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Steps to enter these commands:

1. Create a private lobby game in Dota 2 and check ‘Enable Cheats’ box.
2. When the game begins, open you chat chat box by pressing “Enter” button.
3. Write down you desired command followed by dash [ – ].
4. Press enter and check the results.

Command Example Description

-lvlup n -lvlup 25 Levels up your hero

-gold n -gold 15000 Gives you gold

-refresh -refresh Resets cooldowns and gives full


-respawn -respawn Respawns your hero

-spawncreeps -spawncreeps Spawns creeps instantly

-disablecreepspawn -disablecreepspawn Disables lane creep spawning. Use

-enablecreepspawn -enablecreepspawn -enablecreepspawn to undo this

-startgame -startgame Sets timer to 0:00, creeps

spawns…game starts.

-killcreeps -killcreeps Kill all creeps.

-killwards -killwards Destroys all wards.

-wtf -wtf Removes cooldown, Mana cost etc.

-unwtf -unwtf Use -unwtf to undo this change.

-item <item_name> -item item_blink Gives specified item

-givebots <item_name> -givebots item_blink Give all bots the specified item.

-ping -ping Displays ping time with server.

-createhero <unit_name> [enemy] -createhero npc_dota_hero_lion Creates specified unit [as enemy]
-createhero npc_dota_hero_lion

Note: The above mentioned commands will only work in single player mode. Make sure you have enabled
cheats while creating game.