of the new work with the help of stakeholders
d) Identify specific changes to the existing work.

22. 111 Another project manager has a family emergency and must leave. He has asked you to
fill in for him during a team meeting to discuss the minor problem with the project. He has
already distributed a detailed agenda and provided you with a copy. When you attend the
meeting, several members of the team are making fun of the absent project manager’s
ethnic heritage. Your company does not have a formal diversity policy covering such
behavior. What should you do?
a) Because your company does not have a written diversity policy, there is nothing you can
b) Report the incident to the other project manager
c) Hold the meeting as if nothing happened
d) Begin the meeting with a discussion of diversity and professional behavior.
23. 242 which of the following BEST describes when a project baseline should be changed?
a) When a major delay occurs
b) When an official change is made
c) When the cost increase occurs
d) Changes should never be made to the baseline

24. 1296 Which of the following could happen during project executing as a result of fast
tracking the project?
a) A problem in a successor activity can affect more activities
b) All successor activities will have more float
c) Subsequent activities will have additional risk
d) Subsequent activities will lose resources

25. 238 The customer wants to enhance the project scope after the performance measurement
baseline has been established. The customer will need to follow which procedures?
a) Scope control
b) Integrated change control
c) Integrated management
d) Document control

26. 958 All of the following are required to bring the project to closure EXCEPT?
a) Perform project feedback with the team
b) Obtain sign off from the customer
c) Review project documentation for completeness
d) Update the project management plan

27. 64 You have just been assigned to take over a project that your management has told you is
“out of control”. When you asked your management what the problem were they had no
specifics, but said that the project is behind schedule. Over budget and the client was
dissatisfied. Which of the following should be of the MOST concern to you?
a) The project is over budget and behind schedule
b) There is very little documentation related to the project
c) The client is very dissatisfied with the project’s progress
d) Your management is looking for rapid and visible action on the project to rectify the
28. 357 A project manager is assigned to a new, high priority project. There are only 5 available
resources because other resources are already committed to projects. The time available to
complete the project is less than half the time needed, and the project manager cannot
convince the management to change the end date. The project manager should?
a) Coordinate with team members the overtime to complete the work
b) Provide the team with opportunities to provide acceptable quality on the work that can
be accomplished
c) Look for any scope that can be cut from the project .
d) Use more experienced resources to complete the work faster.

29. 154 On one of your company’s medical research projects, you object to how the search is
being handled. However, you signed a confidentiality agreement with the company that
prohibits you from talking about your research. It would be BEST to:
a) Quit and do not talk about what you know
b) Quit and begin talking to the community
c) Continue working and begin to talk about your objections to the research to
newspapers in other cities.
d) Destroy the research

30. 280 Halfway through the project, the client considers cancelling the remaining work and
contract. it would be BEST to look at which of the following to determine the purpose of the
a) The project description and need in the project charter
b) The WBS dictionary to verify that the scope is correct.
c) The risk response plan to evaluate alternatives
d) The chart of accounts to determine estimates at completion

31. 240 A change control system should be created:-

a) As needed on the project
b) By Management
c) As formal documented procedure
d) By the team

32. 247 The project is not getting well and many changes are being made. Which of the
following should you do FIRST to gain control of the project?
a) Review the project scope with the stakeholders
b) Create a new change form
c) Remind everyone of the change procedures
d) Ask the sponsor to review the project charter

33. 155 You are a project manager for a new international project, and your project team
includes people from 4 countries. Most of the team members have not worked on similar
projects before, but the project has strong support from senior management. What is the
BEST thing to do to ensure that cultural differences do not interfere with the project?
a) Spend a little more time creating the work breakdown structure and making sure it is
b) As the project manager, make sure you choose the words carefully, whenever you
c) Ask one person at each team meeting to describe something unique about their culture.

34. 228 During the course of your project, you notice that most of the changes occurring on the
project come from research department. What should you do?
a) Assign a team member to work solely with the research department
b) Change your communications management plan, so only you are assigned to interact
with the research department
c) Ask the research department to assign one person to be your liaison
d) Talk to the research department to understand the reasons for the changes

35. 143 An employee approaches you and asks to tell you something in confidence. He advices
you that he has been performing illegal activities, within the company for the last year. He is
feeling guilty about it and is telling you in order to receive advice as to what he should do.
What should you do?
a) Ask for full details
b) Confirm that the activity is really illegal
c) Inform your manager of illegal activity
d) Tell the employee to inform his boss

36. 187 The sponsor assigns you to be the project manager of a project that crosses functional
lines and is designed to operate at six sigma levels. The sponsor has given you cost and
schedule requirements. Which of the following would NOT be an appropriate action on your
a) Accepting the requirements
b) Evaluating the project risks
c) Creating a detailed estimate
d) Working with the team to come up with a project management plan.

37. 1261 Integration is done by the :

a) Project Manager
b) Team
c) Sponsor
d) Stakeholders

38. 103 Which of the following is NOT a measure to determine if the business practice used by
another country is an unfair business practice?
a) It hurts the right to physical movement
b) It is a common practice in another country
c) It does not supply a decent wage for a country and the type of work
d) It discriminates against women

39. 144 Your company has a policy that only a certain hotel chain may be used for business
travel. You discover that a more expensive hotel is offering a discount on the days you need
to be in town. What should you do?
a) Ask your manager for permission to use other hotel chain
b) Contact the hotel chain to negotiate a better rate
c) Use the company’s hotel chain
d) Provide justification on your expense report for using the other hotel chain.

40. 1162 A project manager is working on a complex project with people from around the
world. The project schedule is set, but the work package requires detailed integration with
other work packages done by the buyer. What is the BEST thing the project manager could
use to control this situation?
a) Work authorization system
b) Configuration Management
c) Historical Information
d) Change Control Board
41. 1277 Which of the following BEST describes the phase, “influencing the factors that impact
a) Telling people that changes are not allowed
b) Determining the sources of changes and fixing the root causes
c) Adding more activities to the Work Breakdown structure to accommodate more risks
d) Calculate the impact of changes to date on the project

42. 151 While constructing a new drug manufacturing plant, you discover a leak in a pipe which
has released chemicals into the ground. It was difficult to acquire the necessary government
approval, and community support for the plant, and management has told you to be
particularly careful to not upset the community. You are uncertain of whether the chemicals
could leak into the groundwater or can cause any damage. What should you do?
a) Follow the instructions to avoid upsetting and do nothing
b) Start to write articles in the local paper about how poorly treated the local drinking
water is
c) Wherever possible, communicate all the great benefits of the plant to the community
d) Inform local officials and ask for their help

43. 609 You have the choice of 4 ongoing projects that you can choose as a project manager.
Project 1 has a benefit cost ratio (BCR ) of 1.4, is a high priority project and has a critical path
length of 16 months. Its cost performance index CPI is 1.2. Project 2 has a Schedule
Performance Index of 1.1 , is using 3 critical resources, has a low priority and has a BCR of
1.1. Project 3 has a CPI of 1.2 , an SPI of 0.89, a BCR of 1.6 and a critical path length of 19
months. Project 4 has a CPI of 0.82. An activity with 33 days of float. A hard to get resource
assigned to activity L and a priority of keeping cost low. Based on the project, which project
you would like to take over?
a) Project 1
b) Project 2
c) Project 3
d) Project 4

44. 964 All of the following are parts of Close Project or phase process EXCEPT?
a) Update employee skills
b) Record the reasons for termination
c) Transfer information from one phase to the next phase
d) Verify scope
45. 183 Which of the following BEST describes the use of historical records from previous
a) Estimating, life cycle costing and project planning
b) Risk Management, estimating and creating lessons learned
c) Project Planning, estimating and creating a status report
d) Estimating, risk management and project planning

46. 261 There have been numerous changes on your project, All approved changes are BEST
reflected in the?
a) Performance Measurement Variance
b) Verify Scope Process
c) Change control procedures
d) Project Management Plan

47. 233 When should the project baselines be changed?

a) They should not be changed
b) Only for changes that have been approved by change control board
c) At each project team meeting
d) For all approved changes

48. 176 Which of the following BEST describes the project Manager’s role as an integrator
a) Help Team Members become familiar with the project
b) Put all the pieces of the project into cohesive role
c) Put all the pieces of the project into a program
d) Get all team members together into a cohesive role.

