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Statement from First Baptist Church

First Bap*st Church is a fellowship of Jesus followers that believes every person is
made in God’s image and worthy of respect and kindness. We take seriously any
claim that an individual has not honored this belief of ours. Our staff members, as
well as any volunteers assigned to work with minor children, have background
checks through a recognized church security company.

In cases involving poten*al criminal ac*vity we trust law enforcement officials to

inves*gate and act according to the law. We have been made aware of charges
against a part-*me staff member. These charges are unrelated to the ministry of
First Bap*st Church of Whitesboro. This part-*me staff member, Jim Cude, is on
leave from his responsibili*es at our church during the legal proceedings. During
this interim period other staff members will assume the du*es.

124 Center St.

Whitesboro, Tx. 76273