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International Journal of Excellence Innovation and Development

||Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan. 2019||Page No. 001-008||

An Android Application for University Based

Academic Solution
Md. Nasfikur R. Khan, Robin Roy, Faisal Bin Shahin, Mehdi Alam,
Sk Adif Farhan, Abdul Muneen Al Hasani
School of Engineering & Computer Science, Independent University, Bangladesh

Abstract––Nowadays people feel more comfortable to how to engage these students more with the University
use Android phone for their regular day-to-day activities. programs. Academic students receive notification or
Besides, it creates an easy access to achieve any goal in a important announcement through emails or social media,
tight schedule. Along that, affordable smart-phone such as Facebook, for their course information and
technologies are introducing newer communication materials. But as we know, they are not the right
possibilities that were not imaginable a few years back. platform nor do they create the right atmosphere for
Considering the impact of this Android technology on school bodies to interact with its scholars/pupils [2].
the students, we have designed and constructed an Additionally, instead of integrating students to our aged
Android application named ‘IUB - SECS’. The objective methods of information sharing where students have to
was to build an effective application for students and be present in university campus to look for important
faculty members of Independent University, Bangladesh announcements hung up in notice boards or going to the
to accomplish specific educational goals and duties by official websites that may have a confusing interface due
using an Android application. By using this application, to a greater number of schools using the same page to
students can find course information, lecture notes, share their own information, we can reshape our method
faculty information, research information and updated to achieve the goal of swift information sharing through
results from outside the campus. On the other hand, Android application. For a student, an Android
faculty members can use it for online attendance, application becomes a step easier to access and obtain
updating course materials, lecture notes and information information.
related to the course and university. The application will
provide users the opportunity to create a database, where Such Android applications are already in place in other
profile of faculty members and students can be stored well-known Universities, such as Harvard University,
and through it students can directly contact with the and have proven to be beneficial. Repeatedly logging
faculty members. The usability and effectiveness of this into an account can also be tedious and frustrating.
application have been evaluated based on five different Having an app that remembers your Login information
users. The practical result shows that the outcome of this securely makes the whole process of accessing
application is very promising. University database much simpler and swift. This
Android platform will also enable faculty members to
Keywords––Android application, university, faculty, give quicker instructions, guidance, and announcement
customize, lecture, course, attendance, grades for the students. The sudden surge in the speed and
accessibility of transmitting data wirelessly to handheld
INTRODUCTION devices do play a huge role into why using such medium
In the 21st century, the internet and the advancing can be helpful [3].
technology have seen many backlashes for its misuse.
Sadly, its good aspects are being overlooked. The Researchers have aimed to develop and provide a
connectivity among users and the plethora of generalized solution to monitor various works that are
information that it provides us at the click of a button is carried out by a college for automation of various tasks.
incredible. But the media and entertainment industry They provided up to date information of the system
have overshadowed all the positive ways that the which improved the efficiency of university record
progressing technology is improving our lives. management and decrease the room between student and
Technology has advanced so much that handheld college [4].
devices, like smart phones and tablets, have enabled
people to seek information whenever and wherever they Another application provided a generalized solution to
may need it. A large part of students uses this aspect of monitor the various works that were carried out by a
sharing information through a more accessible and user- construction company at different geological points. By
friendly medium to know more about what they are using a Web Service, the data was stored in the remote
studying [1]. database. This mobile application requires Wi-Fi
technology to reach the remote database [5]. Although
With the changing world, the education system needs to several sections of this application can be browsed
be changed to adapt to the ever-changing man and how without internet as it has storage facilities of saving data
he seeks knowledge. Living in an environment where through fire-base data storage system. Another
almost every student use a smart phone tells a lot about application also allows lecturers to take the attendance of

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An android application for university based academic solution Khan et al.