49. 952 When it is the BEST to perform Close Project or phase process?
a) At the end of project planning
b) During project closure
c) At the end of each project phase
d) At the beginning of the project with verification throughout the project

50. 941 Which of the following BEST describes the formal acceptance of the project?
a) Substantial completion is reached
b) Customer sign off of the product is documented
c) Final payment is made
d) Final deliverables are sent to the customer

51. 957 Documents that serve as historical records for future projects are archived:
a) Throughout the project
b) Before the end of Planning
c) Before the end of execution
d) During closure

52. 172 The customer is repeatedly requesting changes. You discover the contract does not
include procedures for implementing change. There are no available funds in the customer’s
budget to accommodate change. What should you do?
a) Ask your management to use money from the company’s cost reserve
b) Tell the customer there is no money for changes in the project
c) Discuss the situation with the customer to decide how to remedy this problem
d) Make only those changes that do not impact cost

53. 194 A project management plan should be realistic in order to be used to manage the
project. Which of the following is the BEST method to achieve a realistic project
management plan?
a) The sponsor creates the project management plan based on inputs from the project
b) The functional manager creates the project management plan based on input from the
project manager
c) The project manager creates the project management plan based on input from the
senior management
d) The project manager creates the project management plan based on input from the

54. 1462 What is the difference between expected monetary value and net present value?
a) Expected value is the estimated value of work actually accomplished and Net Present
value is the value of the work to be done.
b) Expected value is the value it takes to recover your investment and Net Present Value is
the value of money.
c) Expected value is the probability times impact of an opportunity and net present value
is the benefits less costs over many time periods.
d) Expected value is the estimated value of risk response plans and Net Present value helps
determine the value of investments.

55. 213 What is the project management information system?

a) A computerized status tracking system.
b) A manual status tracking system
c) A method to determine and archive how the project is doing
d) A method to gather, integrate and disseminate what and how the project is doing.

56. 248 A stakeholder wants to make a change to the work breakdown structure that does NOT
affect the time or cost of the project. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Tell the stakeholder that this change cannot be made without revising the project
management plan
b) Make the change
c) Meet with the management
d) Looks for other impacts on the project

57. 135 While reading a magazine article, you discover there is a tool of project management
that other companies are using, but you have never heard of. What would you do?
a) Copy the article and pass it around your company.
b) Talk to your colleagues and see if they know about it.
c) Arrange a meeting with your manager to discuss it
d) Summarize your opinion of the benefits of using this information in your company.
Present your analysis to your manager.

58. 612 To accommodate a new project in your department, you need to move resources from
one project to another. Because your department is currently working at capacity, moving
resources will inevitably delay the project from which you move the resources. It would
cause the LEAST negative impact if you move resources from which of the following
a) Project A with the BCR of 0.8, no project charter and four resources
b) Project B with Net Present Value of $60,000, 12 resources and variable costs between
US$1000 to US$2000 per month.
c) Project C with an opportunity cost of US $300,000, no project control plan, and an
internal rate of return of 12 percent
d) Project D with indirect costs of US$20,000 and 13 resources.
59. 186 A project manager is appointed to head a highly technical project in an area with which
this person has limited familiarity. The project manager delegates the processes of Develop
Schedule, Estimate Costs, Define Activities, and Estimate Activity Resources, to various
project team members and basically serves as an occasional referee and coordinator of
activities, the results of this approach are likely to be:-
a) A team functioning throughout the project at a very high level, demonstrating creativity
and commitment.
b) A team that initially experiences some amount of confusion, but that after a period of
time becomes a cohesive and effective unit.
c) A team that is not highly productive, but that stays together because of the work
environment created by the project manager
d) A team that is characterized by poor performance, low morale, high level of conflict, and
high turnover.

60. 262 You take over a project that is in lot of trouble. There are apparently problems with the
team dynamics, project scope, sponsor, and timeline, the project has a Cost Performance
Index of 0.75 and Schedule Performance Index of 1.2. the first action that you’ll take is:-
a) Meet with the project sponsor
b) Review all the project deliverables
c) Meet with the team
d) Meet with each team member individually

61. 1045 A person who has been working as project expeditor for the past three years has just
been named as project manager for a construction project. The construction crew has
worked together for a no. of years. One of the project manager’s responsibilities is to pursue
all of the historical risk information available. But he doesn’t have enough time to assess all
available resources. The project manager would be best served by relying LEAST on which of
the resources?
a) Project files
b) Published Benchmarking Reports
c) Project team knowledge
d) Lessons learned database

62. 1460 Who should be responsible for defining project objectives?

a) Project manager
b) Sponsor
c) Project Management Team
d) Stakeholders

63. 138 All of the following are the responsibility of a project manager EXCEPT?
a) Maintain the confidentiality of customer confidential information
b) Determine the legality of company procedures
c) Ensure that a conflict of interest does not compromise the legitimate interests of the
d) Provide accurate and truthful representations in cost estimates.

64. 281 Who issues the project charter?

a) Sponsor
b) Project Manager
c) Project Team
d) Stakeholders

66. 193 You are assigned as a Project Manager to lead a new quality improvement project.
Management is asking for a project management plan, which of the following should you
create first?
a) A process assurance plan
b) A quality Management Plan
c) A project management plan
d) A project scope statement

67. 178 You are a project manager working on a multi million dollar project. As the project has
progressed, you have become friends with the general contractor, you are working on
US$100,000 change request. She has offered you to let you use her boat on the lake this
weekend while she is away. What should you do?
a) Accept the offer with thanks
b) Decline the offer
c) Decline the offer and report it to your supervisor
d) Ask your boss to approve your use of the boat.
68. 207 You have been appointed manager of a project to cover multiple electronic mail
systems at a major financial institution to a single platform. Your company’s approach was
not the client’s first choice, and your firm was able to be the lowest cost alternative by using
funds provided to your company for a different purpose. After the project is underway, the
client specifies a new approach that has never been used before. When the project is
approaching originally scheduled end date, it becomes clear that the technological approach
will have to be significantly altered. Although the client have been apprised of significant
developments throughout the project through regular status reports, and the project
management plan has been followed, the client demands that the project be continued
without any increase in costs until all of the client requirements are met, your firm feels that
it has no choice but to comply with the client’s demands, although this will result in a :-
a) Better identification of risks and development of risk mitigation strategies
b) Clearer project scope statement
c) Enhanced communications management plan
d) Formal client acceptance of the project management plan

69. 956 All of the following would occur during the close process or the phase process except?
a) Creating lessons learned
b) Formal acceptance
c) Reducing resource spending
d) Performing benefit cost analysis

70. 175 Which of the following BEST describes the project manager’s role regarding project
a) Discover changes as early as possible
b) Prevent changes that affect the project scope
c) Prevent the addition of profits in seller’s changes
d) Have the sponsor approve all the changes.

71. 215 Which of the following BEST describes the project manager’s role during project
a) Creating a Bar Chart and getting a management to approve it
b) Coordinating the creation of a document that can be used to guide the project
c) Making a list of activities the team members are required to perform
d) Determining what can get in the way and how to prevent it.
72. 1216 Close procurements is similar to close projects as they both involve?
a) Product verification
b) Kick of meetings
c) Quality assurance activities
d) Creation of the new scope verification plan

73. 371 During the executing process group of a project, you realize the subcontractors are
working with incomplete and different project scope statements. As the project manager
what should you do first?
a) Check the work completed against the correct project scope statement
b) Review the scope with the stakeholders
c) Document the inconsistencies to the sponsor, calculating the cost of non conformance
d) Stop work until the scope issue is resolved.

74. 549 The cost of choosing one project and giving up another is called?
a) Fixed cost
b) Sunk cost
c) Net present value
d) Opportunity cost

75. 250 the client demands changes to the product specification that will add only two weeks to
the critical path. Which of the following is the BEST thing for the project manager to do?
a) Compress the schedule to recover the two weeks
b) Cut scope to recover the two weeks
c) Consult with the sponsor for the options
d) Advise the client of the impact of the change.

