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STATE OF DELAWARE TO: Susan Bunting Seoretary, Department of Education Michael 8, Jacksoo//7CX A Director, Office of Managesét and Bude Michael L. sont Ml Controller Geneshl| Ofte ofthe Controller General DATE: October 9, 2018 SUBJECT: House Bill 292 - Relating to Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder House Bill 292, which amended Title 14 of the Delaware Code relating to services for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), was signed by the Governor on August 29, 2018, This bill establishes a three year pilot program to provide training and technical assistance related to ASD for all public schools through the use of an existing program director and by two new autism training specialist positions in Fiscal Year 2019. As outlined in the bill, now codified in 14 Del. C. §1332 (b), “The Department of Education, with the approval of the State Board of Education, shall designate a school district or other entity to administer the statewide program for students with an educational classification of ASD. If no district or other entity is willing to administer the statewide program, the department must actin this roe.” It has been brought to our attention that the previous statewide autism program director established within the Christina School District has retired, leaving the ditector position vacant. Because the Christina School District indicated that filling the position and getting the pilot program operational will require a substantial amount of time and effort, pursuant to 14 Del. C. §1332 (b), the Department of Education must now actin the program administration role. Its our understanding that since the program positions will now be employees of the Department of Education, there will not be local school share of funding available to cover the personnel costs associated with these positions, leaving the salary and program costs to be paid entirely through the General Fund. Per the Fiscal Year 2019 Operating Budget Act, finding has already been allocated to the Department of Education for personnel costs associated with this program. Should the allocated funding, prove insufficient to cover the costs incurred during the fiscal year, the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of the Controller General will review the additional amounts required in order to ensure program continuance. For Fiscal Year 2020 and future years, the Office of Management and Budget and the Orfice of the Controtler General, in collaboration with the Department of Education, will determine the necessary funding and legislative (via epilogue) changes to be included in the annual operating budget. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts in ensuring the success of this program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time, Ce: Chuck Longfellow, Department of Education Kim Klein, Department of Education Cris Hudson, Office of Management and Budget Mary Nash Wilson, Office of Management and Budget Ruth Ann Jones, Office of the Controller General