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Interested in connecting your classroom to others abroad and

collaborating on issues that matter? Join Narrative Atlas - an online

community focused on global competencies, digital literacy and
reaching the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Here is what you can expect during your journey on Narrative Atlas!

Guided Activities
Students are given a series of tasks
using the platform's rich set of tools:
with a couple clicks, they can create
and post videos and images, share
3 6 Solutions present
To exhibit their learning publicly,
students document their work and
learning resources, make maps, and present their solutions both in their
more--all in one secure place home communities and online.

Private groups are created

Students and teachers from the two
classrooms are added to a private
online group. Their first activity is to
complete a personal profile (answers to
“Who Am I?” prompts) to introduce
5 Students Collaborate
Students communicate and
themselves to the group. collaborate on action plans to take
action locally to address an SDG.

Classrooms are matched

We help pair your classroom with a
classroom in another part of the world. Students Investigate
An online teacher group is created to
help you and your counterpart finalize 1 With the teachers' guidance,
students learn about a particular
your area of investigation, plan
activities, and ensure outcomes align to
one another's curricular needs.
4 global challenge, investigate how it
affects their local community, and
teach their new friends about what
their community is doing to address
the challenge.