76. 181 You are taking over a project during the planning process group and discover that six
individuals have signed the project charter. Which of the following should be of MOST
concern to you?
a) Who will be a member of the change control board
b) Spending more time on configuration management
c) Getting a single project sponsor
d) Determining the reporting structure
77. 212 You are a project manager who has just been assigned to take over a project from other
project manager who is leaving the company. The previous project manager tells you that
the project is on schedule, but only because he has constantly pushed the team to perform.
What is the first thing you should do as a NEW project manager?
a) Check risk status
b) Check cost performance
c) Determine a management strategy
d) Tell the team your objectives

78. 203 You are in the middle of executing a major modification to an existing product when
you learn that the resources promised at the beginning of the project are not available. The
BEST thing to do is to?
a) Show how the resources were originally promised to your project
b) Replan the project without the resources
c) Explain the impact if the promised resources are not made available
d) Crash the project

79. 192 Which of the following BEST describes the project management plan?
a) The schedule, management plans, and budget
b) The project manager’s plan for managing and controlling the work
c) The project charter, WBS and Project scope statement
d) A formal approved document, used to control the project

80. 950 The close project or phase process includes all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Analysis of project success
b) Ensure that records include final specifications
c) Creating a project risk management plan
d) A collection of project records

81. 226 You are assigned as a Project Manager in the middle of the project. The project is within
the baselines, but the customer is not happy with the performance of the project. What is
the first thing you should do?
a) Discuss it with the project team
b) Recalculate Baselines
c) Renegotiate the contract
d) Meet with the customer
82. 886 The project manager is working to clearly describe the level of involvement expected
from everyone involved in the project in order to prevent rework. Conflict and coordination
problems. Which of the following BEST describes the project manager’s efforts?
a) Develop project management plan and plan quality
b) Problem solving, control, and discovering gold plating
c) Monitor and control risks, develop project team and lessons learned

83. 120 You are the project manager for one part of a new program in your organization. You
are four months into a 3 year project when your project team makes significant discoveries
on the project. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Make certain the discoveries are included in lessons learned
b) Make certain the discoveries are included in monthly status report
c) Make certain you mention the discoveries at the senior management meeting in two
d) At the weekly meeting, make certain you tell the other project managers involved in the
program about the discoveries.

84. 551 project A has an internal rate of return (IRR) of 21 percent. Project B has an IRR of 7 %.
Project C has an IRR of 31% . Project D has an IRR of 19%. Which of these would be the best
a) Project A
b) Project B
c) Project C
d) Project D

85. 1286 A new project manager has been hired in your company, and you have been asked to
mentor her. Because she is well trained, she is planning her project in great detail. Her first
project in the company is relatively low priority. And you feel that the project manager is
planning too many control meetings. Which of the following would be the BEST thing to tell
a) Strike a balance b/w the extent of control system and the risk of unfavorable project
b) Make sure you identify more than 40 risks, and then have more than one meeting a
c) A good project management plan should be about 90% complete before starting project
d) Make sure you include milestones to help plan the project to the project charter.

86. 222 The Java Development of a Project is outsourced to India. The project schedule is
starting to slip. Which is the LEAST likely cause of slippage?
a) Lack of competent programmers
b) Cultural influences
c) Internationalization
d) Communication

87. 499 Instead of celebrating the end of the project, the stakeholders are breathing a sigh of
relief. None of them were confident the project would meet the end date. Which of the
following is NOT one of the reasons the project has difficulty?
a) Lack of a payback period
b) Lack of milestones
c) Lack of a communications management plan
d) Lack of staffing management plan

88. 221 your new project to outsource work has been going badly. The project deliverables have
changed 3 times, the functional managers keep removing people from the team, and the
project schedule baseline has been adjusted 4 times in the first week. This is most likely due
to lack of?
a) A staffing management plan
b) A signed project charter
c) Clear direction from the sponsor
d) A scope management plan

89. 198 A project change management plan should be created during which of the process
a) Initiating
b) Planning
c) Executing
d) Closing

90. 208 You have been assigned to manage the development of an organization’s first web site.
This site will be highly complex and attractive and neither your project team nor the client
has much experience with the web site development. The timeline is extremely aggressive.
Any delay will be costly both for your firm and client. You have a project sponsor and have
achieved agreement and sign off on both the project charter and the project management
plan. Client personnel have been kept fully informed of the project’s progress through status
reports and regular meetings. The project is on schedule, within the budget, and the final
perfunctory review has been scheduled. Suddenly you hear that the entire effort may be
cancelled because the product developed is totally unacceptable. What is the MOST LIKELY
cause of this situation?
a) a key stakeholder was adequately involved in the project.
b) The project charter and the project management plan were not thoroughly explained or
adequately reviewed by the client.
c) Communication arrangements were inadequate and did not provide required
information to the interested parties.
d) The project sponsor failed to provide adequate support to the project.

91. 223 After a great deal of effort, the project team has finally determined the specifications
for a major scope change to the project. In the light of this, what should the project
manager do FIRST?
a) Look for other changes
b) Notify the stakeholders about the new scope
c) Gain sign off on this change
d) Calculate the risk associated with this change.

92. 191 If a Project Manager is concerned with gathering, integrating and disseminating the
outputs of all project management processes, she should concentrate on creating a better:-
a) WBS
b) Communications Management Plan
c) Project Management Information System
d) Project Scope Management Plan

93. 127 Adhering to legal requirements, satisfying competing needs, providing accurate and
truthful representations, and disclosing conflicts of interest are all?
a) Examples of scope management
b) Example of the professional and social responsibility of the project manager
c) Examples of project closure activities
d) Examples of the intellectual property requirements of the subcontractors
94. 362 Your project team is spending so much time in reviewing potential changes to a project
that you do not have time to complete project work. Which of the following is the LEAST
likely reason for this problem?
a) No change control board
b) Not enough of an effort to identify the project stakeholders
c) A poor communications management plan
d) An unclear project charter

95. 225 The project manager on a large software installation project is working with her team
on a critical set of activities. They are working late on Saturday night. Circumstances create
the situation wherein the project manager must decide to change the schedule that will put
the end date of the project out two weeks. What has MOST likely happened?
a) An emergency project change has taken place
b) Scope creep has occurred
c) A status change to the implementation has taken place
d) Risk assessment failure has taken place

96. 1441 Which of the following are all outputs of the perform Integrated Change Control
a) Approved corrective actions, validated defect repair, forecasts, deliverables
b) Deliverables, implemented corrective actions, rejected change requests, validated
defect repair.
c) Approved defect repair, validated defect repair, rejected change requests, approved
corrective actions
d) Recommended corrective actions, validated defect repair, approved defect repair,
rejected change requests.

97. 68 The customer has accepted the completed project scope. However, the lessons learned
required by the project management have not been completed. What is the status of the
a) The project is incomplete because the project needs to be replanned
b) The project is incomplete until all the project and product deliverables are complete and
c) The project is complete because the customer has accepted the deliverables
d) The project is complete because the project has reached the due date.
98. 1312 In order to decrease the risk on the project, the project manager decides during
project executing to change resources on a near critical path activity. If she is unsure
whether such a change must be formally done on the project, she should look at the?
a) Configuration management plan
b) Change control system
c) Integrated change control
d) Change control board

99. 285 A project manager is trying to convince management to use more formal project
management procedures and has decided to start improving the company’s project
management by obtaining a project charter. Which of the following would BEST describes
why the project charter would help the project manager?
a) It describes the details of what needs to be done.
b) It lists the names of all team members
c) It gives the project manager authority
d) It describes the project’s history

100. 125 You are a new project manager for a company B. you previously worked for
company A , which had an extensive project management practice. Company B has its own
procedures, but you are more familiar with those from company A. You should:-
a) Use the practices from Company A but include any forms from company B
b) Use the forms from Company B and begin to instruct them on ways to upgrade them
c) Talk about changes to the change control board of company B
d) Interact with others in ethical way by sharing the good aspects of company’s

101. 230 All of the following should be done by the project manager during the Project
Monitoring and controlling process group EXCEPT?
a) Determine that a change has occurred
b) Ensure that a change is beneficial
c) Make sure all the changes are approved by the management
d) Manage changes as they occur

102. 1253 You have been working on a very large software development project that has
made use of more than 230 people. Finally all the scope has been completed, it would be
BEST to:-
a) Throw a party for the team members
b) Make sure the project is integrated with the other projects
c) Begin to focus on your other projects
d) Analyze project success or failure

103. 246 A project is plagued by changes to the project charter. Who has the primary
responsibility to decide if the changes are necessary?
a) The project manager
b) The project team
c) The project sponsor
d) The stakeholder

104. 282 You have created the project charter but could not get it approved. Your manager
and his boss have asked that the project begin immediately. Which of the following is the
BEST thing to do?
a) Set up an integrated change control process
b) Show your manager the impact of proceeding without approval
c) Focus on completing projects that have signed project charters
d) Start work on only the critical path activities

105. 257 The customer wants to make a change to the project scope. The BEST thing for the
project manager to evaluate is the:-
a) Effect of the change on scope management
b) Effect of the change on project scope
c) Effect of the change on project schedule, cost, quality and risk
d) Effect of the change on the project baselines

106. 1300 The project for the accounting department ahs been going on well when the
company says that it must reduce the cost of the project without changing the quality
requirements. The project manager has looked to trim any resources, paid more attention
to risk on upcoming activities and even has reduced product scope, but the project remains
over the new project budget limit. Which of the following should the project manager do
a) Get an extension of time
b) Review expensive customer requirements that add the least benefit
c) Suggest the project be terminated
d) Cut 10% off the cost estimate of each remaining activity.

