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istic ontario Division No, 12-Ottana JAmended Court No. Estate No. ~Fom78~ ‘Sletement of Ass (Business Bankrupt) made by an entity (Subsection 49(2) and Paragraph 1$8(d) ofthe Act / Subsections 60(2) and 621) ofthe Act) Inthe mater ofthe bankrupt of 2433862 Ontario nc. ofthe Cy of Trenton inte Province of Ontario. Tote bank: Yow are requ caetlyanéaccurey comple his fom adhe applicable tachment showing he slate of youre on te dao he bank, one ‘tn day of Janusy 2019, When cempltc, the for an the apleablaatacherts wl constue the Statement of Aas ané must be verti ty ea or slam aaron. Uasuimies Asses (assited and estate by he fice) (es sated andesite byte ofc) 1, Unsecured credo as palit" 403508887 Into 40.01.00 Balance of secured lds. pert seateag 2 Trade tes, oe. 808 SIT} Posts osehabe a ethar reenable as perl Toblunsecued cedtos, as aad prt 2 Secured creo a pret s7a70100 Dow 700 refered creditor as perit'C* 00 Ls, 3 bs lsubldeoeaial etal Esinated io produce. 000 4. Content, tust dais or ter bis as parlt"O* 09 4. Bllsofechange, promissory not, ta pers" 000 ental be eimai fr. 5. Deposis in ancl insttons 006 Toa abies. 492987487 6.Casn 000 CT estck 000 beat ME zines eqdpmentae pant 0070000, {Real propery rinmovatieas pert" 006 4. Fumitue 000 ‘RRSP, RRIF, ensurance, 000 12 Sac taes bonds, debentures et). 000 12 iret under wis. 000 14. Vehicles. sa7c000 16. Other pone, a peri 'H" 7100 \eskuptis a corporation, ad ‘amount of subse capita 1.0000 ‘Amount pid on opal. 100006 Balance subscibed and unpaid 000 Estimated to pocuce 00 Tal asses 47570200 Detseney 4as3.ir287 | Halo Ghacinan of the of Ble inthe Province of ta do swear (or soley dere) tha hs statement ar he ataced is 2010 ‘he best my krowoogo au, tue and compete salen efmy alr onthe ith day of Janey 2018 an fly cee al property of every desertion that inmy possession hatmay dele on me in acorance wih the ct SWORN (orSOLEUNLY DECLARED) teforeme athe Cy gyarrt inthe Province of rt, on his day of aru 2018. Haloh Ghalehiant Joseph Edward Allan Albert, @ Commissioner, etc, Provinea of Ontario, for Albert Gelman Inc. Expires Nevember 22, 2019, Page 1 District of: Ontario Division No, 12- Ottawa Court No. Estate No. FORM 78 — Continued List "A" Unsecured Creditors 2433552 Ontario inc. Total claim Name of creditor Address: Unsecuredciaim | Balance of claim 1 2557641 Ontario Inc. 1.00 0.00 Unpaid Rent - to be determined 2] 407 ETR Express Toll Route i Altre Marion Richardson'Collections | Woodbridge ON| 16,808.96 ‘Ashley, Sarah Pelee cr Belleville ON Bay Marine Bell Canada B 17,193.17, 30,000.00 15,131.05. Business Development Bank of Canada- Toronto Attr: Special Accounts Cabunoc, Joan and Geny CAL Financial Attre Christien Ledroit 22 — PO | iD Clayton Fearon Oakville ON ‘11-Jan-2019 L t Date Haleh Ghelichkhani B 24 Page 2 of 14 District of: Ontario Division No. 12- Ottawa Court No. Estate No. FORM 78 — Continued List "A" Unsecured Creditors 2433582 Ontario Ine, San oa —m_<—<-- S| Corey, Kimberly USA 9,842.00 0.00 ‘County Courier 0,00 Bettevile ON (County of Hastings. 32.00 Belleville ON Total claim av ‘Cousar, Jeremiah USA | 10,540.30 (CRA - Tax - Ontario 248,115.00 83785 6580 RPOOO1 ShawiniganSud QC| CRA - Tax - Ontario RoRTIRP. ‘ShawiniganSud QC GSP 5H9 CRS Contractors Rental Supply 6,469.60 Belleville ON 0. O4 On 248,115.00 6,469.60 Dafoe Roofing Ltd. 393.24 Betevile ON AAA De la Garza, Jorge Stoufivite ON Densford, Christine USA 5 Jefersonville IN: 196. 93. 14,593.22 “ ON ‘Dunham, Art 21,335.00 Ard Earl Rosebush Fuels D/O United independent Energy Group Inc al Eleciical Safety Authority 2077.14 567.48 00 1,300.00 00 00 64,091 dildd ded fd J oof ot oF 5-20 22 1.16 7,782.88 0.00 Galco Industrial Electronics. | “I GATSTEEL - Venture Steele 46 | Haleh Ghelichkhani Bettevile ON ‘1iJan-2019 Date Haleh Ghelichkhani Page 3 of 14