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House Majority L eader and CaPiz

. FRIDAY FEBRUARY 8, 2019 Rep. Fredenil Castro said approval
of House Bill 8909 was recalled on
third and final reading and would be
reverted for second reading approval

'Duterte has as soon as it had been cleansed of all

death penalty references.
He said the House was expected to
have approved the measure on third
power 0ver and finil reading before Congress ad-
iourns on Feb. 8.
Passed on final reading last Mon-

narco-list' day, HB 8909, which sought to amend

ReDublic Act 9165 or the Danger-
out Drug Act of 2002. reimPosed the
By Joel E. Zurbano death penalty, this time, providing for
the capital punishment for persons
PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is the found in possession of dangerous
only one who can clear or remove poli- druls during parties, social gatherings
ticians from the so-called "narqo-list." and meetings.
This was the clarificaion by Philip- . Despite Congress' withdrawal on
pine Drug Enlorcement Agency chief the approval of a bill reviving death
Aaron Aquino following.reports th4t penalty on convicted drug offenders,
three politicians in Ilocos Region were the Commission on Human Rights on
already cleared from any involvement Thursday vowed to block any attempt
in the illegal drug activities. to reintroduce it.
Reports showed that the names of Jacqueline Ann de Guia, CHR law-
Pangasinan Rep. Jesus Celeste, Na- yer-spokesperson. admitted the CHR
guilian Mayor Reynaldo Flores and irw ihe need to address the sale and
Bauang Mayc Eulogio Clarence Mar- use ofillegal drugs due to its ill effects
tin De Cuzman lll, both in La Union to individuals, families and "ourrom-
province, wele deleted in the Presi- munities at large."
dent's list ofpoliticians involved in il- "Even before, the Commission had
legal drugs. expressedits qualified supPort-
"The report is not true, and that was mindful of our questions on its
published also in the newspaper. But means- lo the gorernment's drive
there is no truth to that." said Aquino ro address illegal drugs with the vi-
in an interview with RadyoMan an- sion of providing a better life to all
chored by Ely Saludar. as a human right," she said. With
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