107. 227 A team member notifies you that she has added extra functionality to the project.
She tells you there was no impact on the cost or schedule. What should be done as a result
for this change?
a) Implement change control processes to track the change
b) Understand what functionality was added
c) Instruct the team member to remove extra functionality
d) Issue an approved change request

108. 245 All of the following are parts of effective change management plan EXCEPT?
a) Procedures
b) Standards for reports
c) Meetings
d) Lessons learned

109. 123 Over lunch with other project manager; you discuss ways to identify risks on your
project. The next day, the other project manager sends you risk identification software
created by her company with a copyright date of 1998. What should you do?
a) Find out if using an old format would be acceptable
b) Obtain approval from your legal department
c) Share some of your templates with her to improve competencies.
d) Send the software back

111. 231When it comes to change, the project manager’s best attention is focused on?
a) Making changes
b) Tracking and recording changes
c) Informing the sponsor of changes
d) Preventing unnecessary changes

112. 234 In the middle of the project when the project manager is informed by her scheduler
that the project control limits are secure. That same morning she receives a note from the
team member about a problem he is having. The note says, this activity is driving me crazy
and the manager of the accounting department wont help me until the activity’s float is in
jeopardy. In addition, the project manager has emails from a minor stakeholder and 14
emails from the team members, while she is reading the emails; a team member walks into
the project manager’s office to tell her a corrective action was implemented by a team
member from the project management’s office. But was not documented. What should the
project manager do NEXT?
a) Reporting the documentation violation to the project management office , evaluate the
security of the control limits and review the e-mailing rules in the communications
management plan
b) Clarify the reasoning behind documentation being a problem, get the accounting
department to assist the team member and respond to a minor stakeholder
c) Add the implemented corrective actions to the historical records, discuss the value of
documentation at the next team meeting and smooth the team member with the
accounting department problem.
d) Find out who caused the problem with the accounting department , respond to the
minor stakeholder before responding to other emails and review the processes listed in
the communications plan for reporting concerns with the team members having the
documentation problem.

113. 256 The project was going well when all of a sudden there were changes to the project
coming from multiple stakeholders, after all the changes were determined the project
manager spent time with all the stakeholders, to find why there were changes and to
discover many more.
The project manager has quieted down when a team member casually mentions to the
project manager that he has added functionality to the product of the project. Do not worry,
he says, “I do not impact time, cost, quality”. What should the project manager do first?
a) Ask the team member how the need for the functionality was determined
b) Hold a meeting to review the team member’s completed work
c) Look for other added functionality
d) Ask the team member how he knows there is no cost, time or quality impact.

114. 217 When is it MOST important that integration is performed?

a) During project planning
b) During project executing
c) At key interface points
d) At the end of each project management process

115. 241 While the project is being completed, management requests for change, what is te
FIRST thing the project manager should do?
a) Comply with the request if possible
b) Obtain an understanding of the scope of change
c) Tell the customer that a change will be coming
d) Ask the team to accept the change

116. 547 What does a Benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 2.1 means?
a) The cost are2.1 times the benefit.
b) The profit is 2.1 times the cost
c) The payback is 2.1 times the cost
d) The cost is 2.1 times the profit

117. 112 You are halfway through a major network rollout, there are 300 locations in the
United States , with another 20 in England, a software seller has just released a major
software upgrade for some of the equipment being installed. The upgrade would provide
the customer with functionality they requested that was not available at the time the
project began. What is the BEST course of action under these circumstances?
a) Continue as planned, your customer has not requested a change
b) Inform the customer of the upgrade and the impacts to the project’s timeline and the
functionality if the upgrade is implemented.
c) Implement the change and adjust the schedule as necessary because this supports the
customer’s original request
d) Implement the change to the remaining sides and continue working with the schedule

118. 122 You are a project manager for one of the many projects in a large and important
program, at a high level status meeting, you note that another project manager has
reported her project on schedule. Looking back on your project over the last few weeks. You
remember many deliverables from the other projects that arrived late. What should you do?
a) Meeting with the program manager
b) Develop a risk control plan
c) Discuss the issue with your boss
d) Meet with the other project manager

119. 96 For which of the following actions could a project manager incur a fine and go to jail?
a) Using people from outside the project manager’s country to work on the project.’
b) Failing to file the necessary permits in their own country
c) Paying a bribe to a foreign official
d) Not using minority workers on the project

120. 201 You are given a new project to manage and a brief project scope statement. The
project sponsor tells you that there is no specific required completion date for the project.
What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Ask for better definition of project scope before accepting the project
b) Accomplish the project as time allows
c) Plan the project as you would do normal, but build in schedule flexibility.
d) Make a list of activities that needs to be done.

121. 131 A good friend at work tells you that when his wife was diagnosed with cancer , he
stole items from work and sold them , using the money for her treatment he has since paid
back the money taken, in ways that kept his theft secret. Ethically what should you do?
a) Advise your friend to tell his company and do nothing
b) Report him to his manager
c) Talk with a lawyer to see if this can be justified
d) Attempt to gather evidence to determine whether or not the theft in fact occurred

122. 224 A project has just begun when one of the stakeholders just asks the project
manager about making a change to the format of the deliverable for activity Y. she wants to
know how to go about submitting the change for review. The project manager should direct
her to?
a) The change control board
b) The communications management plan
c) The sponsor
d) The change control system

123. 260 All of the following are true of Project Baselines EXCEPT?
a) They are included in the originally approved project management plan
b) They include approved scope changes
c) They are useful in detecting project variances
d) They are useful in preparing the WBS

124. 12 which of the following techniques is the best way to determine project objectives?
a) Delphi technique
b) Earned value analysis
c) Expert interviews
d) Pareto

125. 268 the CEO of a company has assigned a project manager to a project that the CEO
wanted to do for a long time. What should the project manager do FIRST?
a) Assist the CEO in putting together a benefit cost analysis to show the need for the
b) Work with the CEO to get buy in from other stakeholders
c) Produce a ranking of all feasible projects , including the assigned project, in a weighted
scoring of decision variables.
d) Guide the creation of a project charter

126. 259 A project team member tells you that she went to her project manager with a good
idea for a useful change to the project. Instead of giving her approval to make the change,
the project manager asked her to write a report describing the benefits of the change.
What is the MOST appropriate advice for the situation?
a) The project manager is being unreasonable and should do that kind of work herself.
b) Remind the project manager that the benefit cost analysis was done during project
c) A project manager must be able to weigh the benefits of the change versus the costs
and compare them to other possible changes. The team member should do what was
d) The team member should do what was asked because this sort of information must be
given to the project sponsor to make the change.

127. 274 You are a project manager of a large consulting firm. Your superior has just asked
for your input on a decision about which project your company should pursue. Project A has
an internal rate of return (IRR) of 12 percent. Project B has a benefit cost ratio of 1.3. Project
C has an opportunity cost of US$75,000. Project D has a payback period of six months. If you
had to choose based on this data, which project you would select?
a) Project A
b) Project B
c) Project C
d) Project D
128. 255 During project executing, the project manager determines that a change is needed
to material purchased for the project. The project manager calls a meeting for the team to
plan how to make the change. This is an example of ?
a) Management by objectives
b) Lack of change management plan
c) Good team relations
d) Lack of clear work breakdown structure.

129. 249 The carpeting subcontractor has, without prior approval, installed carpet that is
slightly different pattern from the pattern selected for the project. The difference in cost per
square yard saves the buyer approximately US$10,000. Upon learning of the change, the
BEST course of the action for the project manager is to?
a) Demand that the original carpeting be installed
b) Meet with the customer to explain what happened and celebrate the $10,000 windfall.
c) Document the change in the change control plan
d) Determine the overall impact on the project

130. 949 All technical work is done on the project. Which of the following remains to be
a) Verify scope
b) Plan risk responses
c) Create a staffing management plan
d) Complete lessons learned

131. 1206 You are performing administrative closure during the Close Project process. Upon
completion of this process, you will have project archives, formal acceptance and?
a) Project reports
b) Lessons learned
c) Performance Measurement Documentation
d) Statement of work updates

132. 239 The project manager on a large software installation project is working with her
team on a critical set of activities. They are working late on Saturday night. Circumstances
create the situation wherein the project manager must decide to change the schedule that
will push the end date of the project out two weeks. What BEST action the project manager
should take next as a result of her decisions?
a) Immediately document and capture the changes and present them to the change
control board the next time the board is available for contact.
b) Look for free float to bring the project back on to schedule
c) Implement configuration management in order to obtain senior management approval
and then make the change
d) Review her detailed risk assessment development process to ensure that other
identified risks are included and a plan of mitigation is created.