students via smart phone. First of all lecturers need to which user gets the opportunity to select school and
login to the phone application, get connected with the specific department. After selecting the specific
server and take attendance using smart phone. After department, it allows the user to get into another layout
taking the attendance through mobile, lecturers need to of list including the course detail, faculty information,
send the updated list to the server using internet [6]. research updates and publications. By selecting a
Another app also gives the lecturers of flexibility to edit specific option, user gets the opportunity to view the
the attendance by logging on to their profile. It allows details of that section [8].
the students to see their own attendance as well as
curriculum information [7]. Figures 2 (a) and (b) demonstrate the interface of School
of Engineering and Computer Science and interface of
With all these are in mind, an Android-based application Electrical and Electronic Engineering department’s
has been developed, where the students and Faculty profile. After getting into the profile of a specific
members can use this application with their university department, user gets the opportunity to select the tab
Login ID. At first, student will choose their school, then s/he wants to browse [9, 10]. Figures 3(a) and (b) show
their department. Under the department, they can select the interfaces of courses and faculty tabs, which help the
“Course”, “Faculty”, “Research”, “Publication”, or users to get the updated information of the courses and
“Result”. They will have access to a simple interface that faculty members. The profiles of two distinguish faculty
will guide them through the Course Updates, Faculty members have been mentioned in the Fig.4.
details, Research groups and their information, and
semester results. Currently, the university Android Lastly, the Android application also has the opportunity
application is being developed for mobile but broadening to check grades and take attendance. In Fig.5, an
its reach for IOS and other OS devices is a future goal interface of grades of a student has been shown. The
for this application. Due to this application taking the overall working procedure is described through a
user to the webpage of the selected option, it requires flowchart as shown in Fig.6.
network connection to be fully of use.
Through this application students can get their necessary
METHODOLOGY materials like soft copy of books, lecture notes, sample
The process starts with an Interface of login and new questions etc. for their study purposes. They can also
user registration option, which helps to login or opening closely see their faculty members’ educational
a new account, along that, it allows user to gain access background and their research field through links which
on this application. Figures 1 (a) and (b) show the is provided over there. For an emergency, students can
interface of the user’s login procedure. Next step leads send email to their specific course instructor and the
towards user’s profile with four different options. First email of the instructor is provided on their profile by
option is followed by a layout of different schools, in clicking on MORE DETAILS options as shown in Fig.4.

(a) (b)
Fig. 1: (a) User’s login and (b) Preliminary interface with school information of Independent University, Bangladesh.

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International Journal of Excellence Innovation and Development
||Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan. 2019||Page No. 001-008||

(a) (b)
Fig. 2: (a) Interface of different departments of School of Engineering and Computer Science (b) Various information
of EEE department.

(a) (b)
Fig. 3: (a) Courses information and (b) Faculty list of EEE department of Independent University, Bangladesh.

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An android application for university based academic solution Khan et al.

Fig. 4: Profiles of two distinguish professors of EEE department of Independent University,

Bangladesh (with permission).

Fig. 5: Grade of a specific semester of a student.

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International Journal of Excellence Innovation and Development
||Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan. 2019||Page No. 001-008||

CASE STUDY away from his university campus. Especially he misses

As an attempt to implement our “IUB-SECS” project, classes at 8:00AM due to traffic jam. Now he needs to
we performed experiments on five users from diverse gather those lecture notes. He has adequate knowledge
background, which help us to achieve our goal to on Android devices and application.
establish the application for all kinds of users by
providing a simple solution to their academic problem. Participant four
The following leads to their introduction: He is a 25 years old graduate engineering student, who
Participant one got admitted in a university to complete his post
A 19 years old boy, first year undergraduate student of graduation. He is also doing a job to support his family.
the department of Economics. He came from a small Due to job purpose, he couldn't attend all of his classes.
town to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh for better He is expert in using Android device and its application.
education. His knowledge on Android phone is
minimum. Now he wants to email to one of his course Participant five
instructors. But not being able to do it because he needs She is a 24 years old housewife and a graduate student,
to know his course instructor email address. who has been married recently. She needs the study
materials for her upcoming exam. Her ability is
Participant two minimum on using Android based applications.
She is a 45 years old university faculty member, who has
competed her graduation and post-graduation from EXPERIMENTS
distinguish universities of Canada. In current semester, Step by step methods have been followed to check the
she needs to take her classes on a room with no experiences of five different participants. Kind of
computer facilities and that is why she needs to take support they got from the Android application on regular
attendance of students manually through paper which is uses for university purposes. The procedures were as
time consuming. She has a better understanding of follows:
Android phone and similar application. First of all, handover the Android device to the
participants especially who are very less familiar with
Participant three Android applications. Priorities were given to them on
He is a 21 years old boy from the BBA department, who the beginning for providing adequate training to get used
is currently studying in 4th semester. Every day he to Android devices. After four sessions with Android
travels a lot to attend his classes because he lives far devices, we let them use the application to adapt to it.

