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5. a

English teacher: Maja Skakić

What’s this? Who’s there?
Something is coming from the air.
It’s not a plane, am I just insane?
It’s black and white,
It’s not coming from my mind.
It’s flying from mountain to mountain,
from tree to tree
just to be free.
It’s searching for food
to be mighty and good.
What has yellow beak and it’s not a freak?
Is it legal?
Yes, it’s eagle!
Aljaž Kidrič
I would like to have monkey as a pet,
But my mum offers my a cat.
Monkeys are funny,
They play outside if it’s sunny.
You can see them in the ZOO
If we go there, you can come too.
I think monkeys are funny,
I like them more than a bunny.
Give them bananas to eat,
They like it more than meat.
Monkeys are fast and clever,
I want to have one forever.
My mum says can’t have it in my room,
She always cleans it with a broom.
Monkeys are the perfect pet,
I like them, I can tell you that!
Anže Černoša
Drawing animals
I’m eleven and my name is Toby,
drawing animals is my hobby.

I’m drawing a cheetah and I’m drawing a cat,

I’m drawing a hippo and I’m drawing a rat.
I’m drawing a monkey and I’m drawing a dog,
I’m drawing a tiger and I’m drawing a frog.

My grandpa Rudi is a painter too,

he’s easily drawing a kangaroo.

My animals are beautiful, especially donkey,

my favourite animal is funny monkey.

Žiga Žvižej
Swans are white mysterious birds.
They fly slow but sophisticated.
They swim like they would dance ballet.

Swans are beautiful.

Tina Leburić
Look, look
Beautiful tigers
It’s orange and have got black stripes
Run fast, have got sharp tusks
They are dangerous animals,
They hide in the jungle
Tigers chase prey
I like tigers,
Because thes’re beautiful and dangerous.
Tigers are kings of the jungle.
Špela Konda
My dog
My dog is a small.
He trots into my room,
jumps on my bed,
and pushes me over the edge,
then he looks at me
as fall on my head.
Twitching his whiskers,
wagging his tail,
he gives me a wink,
and says “I am a good dog.”
Tjaša Rožič
I want to have a big giraffe,
with the longest neck
and legs like flats.

The giraffe will be the goldest one,

who will care for me and touch the Sun.

I won’t give her to anyone,

she will be mine
for all the time.
Krištof Senčič
My dog sweet and white
My dog sweet and white
like cotton, is playing
with yellow butterfly
under a blue sky.
She’s my best friend when
I’m sad or happy.
I love my dog,
white like cotton.
Rija Lapajne Tajnšek
Look, look, lion!
He is dangerous
He is beautiful
He is the king of animals.
Look, look, he is coming
All animals are afraid of him.
Nejc Mlakar
My song

I’m a very big animal and I’m grey.

I’ve got really big tusks.
I live in Africa, there is hot.
I’m fat and I’ve got big ears.
I’m a heavy animal but I like leaves.
I’m bigger than you!
Timon Izgoršek
My cat
Erni is my cat
and he is very fat.
His fur is shine
because he eats very fine.
He likes fish,
what more can he wish?
He is very bright
and he likes to fight.
He is very fast and
simply the best!
Zala Ramšak

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