133. 556 As a project manager, you are presented with the following information in the NET
Present Value of several potential projects. Which project is your best choice?
a) Project A with an NPV of $95,000
b) Project B with an NPV of $120,000
c) Project C with an NPV of $20,000
d) Project D with an NPV of -$30,000

134. 594 Double declining Balance is a form of?

a) Decelerated depreciation
b) Straight line depreciation
c) Accelerated deprivation
d) Life cycle costing

135. 1455 You are a part of a team that has been told by the management that you require
taking and passing the PMP Exam by the end of the year. After studying, you are the first
among the group to take the actual exam. When you return to work to tell everyone you
passed, you are bombarded with questions. Management tells you that since everyone else
is so worried about the exam, they want you to write all the questions you can remember
for the exam and provide copies to the rest of the team. I this situation, you could do all of
the following EXCEPT?
a) Do the best to provide what you remember exactly.
b) Offer to assist others by motivating them
c) Explain that providing questions from the actual exam is strictly prohibited.
d) Explain that you may have passed the exam, but you are not an expert. The team should
follow the expert advice that they were given on how to study and pass the exam.

136. 322 The project management plan is least useful for which of the following?
a) Guiding project execution
b) Documenting planning assumptions
c) Facilitating communications among stakeholders
d) Develop the project charter

137. 244 The role of the Project Manager relating to integration is MOST appropriately
described as?
a) Ensuring that the various project elements are properly coordinated
b) Ensuring that team members work together
c) Ensuring that the stakeholder’s role is integrated with the rest of the team
d) Ensuring that management’s role is integrated with everyday working’s of the project.

138. 218 Many more changes are made during the project executing processes that had been
expected. What is the BEST thing for the project manager to do now?
a) Wait until all changes are known, print out a new schedule, and revise the baseline
b) Make changes as needed, but maintain a schedule baseline
c) Make only the changes approved by the management
d) Talk to management before any changes are made.

139. 518 Which of the following is CORRECT concerning a change management plan?
a) It should include a method for controlling schedule
b) It is better if it focuses on cost
c) It is better if it concentrates on risk
d) It should be created during the executing process group.

140. 545 A project may be selected based on all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Benefit Measurement
b) Net present Value
c) The no. of resources used
d) Value analysis

141. 251 The primary customer of a project has requested an application change during user
testing. How should you BEST address this issue?
a) Develop a risk mitigation plan
b) Create a formal change request
c) Inform the project sponsor of the changes to scope, cost and schedule.
d) Ensure the scope change complies with all relevant contractual provisions.

142. 1323 A project has suffered many delays and the project manager has moved resources
around, spend more time with risk management , and even fast tracked the project
wherever possible. The project must be completed by its originally agreed to date, as
resources are needed for another project at that time. The project manager is about to
meet with the customer to tell them that product scope needs to be cut when you stop him.
What would you advice him to do?
a) Cut quality before cutting scope
b) Move resources from a non critical path to a critical path
c) Work overtime
d) Reevaluate the project’s business case

144. 523 An activity needs more time because an identified risk has occurred. The project
manager determines that there is enough reserve to accommodate the change. Who needs
to approve the change?
a) Management
b) Project manager
c) Team Member
d) Functional Manager

145. 252 A project manager has made a change to a project. What should she do NEXT?
a) Assign resource
b) Revise the project management plan and / or project documents
c) Evaluate impact
d) Request change control board involvement

146. 326 Your project no longer ties into the company’s objectives. What would be the BEST
thing to do?
a) Decrease the cost
b) Extend the schedule
c) Change the CPI
d) Change the target opportunity cost
147. 106 You have been assigned to take over managing a project that should be half
complete according to the schedule. After an extensive evaluation, you discover that the
project is running far behind the schedule, and that the project will take probably twice the
time originally estimated by a previous project manager. However, the sponsor has been
told that the project is on schedule. What is the BEST course of action?
a) Try to restructure the schedule to meet the project deadline
b) Report your assessment to the sponsor
c) Turn the project back to the previous project manager’
d) Move forward with the schedule as planned by the previous project manager and report
at the first missed milestone.

148. 1252 During project executing, a large no. of changes are made to the project. The
project manager should?
a) Wait until all changes are known and print out a new schedule
b) Make sure the project charter is still valid
c) Change the schedule baseline
d) Talk to management before any changes are made.

149. 277 Benefit measurement and constrained optimization are examples of:-
a) Benefit cost ratios
b) Variable costs
c) Types of depreciation
d) Project selection methods.

150. 199 Which of the following BEST describes the project management plan?
a) A print out from project management software
b) A bar chart
c) Risk, staffing, process improvement and other management plans
d) The project scope

151. 237 At a critical milestone in a development project, it is determined that

implementation is 2 months behind the schedule. The project manager is concerned that
the root cause is lack of conformance to requirements in the design of new billing system.
More extensive measurements are taken to see if , this is , in fact, the problem. Such
measurements are?
a) Not needed, the schedule should be compressed
b) An example of perform quality control
c) Not going to show why the schedule got detailed
d) Part of the perform Integrated change control process

152. 553 You have four projects from which to choose one. Project A is being done over a six
year period and has a Net Present Value of US$70,000. Project B is being done over a 3 year
period and has an NPV of US$30,000. Project C is being done over a five year period and has
an NPV of US$40,000. Project D is being done over a one year period and has an NPV of US$
60,000. Which project will you choose?
a) Project A
b) Project B
c) Project C
d) Project D

153. 219 A project manager has just been assigned to a project that has been in progress for
2 months when a team member requests more time on an activity he is working on. The
project manager discovers that the only impact to the project will be a delay on the non
critical path activity. The customer has emphasized the importance of completing the
project on schedule. What should the project manager do NEXT?
a) Submit the information to the change control board, determine if the event might
impact the team member’s future work, inform the team member of the board’s
b) Ask the team member why they need more time, begin integrated change control,
adjust the project schedule as needed.
c) Look for impacts to quality, cut unneeded scope from the project, ask for more
d) See if any stakeholder objects to the change. Calculate the exact impact on the project,
look at removing this resource from the project.

154. 184 You are a new project manager who has never managed a project before. You have
been asked to plan a new project. It would be BEST in this situation to rely on ______ during
planning to ensure the chances of success.
a) Your intuition and training
b) Stakeholder analysis
c) Historical Information
d) Configuration management
155. 559 Which of the following would be the BEST project to select?
a) A project that will take 6 years to complete and has a NPV of $45,000
b) A project that will take 3 years to complete and has a NPV of $85,000
c) A project that will take 8 years to complete and has a NPV of $30,000
d) A project that will take 10 years to complete and has a NPV of $60,000

156. 1196 You have just completed the design phase for a client’s project and are about to
enter the implementation phase. All of the following NEED to be done EXCEPT?
a) Lessons learned
b) Updating records
c) Formal acceptance
d) Completion of the product of the project

157. 552 Four projects has been proposed to management. Project A has a payback period of
16 months. Project A has a payback period of 12 months. Project A has a payback period of
8 months. Project A has a payback period of 6 months. Which project should management
a) Project A
b) Project B
c) Project C
d) Project D

158. 1276 Which of the following is CORRECT?

a) Inspecting is part of project control and order of magnitude estimates are in the range
of -10 to -25%.
b) Determining that the project is following policies and procedures is done in the Perform
Quality Assurance Process, and accepting work results is done in the verify scope
c) Define scope and make or buy decisions are parts of plan procurement process
d) Cost estimates are best created by a person doing the work and detailed project cost
budget is created by the management.

159. 548 Which factor would NOT be considered when choosing between two projects to
a) Net present value (NPV)
b) Benefit cost ratio (BCR)
c) Payback period
d) Law of diminishing returns

160. 160 Which of the following would BEST prevent the cultural problems on your
international project?
a) Training in the project management process to be used.
b) Training in the language of one of the countries involved in the project
c) Training in cultural differences between the other countries
d) Training on mannerisms of the other countries.