Fig. 6: Block diagram for the working procedure of the application.

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An android application for university based academic solution Khan et al.

Secondly, aid was given to the ones who are facing application. But she finds it fascinating because of
difficulty to start up the application. After providing application is helping in her studies.
them with assistance all the participants were able to
install and use the application without any external help. Overall, we tried to capture all relevant information,
Next thing is to let them open, run, customize according which have been summarized in Table 1.
to their preference and create their own profile. To find
out how they are using the application according to their Table 1: Participants response.
comfort zone. Name Profession Previous Adaptability
But if still they face problem difficulty in using the Participant 1st year Participant has In the beginning
application, we sort it out on whichever part of One University little session, he finds
application they are unable to operate. So, they can to Student experience & the app
use it properly. (Male) knowledge on complicated, but
Android his adaptability
Our final target is to judge especially after solving their device but this is getting better
problem regarding application. How effortlessly and kind of session by
smoothly they are using the application for their application is session.
university purposes. Finally, we have learned that the unknown to
implementation of this application, through which a him.
student can keep records and get their study materials
[11-14]. Participant University Participant has By taking help
Two Faculty some from our
RESULTS (Female) experience and volunteers, she
From this evaluation of the system, all the participants familiar with easily
were given the device to use the application for same Android understood the
time duration. Although the time might vary due to device but not use of
participant’s having different adaptability and used to with application in
knowledge with application. The overall outcome of the these kinds of decent pace.
experiment on the participants can be summarized as application.
follows: Participant University This user got User got
First participant could read but his knowledge on Android Three Student better adapted using
application is very minimum. So, initially he had a hard (Male) knowledge this application
time to adjust himself with the application. He found it than the within seven
quite complicated in the beginning session. However, he previous two sessions.
improved continuously session by session. By the final participants.
two sessions (9 session) he could run the application He has little
effortlessly, find his information on course instructor and idea on these
he was positive on using the Android application. types of
Although participant two is familiar with Android Participant Graduate Participant is a It took only four
devices, but she leads a busy life to attend sessions. Four engineering quick leaner sessions to
However, she attended overall eight sessions in total and student + and also had a understand the
run the application smoothly by the end of these job lot of complete use of
sessions. She seems to be very interested to use the employer experiences in this application.
application on regular basis for her professional life in (Male) using Android
university [15-17]. device. He
knows how to
Participant three has adequate knowledge on Android operate many
and the application than previous two participants and other Android
used most of the options without any external support. applications.
For him seven sessions was enough to get complete use
Participant House wife User is almost In the beginning
of all the options of the application.
Five + graduate new in terms she really
student of handling struggled a lot
Participant four was a very quick learner and had
Android to understand
experiences using Android device. It took only four
device. So, her the basic
sessions for him to know the complete use of this
ability is the function on
application. He was very positive on using this
least among Android device.
application which helps him a lot to get his study
the other So, it took her
material and lecture notes.
participant to 11 session to
use this understand
Participant five has completely different experiences in
application. using the app
the beginning with the application. She took extra
sessions (total eleven sessions) to open and run the

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International Journal of Excellence Innovation and Development
||Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan. 2019||Page No. 001-008||

