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Sleigh Ride Words by Mitchell Parish Music by Leroy Anderson Moderato Just hear those (no chord) JP fp ie sleigh bells _jin-gle -ing, | ring - ting-tin-gle-ing,| too, | Come on, it’s |Iove -ly_ wea-therfor™a Sleigh Ride to~ ge-ther with) you. |. Outside the} snow is fall -ing andfriends are call -ing “Yoo Come on it’s jlove- ly wea- ther fora |Sleigh Ride to- ge-ther with | you. Gid-ay | ya." eit-dy-yan, id= ay Ayan, lets go, | Tevstoka he) abe chm? FR B {© Copyright 1950 Mil Muse ne, New York 48 Reprinted by kind We're rid-ing"in | won-der-land of | snow. ‘Gid-dy yap, gid-dy-yap, gid-dy iyap,it’s grand, = just hold-ing your! tale, We're glid-ing a slong with a songofa |win-ter-y fair-y — | land; Our cheeks are] nice and ro-sy,andcom-fy co-zy arg we, |. We're snug-gled |up to-ge-therlike two birds of a fea- ther would) be. Let's take that | road be-fore us and jsing a cho-rus_ or Come on,it’s|love-ly wea-therfor™a [Sleigh ride to-geth-er with | you. There’s a 46 BiRth- day par-ty | at the homeof|Farm -er|Gray, Tt'-m | be the per-fect ending of a hap ~py_feeking |noth- ing in. the jworld can] buy,Whenithey| pass a_-round the |cof -fee and the SS SSS Gmaj7 ag Gmaj7 fect | day, We'll be] sing- ing the songs we |love to sing without a sin-gle kin | pie, Ist] near-ty be like a | pic -ture print by | Cur-ri- er and Fdim Am Gaim G B7 stop, tthe) fire_ place while we | watch the chest-nuts| pop. Pop, pop, pop! There's a Em AT B E FR B Bdim = D7 D.S.al Coda ‘These wonderful |thingsare the things we re-|mem-ber all thru’ our |lives! Just hear those Em a7 D Em D (Gsusp) Em — D(Gsusp) set G Gmaj7 G 47