161. 174 Your organization is having a difficult time managing all of its projects. You have
been asked to help senior management get a better understanding of the problem. What do
you do FIRST?
a) Meet with the individual project managers to get a better sense of what is happening
b) Send a formal memo to all the project managers requesting their project management
c) Meet with the senior managers to help them develop a new tracking system for
managing projects.
d) Review the project charters and bar charts for all the projects

162. 1202 What is the BEST technique to ensure that the project work is really complete?
a) Final performance reporting
b) Procurement audits
c) Archive records
d) Formal acceptance

163. 126 You are a project manager on an international project of great importance to the
client. The client is from another country and is so excited by how well the project is going
that he presents you with a company automobile for your personal use. The BEST thing for
you to do would be to?
a) Thank him and offer a gift in exchange
b) Politely turn down the gift
c) Ask that the gift be exchanged for something that can be shared by the team
d) Ask for a gift that can be used up before you return home.
164. 557 As a project manager, you are presented with the following information on the
payback period for several possible projects. Which project is your best choice?
a) Project A with a payback period of 6 months
b) Project B with a payback period of 9 months
c) Project C with a payback period of 12 months
d) Project D with a payback period of 18 months

165. 1324 The six month project has 300 Work packages and US$600,000 budget. 3 months
into the project 150 work packages are complete and US $300,000 has been spent. Which of
the following is CORRECT?
a) The project is on time and on budget
b) The project manager should reevaluate cost performance but not worry about time
c) The project needs 50 more work packages to be completed to be on time
d) There is not enough information.

166. 235 All of the following are outputs of the Monitor and control work process group
a) Rejected change requests
b) Recommended corrective actions
c) Forecasts
d) Recommended defect repair

167. 961 It is important to collect project records at the end of the project EXCEPT?
a) Document decisions made on the project
b) Recall what happened on the project
c) Support cost decisions
d) Support the risks on the project

168. 1322 A project manager has out in place rules covering who will have access to control
documents, how changes to these documents will be recorded and approved, and how
everyone will know what the current version is. The project manager is therefore creating a
a) Work authorization system
b) Change control system
c) Configuration management system
d) Project management Information system

169. 501 A team member notifies the project manager after the fact that certain project
deliverables have been attained without performing all the associated work packages in the
WBS. What should the project manager do FIRST?
a) Immediately communicate the changes to all the team members and stakeholders and
have team members performance reviewed.
b) Review work packages and deliverables to determine impact if any, recommend
changes to the project management plan.
c) Change the project performance measurement baselines and the WBS
d) Change the reporting process to get the information sooner than review the
communication management plan to see if it is still appropriate to the needs of the

170. 535 You have been assigned as a project manager of a construction project that has had
two previous project managers, when you discover that a deliverable will be late. Your
analysis shows that an item can be purchased from another seller at a higher price without
affecting the schedule. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Evaluate the impact of the decision
b) Discuss the impact with the customer and ask for a decision
c) Crash or fast track the project
d) Change the project management plan to reflect the new due date.

171. 375 During project executing, you find that the customer has requested a change to the
scope of work even though it was not previously approved. There are no objections to the
cost of the change. What should you do first?
a) Follow the change control process
b) Discuss the change with the customer
c) Meet with the team and plan alternatives
d) Evaluate and document the risks that might result from this change.

172. 883 At the end of a two year project , the key stakeholders agree that the project has
met all its objectives outlined in the project charter and further defined in the scope and
statement of work. The project was within budget and finished on time. The management of
one of the functional areas is quite upset because over half of its staff quits during the
project citing long hours and lack of management support. What is the MOST correct
statement about this project?
a) The project was within budget and time and achieved its objectives. Upper management
is responsible for providing adequate resources, and the project manager successfully
managed the project with available resources
b) The project should be measured against how successfully it met its project charter. This
was not done during this project.
c) The project manager did not obtain adequate resources and did not set a realistic
deadline based on the resources available.
d) The functional manager is responsible for his staff and obtaining adequate resources to
meet the schedule once it has been met. The project and the project manager achieved
all of its objectives set forth in the project charter.

173. 214 The need for ______ is one of the major driving forces fro communication on a
a) Optimization
b) Integrity
c) Integration
d) Differentiation

174. 1321 Though it was difficult, the project manager received agreement to the project
charter from all the four sponsors involved in the project and the US$4,000,000 project was
approved. Now the cost variance for the project is -$500 and the last performance review
was positive. Just when the project entered its second phase, a team member on a non
critical path activity announced she was leaving the company. The float of activity L changed
from 2 to 4 days. Only one unidentified risk has occurred with a minor impact. The last
quality review showed that the project has made use of the results of the last design of
experiments. Based on this information, what should the project manager do NEXT?
a) Complete closure of the first phase.
b) Fast track the project to add more float
c) Review the management plans
d) Investigate additional risks caused by the difficulty with the senior managers.

175. 254 Which of the following BEST describes the project manager’s role related to
a) Serve the customer and do what the customer wants.
b) Monitor and track changes to ensure they benefit the project
c) Influence the factors that cause changes
d) Deny change requests whenever possible.

176. 195 You have accepted a position at a company where you’ll manage a group of projects
in a coordinated way. This organization specifically hired you to start a project management
office to help it develop a more structured approach to do project management. What
should you do FIRST?
a) Study the history of the organization
b) Get your job description changed to either project management or project management
office work but not both.
c) Meet with key stakeholders to better understand the organization and the projects
d) Focus on communication with your boss and other senior managers.

177. 960 A company is making an effort to improve its project performance and create
historical records of past projects. What is the BEST way to accomplish this?
a) Create project management plans
b) Create lessons learned
c) Create network diagrams
d) Create status reports

178. 1314 The project manager has noticed that there are lot of changes on the project. This
has not been considered a problem until one day he discovers that he cannot determine
how many scope changes are currently being reviewed. This problem would be an error in
which of the following?
a) Change control system and project scope management plan
b) Plan purchase and acquisition and requirements gathering
c) Lack of change control board and constrained optimization
d) A poor change configuration system and benefit analysis.

179. 965 All of the following are parts of CLOSE project or phase process except?
a) Collection of records
b) Analysis of project success and effectiveness
c) Coordinating the operations and maintenance phase of a project
d) Archiving project information.
180. 279 A person is writing a document identifying the business needs for a project and is
including a description of the product created by the project. She includes a list of
stakeholders and pre assigned resources. What is the role of this person on the project?
a) The project manager for the project or the company functional manager.
b) A member of the project management team working at the directions of the project
c) The sponsor or the project manager
d) A manager or executive in the organization who is higher in the corporate hierarchy
than the project manager.

181. 1418 Which of the following BEST describes when a project phase is generally
a) When the work is done
b) When the deliverables are accepted
c) When the work for the next phase is ready to start
d) When it is scheduled in the milestone schedule.

182. 139 Your company is purchasing the services of a consultant. You own stock in one of
the consulting companies interested in the work. What should you do?
a) Work hard to get the consulting company selected for the project
b) Tell your manager and remove yourself from the selection committee
c) Tell the people from the consulting company that you hope that they get the work
d) Keep the information to yourself.

183. 959 Outputs of the close project or phase process include all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Project archives
b) Formal acceptance
c) Lessons learned
d) A risk audit

184. 263 A project manager has finished the project. He knows that the project scope has
been completed and is within cost and time objectives set up by the management.
Management however says that the project is a failure, because the original schedule was
for 27 weeks and the project was completed in 33 weeks. If the project baseline was 33
weeks, the project is a success because?
a) It only had six weeks of changes
b) It was completed within the baseline
c) There were so few changes
d) There was good communication control.

185. 286 Which of the following is included in the project charter?

a) A risk management strategy.
b) Work package estimates
c) Detailed resource estimates
d) The business need for the project

186. 209 The project manager has just received a change from the customer that does not
affect a project schedule and is easy to complete. What should the project manager do
a) Make the change happen as soon as possible
b) Contact the project sponsor for permission
c) Go to the change control board
d) Evaluate the impacts on other project constraints.

187. 1237 The project is not completed until?

a) The project scope is completed, administrative closure is completed, and payments are
b) Formal acceptance is received, and any other requirements for project closure as stated
in the contracts are met.
c) The customer is satisfied and the final payment is received.
d) Lessons learned are completed

188. 130 You are taken to lunch by one of your sellers who has become your friend. He gives
you an opportunity to participate in a new venture in association with his company,
unrelated to your current employment. What should you do?
a) Refuse to participate
b) Participate
c) Participate, but advice your employer of the offer
d) Request your employer’s consent for your participation.

