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Songs of the War of the Rings – a SoBH LOTR Mod v2 by Phil Andrews

Figure QR CV Specials Cost

Saruman 2+ 2 Leader, Hero, Magic User, Darkened Skies 145
Ugluk (Lurtz) 3+ 5 Leader, Combat master, Shooter M, Hero, Lethal 128
vs all but Heros
Uruk-hai Captain 3+ 4 Leader, Steadfast 57
Uruk-hai standard bearer 4+ 3 Standard Bearer 30
Uruk-hai with shield 4+ 4 Heavy Armour 38
Uruk-hai without shield 4+ 4 Pike 36
Uruk-hai bow/crossbow 4+ 4 Shooter M, Evil 36
Isengard Troll 5+ 5 Tough, Big, Heavy Armour 43
Warg Captain (Sharku) 3+ 4 Leader, Savage, Mounted L 88
Warg Rider 4+ 3 Savage, Mounted L 48
Dunlending Captain 3+ 3 Leader, Opportunistic 68
Dunlending Warrior 4+ 3 Opportunistic 29

Ring Wraith 2+ 5 Terror, Free Disengage, Undead, Darkened 148
Skies, Hero, Lethal vs all but Heros
Ring Wraith mounted 2+ 6 Terror, Hero, Undead, Mounted L, Darkened 124
Skies, Lethal vs all but Heros
Grishnákh/ Orc Captain 3+ 3 Leader 66
Orc standard bearer 4+ 3 Standard Bearer 23
Orc with spear 4+ 3 Spear 29
Orc with shield 4+ 3 Tough 27
Orc without shield 4+ 3 23
Ork with bow/crossbow 4+ 3 Shooter M, Evil 29
Mordor Troll 5+ 5 Tough, Big, Rock Thrower 42
Easterling or Haradrim Captain 3+ 3 Leader 60
Haradrim Warrior (no shield) 4+ 3 Berserker 29
Haradrim Archer 4+ 2 Shooter M 29
Easterling Spearman 4+ 3 Spear 29
Easterling Warrior 4+ 3 23

Goblin Captain/Leader 3+ 3 Leader, Clinging 50
Goblin 4+ 3 Clinging 20
Goblin with spear 4+ 2 Spear, Clinging 26
Goblin with bow 4+ 2 Shooter M, Sharpshooter, Clinging 32
Moria Troll 5+ 5 Tough, Fearless, Big 42
Figure QR CV Specials Cost
The Fellowship
Aragon 2+ 6 Leader, Hero, Combat Master, Shooter M, Lethal 188
vs all but Heros
Aragon on Horse 3+ 5 Leader, Hero, Combat Master, Mounted L, 175
Dashing, Lethal vs all but Heros
Gandalf 2+ 4 Leader, Hero, Magic User, Lethal vs Wraiths 120
Gandalf on Shadowfax 3+ 3 Leader, Hero, Magic User, Mounted L+S* 132
Legolas 3+ 5 Hero, Shooter L, Unerring Aim, Lethal vs all but 92
Legolas on Horse 4+ 4 Hero, Shooter L, Mounted L, Unerring Aim, Lethal 56
vs all but Heros
Gimli 3+ 5 Hero, Group Fighter, Heavy Armour,Tough, MoveS 80
Boromir 3+ 5 Hero, Leader, Group Fighter, Heavy Armour, 86
Lethal vs all Orc types
Frodo 4+ 2 Move S, Stealth, Tough 38
Sam 4+ 2 Move S, Fearless, Stealth 20
Pippin 4+ 2 Move S, Stealth 15
Merry 4+ 2 Move S, Stealth 15
Merry/Pippin as Rohan/Gondorian 3+ 3 Move S, Tough 54
Ent 4+ 6 Move L, Big, Tough, Rockthrower, Forester, Slow 47
*Shadowfax is so great a horse that he moves Long plus a Short as one action
High Elves
Elrond 2+ 6 Leader, Magic User, Combat master, Hero 170
Arwen 3+ 3 Cleric*, Hero 90
Gil-galad/Captain 2+ 5 Hero, Leader, Lethal vs all but Heros 125
Archer 3+ 4 Shooter L 54
Soldier (no Shield) 3+ 4 Heavy Armour 50
Spearman 3+ 4 Spear, Shieldwall 50
* Cleric rule as tweaked
Lothlorian Elves
Haldir 3+ 5 Leader, Forester, Lethal vs all but Heros, Hero 76
Archer 4+ 3 Shooter L, Unerring Aim, Forester 44
Warrior 4+ 3 Running Blow, Forester 39

