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UN Security Council
Fostering Consensus,
Acting for Peace
Candidate for a non-permanent seat
on the United Nations Security Council
in 2019-2020
Elections to be held in June 2018

As a founding member of the United Nations, Belgium brings a longstand-

ing tradition of commitment to multilateralism. Our attachment to the
goals and principles of the United Nations Charter is beyond doubt.

Peace and security, human rights and sustainable development are at the A comprehensive approach
heart of our diplomacy.
to conflict resolution
As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Belgium would
actively promote an ambitious agenda for peace and security at the service The recent peacekeeping and peacebuilding
of the citizens of the world. Our history shows that smaller States can reviews have demonstrated the need to invest
make the difference when it comes to building bridges and uniting more in conflict prevention and in mediation
Nations. Every voice counts. and to guarantee long term investment in UN
peace operations. Belgium promotes peace-
This is what we stand for: building policies that address the root causes of
Fostering Consensus, Acting for Peace. conflict and bring about coherent and sustained
solutions. The role of women in peace and
security must be fully recognized.

We support UN peacekeeping operations

directly as well as through training and technical
missions. The Belgian pioneering role in dealing
Charles Michel
effectively with indiscriminate weapons such as
Prime Minister antipersonnel mines and unexploded war
remnants is widely known. We are actively
engaged in curbing the illicit trafficking of small
arms and light weapons.
Alexander De Croo Didier Reynders
Deputy Prime Minister Deputy Prime Minister Protecting civilians, caring for children and
Minister of Development Minister of Foreign Affairs safeguarding access to schools and hospitals
Cooperation and European Affairs in armed conflict are Belgian priorities.
Promoting global
and shared values
Respect for human rights is essential for the Alexander De Croo
dignity of each individual and for maintaining
peaceful societies. We must stand together to
counter violent extremism and terrorism and
to promote fundamental rights and freedoms.
Preventing hate speech and radicalization A committed partner
are core elements of a comprehensive for sustainable development
approach. We should also be united in the fight
against impunity. Belgium believes in an effective multilatera-
lism that leaves no one behind. We have
Enhancing equality and counteracting discri- consistently supported the UN and multilateral
mination are Belgian priorities. Respect for organizations through core funding. We firmly
human rights, the rule of law and international believe that digitalization and collaboration
law are key to peace, stability and development. with the private sector offer new opportunities.

Belgium stands ready to engage in an open Belgium has pledged to direct at least 50
and respectful dialogue on these issues. percent of its official development assistance to
the Least Developed Countries. When in
need, countries must be able to count on
Didier Reynders solidarity: this is illustrated by our humanitarian
aid and contributions to disaster risk reduction.

A world in balance will be a world at peace. We

must work together to tackle effectively today’s
global challenges, in particular extreme poverty,
climate change, global health, migration and

Sustainable development is part and parcel of

our collective security environment. Belgium will
assume its share of this global responsibility.

Queen Mathilde of Belgium (L),

António Guterres and King Philippe of Belgium

Prime Minister
Charles Michel
Fostering Consensus
Acting for Peace
Consensus smeden
Bouwen aan vrede
Bâtir le consensus
Agir pour la paix
Konsens schmieden
Handeln für den Frieden
Fomentar el consenso
Construir la paz
Construir um consenso
Agir para a paz
Достигать консенсуса
Действовать во имя мира

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