189. 963 A project is considered closed when the:-

a) Client accepts the product
b) Lessons learned are completed
c) Archives are completed
d) Contract is finished

190. 142 In order to complete work on your projects , you have been provided confidential
information from all of your clients. A university contacts you to help it in its research. Such
assistance would require you to provide university with some of the client data from your
files. What should you do?
a) Release the information, but remove all the references from the client’s names.
b) Provide high level information only’
c) Contact your clients and seek permission to disclose the information
d) Disclose the information

191. 554 The amount of funds available for a company to invest in projects is called?
a) Working capital
b) Sunk costs
c) Value analysis
d) Direct costs

192. 613 You are in the middle of the project executing and find that you are running out of
the money due to unanticipated changes. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Crash or fast track the project
b) Reevaluate the risk analysis and contingency funding
c) Ask for a change to the project budget
d) Use resources that do not charge against the project.

193. 211 Your company just won a major new project. It’ll begin in 3 months and is valued at
$2,000,000. You are the project manager of an existing project. What is the first thing you
should do upon hearing of the new project?
a) Ask management how the new project will use resources
b) Resource level your project
c) Crash your project
d) Ask your management how the new project will affect your project.
194. 1358 The project manager has managed 4 projects for the company and is being
considered to join the project management office team. The following is discovered during
the evaluation of his performance. The project manager’s first project has an ending cost
variance of -500, used two critical resources, needed to rework the project charter during
project executing, and was ranked 14th in priority in the company. The second project
finished with the schedule variance of +100, was completed with a vastly compressed
schedule, and received a letter of recommendation from the sponsor, but the product of the
project was not used. The third project has 23 % more changes than expected, had an SPI of
0.90 and 25 open items in the issue log when the project was completed. Each of this
project has a cost budget of US$1000 and 20 to 28 percent more changes than others of its
size. The project management office decided not to add this project manager to the team.
Which of the following BEST describes why this might have happened?
a) The project manager has only managed low priority projects and he had to compress
the schedule, showing that he does not have the skill to work in the project
management office.
b) Issue logs should not be used on projects of this size, showing that the project manager
does not have the knowledge to work in a project management office.
c) The project manager did not affectively include all the stakeholders, showing that he
does not have the knowledge to work in a project management office.
d) The project manager had two critical resources on their team and still needed to rework
the project charter, showing that he does not have the discipline to work in the project
management office.

195. 1225 Approved corrective action is an input to which of the following processes?
a) Verify scope
b) Direct and manage project execution
c) Develop project charter
d) Develop schedule

196. 1442 Which of the following is part if Integration Management process?

a) Monitor and control project work
b) Develop human resource plan
c) Perform quality assurance
d) Report performance

197. 258 A team member notifies you, after the fact, that she has added extra functionality
to the project. There was no impact on the cost and the schedule. What should be done as
a result of this change?
a) Inform the customer
b) Make sure the marketing is aware of the change
c) Understand what functionality was added
d) Implement change control processes to track the change

198. 185 The sponsor has asked you to require that each piece of the project scope be
planned, estimated and scheduled. The sponsor also wants to authorize each piece of the
project management plan after the documentation is assembled. What is the most
appropriate response to these requests?
a) Politely advise the sponsor to forego the authorization of work
b) Provide the sponsor with the schedule when the components will be ready for
c) Ask the sponsor to authorize each piece before completed
d) Tell the sponsor that the chance for authorization will come after the pieces of the
project management plan are being complied

199. 1283 What is the last thing that occurs during the Close project or phase process?
a) Formal acceptance is received
b) Lessons learned are created
c) Financial closure is achieved
d) Resources are released

200. 1189 The buyer asks the project manager for the status of the project that his team is
working on. What is the best way to determine the status of the project?
a) Compare the project performance against the project baselines
b) Compare the earned value to the planned value
c) Compare the project performance against the Integrated change control project
management plan.
d) Compare the no. of people used on each work package to the planned no. to be used.

201. 137 You are in a middle of a project when you discover that a software seller for your
project is having major difficulties keeping employees due to a labor dispute. Many other
projects in your company are also being using the company’s services. What should you do?
a) Attempt to keep the required people on your project.
b) Tell the other project managers in your company about the labor problem
c) Contact the company and advise it that you’ll cancel its work on the project unless it
settles the labor dispute
d) Cease doing business with the company

202. 128 In the course of completing work on the project, the project manager needs to
complete an activity that she has never done before. During this time the project manager
attends a professional association discussion where the presenter discussed how he
completed a difficult activity on his project that is similar to the project manager’s activity.
He provides a handout describing its processes the project manager should?
a) Use the process to complete the activity
b) Ask the speaker for permission to use the information
c) Ignore the information
d) Ask the manager for guidance

203. 610 You are asked to prepare a budget for completing a project that was started last
year and shelved for 6 months. All of the following would be included in the budget EXCEPT?
a) Fixed costs
b) Sunk costs
c) Direct Costs
d) Variable costs

204. 1482 Which list includes a process where recommended corrective action is not an
a) Perform quality control, control costs, report performance.
b) Control costs, perform quality assurance, direct and manager project execution.
c) Control scope, distribute information, monitor and control risks
d) Monitor and control project work, manage stakeholder expectations, perform quality

205. 140 You are approached by company A to produce certain software. During the middle
of the project, the competitor of company A asks you to product similar software. What
should you do?
a) Do not do the new project since it is conflict of interest.
b) Do the project using some of the material used for company A
c) Do the project with all new work
d) Revise the intellectual property clause for the first project to help determine the
approach to take.

206. 1280 which of the following BEST describes when a project charter may be used for
when the work is being completed?
a) To make sure all the team members are rewarded.
b) To help determine if the scope change needs to be approved
c) To assess the effectiveness of the change control system
d) To make sure that all the documentation on the project is completed.

207. 560 what is Present Value (PV) ?

a) Value of assets that a company owns
b) Today’s value of future cash flows
c) Future value of money on hand today
d) Current value of today’s assets adjusted for inflation.

208. 1313 The project was working well until the director of marketing discovered that two
of her staff members were working on different versions of the sampling plan, a product of
your project. Which of the following BEST describes what needs the attention of the project
manager on this project?
a) Stakeholder Management
b) Resource allocation
c) Staffing management plan
d) Configuration management

209. 1236 All of the following are outputs of Close project or phase process EXCEPT?
a) Lessons learned
b) Formal acceptance
c) Reduced resource spending
d) Benefit cost analysis

210. 147 During construction of a new manufacturing facility in another country, one of your
team member complains to you that the wage paid to the workers is below the acceptable
wage in your home country. In this situation it is BEST to?
a) Pay the workers in the new facility the same wage as your country
b) Pay the workers in the new facility a little less than the acceptable wage as your country.
c) Pay the workers an appropriate wage for the country within which they work
d) Ignore the issue as you have not heard the workers complain.

211. 205 Inputs to the direct and manage project execution process includes all of the
following EXCEPT?
a) Approved corrective action
b) Project management plan
c) Implemented corrective actions
d) Validated defect repair

212. 953 Which of the following is a common problem in the close project or phase process?
a) Retaining resources to complete the project
b) Complete the quality assurance plan
c) Obtaining scope verification
d) Completing a project charter

213. 561 Your company can accept one of the three possible projects. Project A has a Net
Present Value (NPV) of US$30,000 and takes almost 6 years to complete. Project B has a
Net Present Value (NPV) of US$60,000 and takes almost 3 years to complete. Project C has
a Net Present Value (NPV) of US$90,000 and takes almost 4 years to complete. Which
project should you choose?
a) They all have the same value
b) Project A
c) Project B
d) Project C

214. 1198 One of the project objectives for your company was to acquire additional expertise
completing a large scale design project. The project is mostly completed when a client
terminates the contract. A change in their business means that the work is no longer
needed. What is the MOST effective thing to do?
a) Stop work immediately
b) Complete the project, but do not charge the client for the time
c) Tell the client the work will stop after it is completed
d) Move on to the close project or phase process.
215. 182 The project charter for a project was approved for planning and you have just been
assigned as project manager, realizing that project planning is an ongoing effort throughout
the project which processes your are MOST likely to combine?
a) Create WBS and define activities
b) Estimate activity durations and develop schedule
c) Develop human resource plan and estimate costs
d) Estimate costs and determine budget

216. 107 You need to make a major change to the equipment used on your project. You
know of a product that meets your needs, but you are worried because your brother owns
the company that produces the product. What should you do?
a) Negotiate a good deal for the project with your brother.
b) Let the customer know of the issue
c) Submit the bid and allow your brother to negotiate with the contracting office.
d) Eliminate your brother from bidding

217. 1260 Effective project management usually requires an emphasis on?

a) The personal careers of the team members
b) Timely updates to the project management plan
c) Effective communication at key interface points
d) Product control

218. 134 You have designed an improved system for a consumer product that could decrease
repair cost for the customer. Management is impressed with your idea, but has decided to
wait until next year to implement it. What is the BEST thing to do?
a) Advise government officials that there is a better alternative that could save the public
b) Wait until next year
c) Go to one of your competitors with the idea in order to save consumer cost
d) Tell everyone you come in contact with , that you have a better design.

