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I{ouse deletes AeaTil

penalty from drug bill
Castro pointed out.that are going to amend by sub_
even ifthe bill is Dassed in stitution, erasing all plovi_
its orjsjnal form. ihe .tear]'
srons that refer to dcrrl
THE, le€.ders_hjp o- w
penafy p.ovisions penalty. We have to be
Ci].Arroyg hasYi:"pu,
deleted 7ii"iru
//Cong.ess categorical that the maxi-
lasses a law that muln penalty to be imposed
a pro!'rsions uor,rarr-
contain- reslores
restores death as capilal
crbii.,l is reclusion perpetua or life
rng the rhpositioD of punishment"
death penalty in the imprisorunen!" said Castro.
He-JJea that the bill Surigao del Nort€ ReD.
controversial dnrg law will be subsritut€d
with an_
tl|at rvould now only noU.t a"" n"rt"t",
other measure tha! mnlains "f,"irroun
of the House cbnnittee
mete-life inprisonm."t no a"u*l"outtj prcvision
on those *hp dangerous dr-ugs, agreed
who will be will 'be
and will be presented f^.
orerenbn for
possessing illegal sacood reaarog ana tfLira
with Casho that the maxi-
mum penalty will ontv be
:::.T parries, readins i-mEedisrety.
socral i":.t"C.
gatheriDgs aud "In order to be ciear, we
irnposed if capital pu njsh;ert
troeetrngs. in t}le country is rcstorcd.
.: -\ a-, /-\ /
House Majority Laader
and Capiz Rep. Fredenil
- q
\ --:l L-
Castro said approval of
House Bill 8909 was re- l
called on third and final
reading and wrll be revert- ]

ed for second readine and I

lhird reading ,"

soon as it has been cleansed
ofall references to the deatlt
penalty referenced.
Passed on firral readine
last Monday, HB 8905
which sought to amend
R€public Act (RA) 9165 or
the Dangerous DILg Act of
2002 reimpos€d the death
penalty, this time, provid-
ing for the capital punish-
ment for persons found in
possession of dangerous
drugs dudng parties, social
gatherings and meetings.
'We decided to rcconsid-
er final reading approval in
order to dari& provisions of
the bill that refer to the
death penalty. This wilt
prevent double or eultipie
interpretation of the de;th
penalty provisions that
might mislead Filipinos
into believing that the
death sent€nce has becn r"-
stored,' explained Castro_