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MMS Demo 9 agenda 




Coratim Business Center, 3-5, Campul Painii Street 
400058, Cluj Napoca, RO 

  MMS Demo 9 - 05.12.18    2   


Agenda items 
1. ​Directorate filter. ​By default, there is no filter. After selecting a Directorate filter, the filter will be 
saved for next logins as well / each user. 
2. When adding a meeting, there should be the option to add additional languages prior to the ones 
inherited from the Committee. 

3. Updated agenda page header design. 

4. Removed 'The page was last updated...'. It will only be displayed on the ​View HTML​​ page. 

5. Removed 'For any difficulties downloading...'. It will only be displayed on the ​View HTML​​ page. 

6. Fixed presentations breadcrumbs. 

Request​​: When viewing presentation details, the breadcrumbs lose the COMMITTEE first level, and just 
show a number for the presentation. This could be ‘Presentation 3’ or ‘Presentation 
7. No duplicate presentations can now be created. 
8. ​Added timestamp to history modal. 
9. Admin permissions. Admin can publish documents / create documents / all the options of the 
10. Tooltips (Upload, Download, History) are now present in documents detail page.  
11. No more blank history for published translations. 
12. Removed ​My Tasks ​and ​User Management ​pages for Admin. 
13. Agenda related: 
● Line reorder, multi-reorder 
● Line delete, multi-delete 
● Edit agenda items on different language 
● Export 
● Browse documents + add documents to agenda items