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Addendum- HMS Technical Handbook .

zip file structure

Hydraulic Mining Shovel (HMS) Technical Handbooks can be difficult to navigate or
locate needed information in. Due to the origins of these Technical handbooks, the
resulting document structure in SIS is a .zip file containing a .pdf for each section
and/or subsection.
This job aid will provide guidance on using the Technical Handbook Contents page to
locate the needed section/ subsection .pdf file.

HMS Technical Handbook Navigation

HMS Technical Handbooks are located in the General Service Information and are typically
serial number specific. Navigation in SIS Web requires a Cat prefix or serial number. If you
have a legacy product identification number, you will need to cross reference the Cat prefix
or serial number. This can be done a couple ways:
 NGS Product Identifier box
 Use the Serial Number Cross Reference on the dealer.cat.com mining
support web page (dealer.cat.com>Product Support>Industry> Mining
support>Expanded Mining Product Integration tab> Integration &
Transformation> Serial Number Cross reference and P.I.N Plate Strategy)

NGS Product Identifier Box

Serial Number Cross Reference

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Enter Cat prefix or serial number on SIS main page and select Document Structure access

Select the General Service Information Information Type. Select Technical Handbook. Click
on View Document button. Open

This will open a .zip file containing a folder of all section and subsection files composing the
Technical Handbook. Scroll to the very last .pdf file in this folder. The file name should be
the (legacy product s/n)-cat-en.pdf.

**Note** Do NOT close the

folder containing all the .pdf
files. You will refer back to
this folder once you have
identified the actual file you
need to open.

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Open this file to display the Content pages for the Technical Handbook. The first few pages will list all
the numbered sections within the Technical Handbook. If the sections have a red dash box around
them they are linked and you can click on them to advance to that section on the contents pages.

Let’s assume we are looking for general technical information on the Track Tensioning System.
Clicking on the Undercarriage (section 4) will take me to that section and display all subsections.

Scrolling down you will find the 4.10 Hydraulic track tensioning system. At this point you can use the
section/subsection number (4.10) to identify the appropriate .pdf file to review.

The first two digits on the .pdf file name represent the section and the second two digits represent the
subsection. If a file does not exist for the subsection you are looking for, select the file with the next
lower subsection number. Select the 04_10-2471661e.pdf file.

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