Faramir 3+ 4 Leader, Shooter L, Forester, Lethal vs all but 80
Heros, Hero
Ranger 3+ 3 Shooter L, Forester 38
Soldier 4+ 3 Shieldwall 24
Archer 4+ 3 Shooter L 33
Spearman 4+ 3 Spear 29
Guard of the Fountain Court 4+ 4 Spear, Heavy Armour 44
Standard bearer 4+ 3 Standard bearer 23

Theoden mounted 3+ 4 Leader, Mounted L+S* 82
Éomer/Captain mounted 2+ 5 Leader, Hero, Mounted L+S*, Dashing, Lethal vs 118
all but Heros
Éomer/Captain 3+ 5 Leader, Hero, Dashing 106
Archer Mounted 4+ 3 Mounted L, Shooter M 38
Warrior Mounted 4+ 3 Mounted L, Dashing 36
Royal Guard 4+ 4 Steadfast 35
Warrior 4+ 3 Dashing 27
Archer 4+ 3 Shooter M 29
Standard bearer 4+ 3 Standard bearer 23
*The Mearas of Rohan are so great that they move Long plus a Short as one action
King 3+ 5 Leader, Undead, Terror 96
Oathbreaker 4+ 3 Undead, Terror 50

Hobbit Bounders
Captain 3+ 3 Leader, Move S, Stealth, Tough 60
Hobbit Soldier 4+ 2 Shooter S, Tough, Stealth Move S, 41
Special Abilities Used in this List

Newly created for this list:

Darkened Skies: The Enemy summoned up dark clouds to block out the sun. If a figure with this power is NOT on
the table or is on table but transfixed or knocked over, then the Uruk-Hai can only use one move action no matter what
rolled, and other orcs/goblins are +1 QR

Pike; this is a one-use power (representing the heavy pikes the Uruk-hai carried to halt Rohan charges) , and is best
used in formations under the SoBH Big Battle Rules Mod. Place marker on the figure/formation. Its use may be
declared at any stage and cancels out Dashing ability and cancels the +1 to combat of Mounted; remove the marker.

Rockthrower: only given to Big or Huge creatures, this reflects an ability to throw a rock or tree trunk. Count as
Shooter S but can roll attacks against any two touching figures in the same range band.

Spear: this figure can add the +1 support for a contact even if a base width away, including behind the figure that is
attacking. It cannot itself attack from that distance.

Existing abilities tweaked for this list:

Cleric: hand to hand attacks from a Cleric count as Lethal against any Undead model. Clerics can perform healing
magic. To do so, a cleric must be with L distance of model to be healed. By rolling one or more successes on his
Quality roll, a cleric heals that many points of Quality loss (for example to a model who has lost Quality due to the
effects of Poison, or a model with the Tough special rule who has been wounded). Successes can also be used to
make a fallen model stand up. Note that these abilities apply to or affect individual figures. Under the SoBH Big Battle
Rules Mod if the Cleric can reach one figure in a Unit, it affects all the Unit.

Magic user; Normal rules apply but are tweaked as follows to better reflect LOTR setting. No power or transfix
attacks allowed but instead choose to use on of these:
• negate a figure’s need to roll a QR to attack a figure with Terror in their next activation.
• apply Hero ability to a figure for their next activation.
• make target takes TWO actions to make a move when next activated. Remove after activation attempt.
• apply Terror to a figure for when next attacked. Remove after next attack.
Note that these affect individual figures. Under the SoBH Big Battle Rules Mod, if the Magic User can reach one
figure in a Unit, it affects all the Unit. If the affected figure fails ‘their next activation’ the spell effect is lost.