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School: Yahiaoui Moussa Academic Year: 2014/2015 Form: 3AS:L Duration: 2 hours First Term English Exam Part One: Reading (15pts) A/Comprehension Read the text carefully then do the activities. The history of Mesopotamian civilization is connected to the ebb and flows of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Mesopotamia, land between the rivers, refers to the geographic region not to any particular civilization. In fact, many civilizations developed, collapsed, and were replaced in this fertile region. The land of Mesopotamia was made fertile by the irregular and often violent flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The combination of fertile soil and the need for organized human labor led to the appearance of the earliest civilization in Mesopotamia. By 3500 BC, the Sumerians had built towns and cities, and an early form of pictographic writing was used, metal working had begun, and temples were built on a monumental scale. True civilization is said to have begun around 3100 BC with the development of cuneiform writing which became the dominant system of writing in Mesopotamia. Even after Sumerian became dead as a spoken language, many other Near Eastern cultures continued to write using cuneiform. As a result of its extensive use of several centuries, cuneiform tablets had survived. They provided historians with information about the culture of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization. 1- The text is about ... a) The Tigris and Euphrates rivers. b) The development of cuneiform writing. c) The emergence of the Sumerian civilization. 2- Are the following statements “true” or “false”? a) Mesopotamia means the land between the rivers. b) The land closest to Tigris and Euphrates was fertile. c) The Sumerians invented the cuneiform writing. 4d) The cuneiform writing lasted a few years. 3- What/who do the underlined words refer to in the text? a) which (§3) b) its (§3) ©) They (§3) 4- In which paragraph is it mentioned that two factors contributed to the development of civilization in Mesopotamia? 5- Answer the following questions according to the text. a) Why did many civilizations develop in Mesopotamia? b) What were the Sumerians achievements? B/Text Exploration. 1- Find in the text words or phrases closest in meaning to the following. a) fell (§1) ) continued to exist (§3) 2- Complete the following chart as shown in the example. verb noun adjective Example: civilize civilization civilized achievement invent 3- Complete sentence (b) so that it means the same as sentence (a). 1. a) It’s high time new generations knew their national heritage. b) New generations. 2. a) The Spaniards capture b) I wish the Spaniards... 4- Fill in each gap with one word from the list. historians = - to - civilizations - since - writing sssssssseesessystem. The letters were written on clay paper hadn’t been invented yet. Therefore, many .. «+. could write their 5. Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of the letter “ch”. Scholar - chorus - arch - archangel ith) v7 | ee Part Two: Written Expression (5pts) Choose one of the following topics. ‘Topiel: Explain why most of the Ancient Civilizations developed along rivers. Use these ideas: water for household use _agriculture _breeding animals _transport... Topic2: Why did ancient civilizations collapse after having built imposing cities? ANSWERS SHEET and MARKING SCALE First Term Exam | Level stream: 3 AS(FL /LP) | § | Marks Seen keys detailed | global PART 17A | Comprehension /Interpretation | Act. 1 | 1. The text is about : (6) The emergence of the Sumerian | 1 pt | Civilisation. Act.2 a) THT OF wF 0,50 each a) which= cuneiform writing 0,50 each Act. 3 b)_its=cuneiform | | OT pes c) They= cuneiform tablets | | Act 4 Itis in § n° :2 050 | ActS | a) ..-because i twas a fertile region 0 Leach | |b) They had built towns.cities and temples, used a | pictographie writing and metal PART 1/B | Text Exploration | | Act. I a) collapsed b) survived 0,50each | Act.2 to.achieve(v.) achievable (adj.) 0,50 each invention(a,) inventive (adj.) Act.3 1.(b) New generation should have known their national 08 pts | | heritage. Ipteach | 2.(b) [wish the Spaniards hadn’t captured the Alhamra, | Act. 4 Ito -2)writing 3) since 4) historians. 0,50 each | Act. // arch - /*/ scholar, chorus , archange 0.25 each | | PART 2 | Written Expression Topic 1 Content: 2pts Form 3 pts | 05 pts Topic2 | Content 25 pts Form | 2.5 pts l =a