219. 124 You have always been asked by your management to cut down your project
estimate by 10 percent after you have given it to them. The scope of your new project is
unclear and there are over 30 stakeholders. Management expects a 25% reduction in
downtime as a result of the project. Which of the following is the bEST course of action in
this situation?
a) Replan to achieve a 35% improvement in the downtime
b) Reduce the estimates and note the changes in the risk response plan.
c) Provide an accurate estimate of the actual costs and be able to support your estimate
d) Meet with the team to identify where you can find 10% savings.

220. 611 Your department is currently working on 4 urgent projects when it is assigned a
major new project. to staff the new project, one of the few urgent projects needs to be
terminated . The Benefits cist ratios for the 4 projects are listed. Which project would you
select for termination?
a) 0.8
b) 1.1
c) 0.9
d) 1.9

221. 1307 The project has been going on well when one of the suppliers informs you that , as
they warned you during project planning, they will deliver your equipment two days late. At
the same time, you get the call from the team member informing you that the critical path
activity she is working on will take longer to complete than planned. What is the BEST thing
to do?
a) Use a contingency reserve for the first, and find out how much later the activity will be.
b) Ask for a change order for each
c) Have both reviewed with the change control board
d) Find out why the activity was late

222. 550 If project A has a Net Present Value of US$30,000 and project B has an NPV of
US$50,000. What is the opportunity cost if project B is selected?
a) $23,000
b) $30,000
c) $20,000
d) $50,000

223. 117 You are assigned to a project that senior management has already decided to
outsource. As a project manager you need to work with the contracts department to select
the vendor and then oversee the vendor through project completion. Company policy
requires that a project of this size should go through a formal bid process. A vice president
in your company tells you that his friend owns one of the companies that might bid on the
project and the company would be an excellent choice as a vendor. The vice president has a
reputation of making or breaking careers. What is generally the BEST course of action?
a) Follow the bid process, and show the vice president why the favored vendor is or is not
the BEST choice.
b) Obtain written permission to bypass the formal bid process
c) Let the evaluation team know that the management has a favorite vendor
d) Let the contracts department handle the situation

224. 555 There are two projects to choose between. Project A of NPV of US$45,000, and
Project B with an NPV of US$85,000. What is the opportunity cost of selecting project B?
a) $45,000
b) $85,000
c) $40,000
d) $130,000

225. 546 A company is attempting to select the BEST project from the list of available
choices. If the information they have includes following benefit cost ratios, which projects
should they pick?
a) 2.2
b) 1.3
c) 0.8
d) 1.6

226. 603 Which of the following sequences represents straight line depreciation?
a) $100, $100, $100
b) $100, $120, $140
c) $100, $120, $160
d) $160, $140, $120

227. 1316 Which of the following is NOT a reason to measure variances from the baseline?
a) To catch deviations early
b) To allow corrective actions
c) To determine if there are any wild fluctuations
d) To create a project control system
228. 148 Management has promised you part of the incentive fee from the customer if you
complete the project early. While finalizing a major deliverable, your team informs you that
the deliverable meets the requirements in the contract , but will not provide the
functionality the customer needs. If the deliverable is late, the project will not be completed
early. What action should you take?
a) Provide the deliverable as it is.
b) Inform the customer of the situation, and work out a mutually agreeable solution
c) Start to compile a list of delays caused by the customer to prepare for negotiations
d) Cut other activities in a way that will be unnoticed to provide more time to fix the

229. 236 The networking vendor has contracted the project manager to inform her that the
recent earthquake will impact the delivery of critical components , the project team meets
to determine the impact on the overall project and determines that staffing will not be
affected, but that changes will need to be made in the areas of risk and cost management.
What is the project team involved in here?
a) Configuration Management
b) Work authorization analysis
c) Status review meeting
d) Integrated change control

230. 1247 All of the following are parts of Direct and Manage Project Execution except?
a) Identifying changes
b) Using a work breakdown structure
c) Implementing corrective actions
d) Setting up a project control system

231. 72 Due to corporate restructuring, the project sponsor, a major stakeholder and the
CEO have left the company. The project manager’s project is past the halfway point and the
remaining members of the management team have been lukewarm towards the project.
The new CEO does not place a high value on project management methodology, and the
project team is nervous about its future. Under these circumstances, what is the primary
responsibility of a project manager?
a) Try to determine if the team should continue working on the project
b) Ensure that the conflict of interest does not compromise the legitimate interests of the
c) Interact with others in a professional manner while completing the project
d) Provide accurate and truthful representations in all the projects reports
232. 1293 When managing a project , which of the following is a best order to deal with the
problems that arise?
a) Go to the team, go to the management, go to the resource managers
b) Go to the resource managers, go to the management, go to the customer
c) Handle it yourself, go to customer, go to the management
d) Resolve the problem with resources you control, go to resource manager, go to

233. 90 You are making another international trip and have been invited to a holiday
celebration. During the celebration, you discover that all of the subcontracted work for the
project has been given to one of the team member’s brothers. What should you do?
a) Do nothing if the project is progressing on schedule.
b) Evaluate the cost of the subcontracted work
c) Determine what the common practices are in that country.
d) Tell the team members that such actions are not allowed.

234. 633 A project has a payback period of 9 months. What does this mean?
a) It will take the project 9 months to start incurring costs
b) The project will be complete in 9 months
c) The first 9 months of the project will provide profit to the company.
d) It will take the project 9 months to cover the investment and start generating revenue.

235. 206 During which part of the project management process is MOST of the project’s
budget expended?
a) Planning
b) Executing
c) Monitoring and controlling
d) Closing

236. 1320 A project manager meets with a resource manager and asks to move resources
from project A to project B. what is the most likely reason for this request?
a) A problem has caused delay beyond the project manager’s ability to control.
b) Project A has become high priority within the organization
c) An activity has taken longer than planned
d) An activity was missed because the work breakdown structure was not created.
237. 119 A floor in one of the office buildings company owns is now available for rent. It is
imperative that the space be rented within one month. The only offer that has been
received is from a company that is a competitor. What is the BEST thing to do in this
a) Offer the space to the customer under a short term lease agreement.
b) Report the issue to the management and inform the customer of their decision.
c) As part of the lease agreement, include a non competitive agreement.
d) Tell the customer that your company has decided to use the space.

238. 383 The project has been going relatively well, although there have been some
problems with the resource availability and the project scope has changed more than was
expected. The project is now completing one of its phases. Of all decisions, the sponsor
must consider during an end of phase review meeting, the MOST difficult is?
a) Authorizing scope change for the next phase.
b) Authorizing budget increases for the next phase based on scope changes.
c) Cancelling the project
d) Decreasing scope to maintain the budget.

239. 1050 During project executing, the project manager is investing a lot of time solving
problems that arise. It would be better for the project manager to transfer his efforts to?
a) Having the team solve the problems, thus freeing his time to hold more meetings.
b) Executing the project management plan and making sure the quality management plan
is viable.
c) Identifying additional risks and following the risk management process.
d) Performing sensitivity analysis on past problems and transferring then to other projects.

240. 141 Your company puts a new product into the marketplace without any reports of
problems. However your internal research indicates that there is a possibility of serious
injuries that would cost US$20,000,000 to fix. What should you do?
a) Make the necessary modifications to the products in production.
b) Recall all existing product
c) Wait until an injury to verify the impact.
d) Obtain insurance to cover anticipated changes.

241. 962 An output of the close project or phase process is the creation of?
a) Project archives
b) A project charter
c) Project management plan
d) Risk analysis plan

242. 232 Which of the following is the BEST method to control changes on the project?
a) Look for sources of changes
b) Make the changes quickly when they occur
c) Prevent changes from being made
d) Direct all changes to the change control board

243. 1262 You are taking over a project and determine the following. Activity B has an early
finish (EF) of Day 3 , a late finish (LF) of day 6 and an early start (ES) of day 2. Activity L is
being done by a hard to get resource. The Cost Performance Index (C.P.I) is 1.1 and the
Schedule Performance Index is 0.8. Based on this information, what would you be MOST
concerned about?
a) Float
b) Resources
c) Cost
d) Schedule