In short it is understood that all five participants were Trends in Computer Science and Engineering,
comfortable with the application and they utilized the august 2013.
application effectively without any external help by the [4] Y. S. and Suresh S. “Near Field Communication
end of eleven sessions as Android devices are very based Patient Appointment”, International
accessible making it easy for the participants to adapt Conference on Cloud and Ubiquitous Computing
with the app [16-18]. Besides, all four student- and Emerging Technologies, 2013, pp.100-103.
participants were also very impressed with the fact that [5] A. L., A. B., L. Marzi, F. Frosini, R. Miniati and E.
such an app which might lead them to save more time Iadanza “Careggi Smart Hospital: a Android app for
and effort to collect more study information and course patients, citizens and healthcare staff”, IEEE-EMBS
materials along the benefit of visiting the faculty International Conference on Biomedical and Health
member’s profile and availability. The proposed app was informatics (BHI), 2014, pp.125-128.
well appreciated by the participant two, who is currently [6] Choi, J. ; Biomed lab Co., Seoul, South Korea ;
working as a faculty member in the EEE department of Kang, W.Y. ; Chung, J. ; Park, J.W. “Development
IUB. Additionally, she wants to involve in the Of An Online Database System For Remote
development of this application and working to enhance Monitoring Of Artificial Heart Patient”,
it’s usability in future. Information Technology Applications in
Biomedicine, 2003. 4th International IEEE EMBS
CONCLUSION Special Topic Conference, 24-26 April 2003
An integrated solution of university management system [7] Prof. S. B. Choudhari, ChaitanyaKusurkar,
for students and faculty members has been developed by RuchaSonje, ParagMahajan, Joanna Vaz “Android
using an Android application, which includes course Application for Doctor‟s Appointment”,
materials, course information, faculty details, research International Journal of Innovative Research in
updates, publications and results information for student Computer and Communication Engineering,
users. The app also includes online attendance, news, January 2014
information and course update facilities for faculty [8] S.Gavaskar, A. Sumithra, A.Saranya “Health
members by using individual profiles. Finding faculty Portal-An Android Smarter Healthcare
member’s appointment gets easier than ever as this app Application”, International Journal of Research in
will allow users to contact the faculty directly through Engineering and Technology, Sep-2013.
email. Besides this application is synchronized with [9] Frank Sposaro and Gary Tyson, “iFall: An Android
university websites and allow the user to directly get application for fall monitoring and response”, 31st
information from there. Annual International Conference of the IEEE
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society,
1:6119–22, 2009.
FUTURE WORK [10] Pei-Fang Tsai, I-sheng Chen, and Keven Pothoven
The overall performance of this proposed Android “Development of Handheld Healthcare Information
application is quite positive with a few sections to be System in an Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic”,
updated in future. A major update would be to allow proceedings of the 2014 IEEE 18th International
students to register and withdraw for different courses Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative
directly through the application. Work in Design, pp. 559-602.
[11] D. Frohberg, C. Göth and G. Schwabe, “Android
Acknowledgment Learning Projects – A Critical Analysis of the State
Authors would like to thank Independent University, of the Art”, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning,
Bangladesh to encourage us to develop this application. Vol. 25, Issue 4, pp. 307-331, August 2009.
They also would like to thank Mohammad Masud Uddin [12] L. F. Motiwalla., “Android Learning: A Framework
Khan to share his inside to improve the quality of the and Evaluation”, Computers & Education, Vol. 49,
application, which will be implemented in the final Issue 3, pp. 581–596, November 2007.
updated version. [13] M. Wang and J.W.P. Ng, “Intelligent Android
Cloud Education”, Eighth International Conference
REFERENCES on Intelligent Environments (IE12), Guanajuato,
[1] A. Hylton and S. S. Arayanan “Application of México, pp. 149 – 156, June 2016.
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[2] D. Ameta, K. Mudaliar and P. P. “Medication Communication for Nonverbal Children”,
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[3] Y. Symeay, S. N. B. Sait “Application of Smart [15] J.R. Corbeil and M.E. Valdes-Corbeil, “Are You
Technologies for Android Patient Appointment Ready for Android Learning”, Educause
System”, International Journal of Advanced Quarterly, pp. 51-58, No. 2, 2016.

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An android application for university based academic solution Khan et al.

[16] T.J. Mehigan. “Harnessing Accelerometer [18] National Communication Authority (NCA),
Technology for Inclusive Android Learning”, 11th Bangladesh – Android Telecom Voice Penetration
International Conference on Human-Computer Rates and Subscription Trends, Jan.-March 2015,
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Development, Education and Training, May 2008.

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